but i'm coming out of it, and now it's alright
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Common Were → Intermediate Were

Survive at least 4 full moons — (4/4)

  1. January 2020
  2. February 2020
  3. March 2020
  4. April 2020

Have 4 threads with four different weres — (4/4)

  1. soft dormancy — hunts down that serval, Ox
  2. playing cowboys — rolls up to a job interview with Natasha
  3. red fish, blue fish — meets with Cliff for lunch.
  4. out of touch, out of time — runs into a hyena named Summer while out shopping. and Asha the jaguar shows up too.

Have 3 threads with three different vampires — (3/3)

  1. and you could find me, i ain't hidin' — vampire encounter with Bird-regard. (pre-PS archive)
  2. poetry in your bodysomeone smells pretty bad at The Drunk Poet
  3. i wish i had nine lives — shines a light on a patron at a store.

Having 3 threads with three different humans or psychics — (3/3)

  1. old school runescape — roommate time with Jimmy
  2. Laid Low — rude encounter turned something more with Olivia.
  3. mini-vacation — gets a massage from Sienna

Having 2 threads where your character is in animal form for at least 3 posts — (2/2)

  1. we'll be the envy of the gods above — discovers another serval on a moon shift.
  2. shrek reference here — takes Ox out for a healing shift.

Have 1 thread where your character starts to shift and then reverts back before the shift's completion (must be in an urban setting) — (1/1)

  1. roll out — startled into a shift on a walk in Alder Heights and helped out by a not-so-stranger stranger.

Have 1 thread where your character struggles to hide what they are from a non-were — (1/1)

  1. Rack 'em up — frustrated with being called out, Kali attempts to hide what she is from a vampire -- ends up in a brief encounter with silver and doesn't know that other lady already knows. ):

Join a Were group and remain a member for three months — (1/1)

  1. No Group

Maybe a business owner?!

setting up shop — (0/3)

  1. womp — womp
  2. womp — womp
  3. womp — womp
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