Souls’ Craters Recharge

Outfit+tote bag(time of day doesn't matter ^^)

Blair often went out, sometimes it was nice to just get into a new headspace and see something new. So, she took the ride out to the craters to see what it looked like. It was a bit of a walk to get there but in the end, it was worth it. A smile was on her face as she pulled her long hair over her shoulder and started to braid it while traversing the uneven path.

She would look for a rather flat area, a nice smooth spot to then settle herself on to before pulling off her shoes and setting them to the side. Carefully, she inched close to one of the water pools and then just dunked her feet in. A happy sigh left her as she would then just lay back on the ground with her bag next to her, relaxing as she stared up at the sky.

Blair would pull out her cell phone and little portable stereo dock for it and scrolled through her music and then clicked her Panic! At the disco set and then just smiled as hey look ma I made it, popped on. It made her grin because it was a fun song and before she could say that to her own parents. For the time, she was calm and not overly paying attention to if she was alone or not or if her music could be bothering someone- as long as it wasn't geese...
Nate blinked into existence just shy of one of the various crater lakes known to Soul's Craters.

The moment his feet touched the earth he fumbled and turned, glancing behind himself as though making sure it had worked. Ensuring he was once again alone. His breathing was laboured, though a few heavy inhales and exhales soon put an end to that, and his usually shaggy attire was even worse for wear. A thin sheen of sweat had settled over his skin, so much so that the striped tank top beneath the sleeveless shirt stuck to his chest and made him feel particularly gross.

Though his head wasn't hurting yet, he felt a very thin line of blood traveling from his left nostril. For once he barely paid it any attention though. There were more pressing issues at hand.

He turned full circle, gauging his surroundings, and then stumbled toward the closest lake; his right leg dragged some, though he paid it no mind either. Instead he simply laughed, that kind of laugh which came hand in hand with a sense of relief. The kind you had no real control over, which reared its head as it pleased.

Why he'd chosen this place, of all places, he couldn't say for sure. But in the moment it was where his mind had gone to.

And hey... There was nothing wrong with that.
Blair was calm, relaxed, her feet just playing in the water as her hair trailed around her body. Mentally she was debating cutting it or dying it or doing something to it since everyone associated her with ghosts and the dead but then what would it look like on her? She sighed and flicked the song to another but in that pause, she heard something- laughing. Like that relief sort that one did once leaving an insanely tense situation.

Pausing her music, she rolled onto her front and then pulled her knees under her and knelt on the rocky ground looking around until she spotted a man who looked a little rough around the edges.

A bit of concern washed over her at the sight of him. Had he seen her yet? Well, she did stand out and she could defend herself if she had to so, might as well try and be brave for a second to figure out why this person hadn't come up the trail.

"Are you alright? " Blair called out, keeping herself at her little steamy crater to give the stranger space. She didn't know them and wasn't apt to provoke without a reason to- and maybe she was mildly on edge due to just expecting to being alone and being surprised by some wild laughter.
The question made him jump.

In Nate's eyes he'd done a good job surveying before he took off toward the lake; somehow he'd completely ignored the fact that there was a stark white figure by the shore. Maybe he'd mistaken it for lake foam washed up on the shore, maybe he simply hadn't been as focused as he'd liked to have believed.

Either way, he saw her now. Ethereal by the shore, she appeared something of an enigma to him. In a way she reminded him of a movie he'd seen once, many many years ago... Powder, if he recalled the name rightly. Not that Nate was quick to try and visually diagnose what someone might be. That was wrong, rude even, so he set the thought aside and gave her his attention.

"Never better" he breathed, running a hand up through his damp hair and taking in another one of those long, heavy breaths. As far as he could tell she wasn't one of them. No way they could've figured out where he was headed, Nate hadn't even known this place was lodged within his mind like it was. No... He could afford to be cordial, couldn't he?

He approached the shore though he gave her the respect of some space so as not to be all up in her business. Nate knew first hand what it was to be preyed upon, he wouldn't let someone else share in that sense of helplessness. He slumped down in the pebbly, sandy shore and let out a sigh. The torn bottom of his right pants leg flapped a little in the evening breeze, exposing his lacerated calf to the air. That had him sucking in his breath.

"Watcha listenin' to?" he inquired, spying the bluetooth speaker from the corner of his eye. Boy did it feel good to sit... Already his mind began to quieten; even his nose ceased its previously incessant bleeding.
When he jumped, her face took on a little pink- so he hadn't seen her after all and she gave him the fright- opse! She would stay still though, just watching him cautiously because she learned that strangers in the woods could either be good or bad, and hopefully this wasn't going to be one of those bad experiences that she needed to panic call one of her friends on because she was once again hurt.

His comment about being never better didn't sit well with her because he looked a bit rough and the closer he got the more she noticed his nose was bleeding. Ok, not normal, not normal in the slightest.

His question was almost missed entirely as her mind was already starting to work and when he sat, the flap of fabric exposed the gash on his calf had her wondering if someone had just attacked him. Without really trying she was hearing his thoughts, her gaze looking away slightly so as to not be directly staring at the man- this is the one time she was ok with reading another persons thoughts as her own safety depended on it and maybe his own.

"Oh uhm, Panic at the disco...kind of a mood yah know, " she told him once her brain retold her about his question. She would then turn to her bag and pull out a bottle of water and some clean cloth strips she kept for her art and would hold them in her lap.

"Your'll get infected if you don't clean it, " Blair told him as she pointed to the spot, hoping and praying her eyes were back to grey but shocker they were still a silvery-violet color as she held out the water and cloths to him. She wanted to help and if she could she would, so far he didn't seem to be the attack on sight sorta person so that was a step in the right direction for her.
"Oh, dude!"

For the first time since arriving at this spot, Nate seemed a little more alive in the aftermath of her words. Perhaps it was because the adrenaline was waning, but his head felt clearer now - and with that came some of the pain he'd been shoving to the back of his mind. The headache that often accompanied a spatial jump, though that was nothing when compared to his leg. He even made the mistake of looking down at it, turning a nice shade of green in the process, and only the reminder that he'd yet to finish his sentence kept him from losing his last meal.

"I love me some Panic!"

Her mental prying wouldn't yield her too much in that precise moment, he was too focused on trying to stay awake to think of much else, though there were brief snippets of his assault flashing here and there as he tried to process the absolute insanity which had led him to this point. Three guys - they had been guys, right? - a particularly dark alleyway... Probably his own fault for not just taking the high street.

This was why he always took the damn high street.

He had been in Ridgefield proper. Not that long ago either.

Now he was... Wait, where was he?

"Yeah?" He looked down at his leg again, thankfully less queasy in response to this glance, and nodded his head. "Suppose you're right. Um, thanks." If he noticed her eyes he didn't really show it, instead he shuffled close enough that he could take the offered supplies, and inclined his head into a nod of thanks.

"I'm uh... I'm Nate, by the way. Thanks," He lifted the bottle of water as he said it, "For the help."
A little smile tugged at her lips at his response but the green look on his face to his leg told her that he hadn't realized it or that the blood made him want to yack. She really could relate to that when it was her own, she personally liked it inside her body and not out but other people's injuries, she oddly could handle just fine.

"Yea, I think Mona Lisa was on next but I heard you and was a little surprised so I paused it, I can press play if you want to listen with me," she'd offer, maybe it would help him in just relaxing some and thinking of that and not the thing on his leg right now.

What she did see though, was enough to make her concerned for him that she didn't view him as a threat but possibly a threat chasing him. Blair wondered if he had a safe place to go or if he needed to go to the dread H place that she didn't even like being within a hundred meters of.

While she did get those things she caught the questions and bit her tongue and scolded herself some as she watched him inch over to her. "I've had my fair share of cuts, I didn't bring my first aid with me, it's back at my bike but I at least have this, " she told him as she would hold them out to him.

"I'm Blair, It's nice to meet you, Nate. Would you like me to clean it for you? You looked a bit green when you noticed it, " she told him with a little smile to try and make light of it, and then she tapped under her nose, "You uhm...took a bit of a strain there huh? " she would ask him gently. Blair was trying to be careful with her words but as a psychic, she often was prone to nose bleeds and so it made her wonder if he was or if her mind was just wanting to make that connection since she knew so few of them and felt a little outnumbered by everything else- probably the latter for her.
"I, uh... I think that has my favourite video of theirs."

It was nice to have something else to focus on. Something that wasn't the usual pitfalls associated with using his powers. In his minds eye he was already recalling parts of the music video; he'd always liked the reveal, whodunit's were fun to figure out after all and while he wasn't the biggest steampunk fan in the world it fit the theme of the video well enough. Yeah... Something different to focus on was never a bad thing.

He realized he'd never actually given her the go-ahead so he nodded in response to her question and did his best not to hum along when she hit play. While he loved to hum and sing and tap along to songs he loved he understood that it wasn't exactly everybody's cup of tea. Some just wanted to enjoy the song for what it was. And that was a-okay!

"Hey, anything's better than nothin' right? Blair... Thanks again, Blair. Sorry for interrupting your alone time."

For a moment he pondered her offer, before nodding his head. He seemed a little sheepish in doing so though, it wasn't often he accepted the help of another. So much of his life he'd been the strong one, he who held the sky aloft, it was strange to be the one needing help for once.

"Sure. Honestly, it doesn't usually bother me... Just didn't expect it to be so bad, you know? Adrenaline lets you soldier on and the second its gone, well..." He grimaced, and shrugged his shoulders, leaving the rest unsaid.

When she next spoke, indicating to her nose though of course mirroring his own, he allowed a slight frown to replace the grimace. No malice was there, not even any sort of fear that one might have at being outed. Just... a frown. Thoughtful, even.

"You too, huh?" he inquired, as he lifted a hand to wipe away the blood - though not before he settled the supplied back in her hands. "Tonight's one of those rare nights I'm actually glad for them, y'no? Gods know what I'd look like right now if I hadn't gotten the hell outta dodge. Not sure if my poor face could handle being pummeled."

That last statement was said with a grin, however. Hey, if you couldn't laugh you'd cry. Wasn't that what they said?
Now she was smiling some and nodding, "I think I drew out one of the scenes in that video once, just for fun yah know because I've always loved that style, " she said without really thinking about it. It was an odd thing to just say but it popped into her head at the mention of the video. She would easily press play and low the volume from loud to a level where hey could both hear each other and talk a bit easier.

The humming didn't bother her, she swayed and bounced a little to the song that played around them.

She shook her head at that, holding up a hand, "Don't think anything of it, as much as I do enjoy my alone time, I do like meeting people as well, " she told him, not wanting him to feel bad for just suddenly dropping in on her like this. Heck, that's how some friendships were made right? One of hers was thanks to a dang goose that mauled her old Bluetooth speaker- RIP speaker.

Blair would nod and a little slowly, move her hair from her shoulder to show the puncture wounds on her shoulder, "I know what you mean, I didn't feel that really until after I managed to call a friend to help me," she told him as she moved closer this time and would set the cloth onto her lap as she bit her lip thinking for a moment and then leaning back to drag her bag over to her and started to rummage through it and pulling out her sketchbook- nope not what was she looking for, snack bars- nope, pencil case- nope and then Ah! She would find the antibiotic ointment she had kept in her bag and smiled as she held it, "There we go, I thought I kept it in here still, " she said facing him again to carefully peel open his pants to look over the wound.

So she was right and nodded, "Yea me to, I was guessing since nosebleeds seem to be common, " she told him with a little smile, "This might sting, " she told him as she took the water and slowly poured it on his leg to do a first cleaning of it. She did chuckle at that comment, "You should see me, I look like I stepped out of a horror movie with blood from my nose and eyes, " she said with a little face at herself.
"Always wished I could draw" he confessed, surprised at how easily this conversation was happening. He didn't feel any of his usual barriers, wasn't particularly concerned with keeping it all bottled up and saying only the bare minimum. No, he was having an actual conversation with a stranger. Weird how that happened.

From there he didn't really say much more in response though, not because he was actively avoiding the conversation but more that the throbbing in his calf was taking quite a bit of his focus. If she hadn't been there he might have squeezed his eyes shut, blocked it out completely, instead he allowed himself to focus on her words and actions so that he might be afforded some small amount of distraction.

His eyes widened to the puncture wounds on her shoulder, was that what he thought it was? He'd heard the stories of course, seen the news... But so close to home? Here in Ridgefield? Nate shuddered slightly at the mere thought of it.

"You're better prepared than I am" he mumbled when she pulled out the antibiotic salve, pulling his mind back from the thought of things that went bump in the night. All Nate kept on his person really was his phone, and that spent 99% of its life turned off to conserve battery. Belongings weren't really a thing he had, it had been that way for as long as he could remember. About the only personal item on him was the necklace around his neck, pressed against the exposed patch of chest just above the neckline of his tank.

Even that had a purpose though. Thankfully you wouldn't know it to look at it.

Talk of what they were revealed some information he hadn't known about previously. Apparently the nose bleeds were common... That was honestly good to know. At first he'd been horrified by it, afraid that he'd suffered some damage to his brain or something. Nowadays it was just an inconvenience.

"Nosebleeds, migraines... Passed out a couple of times. If there's anything else I ain't experienced it yet. My brother, though... He has it worse. Blisters, temporary blindness..." He sucked in a sharp breath, both in response to the reactions Tommy faced as well as the cleaning of his wound. "Bleedi--" He exhaled slowly, willing the stinging to disperse before he continued, "Bleeding eyes, though... That's a first."
She raised a brow, "I could teach you, art has always been something that kept me sane and sometimes it's just fun to draw a mustache on a goose and laugh at it because you need it," she told him with a little smile. She was so guilty of that, when she couldn't think of what to draw, she would often give random animals staches just for the laugh and it generally helped clear her head to be able to draw what she really wanted to do.

The look on his face when he saw the scars on her shoulder made her give a small nod as she covered it back up, "It was worse a few months ago but...just avoid the Fernsby place in Reignhart. That place isn't haunted just...infested. " she told him with a bit of a shudder. She still had nightmares of that place and what could have happened if no one found her. It was a sobering day and from then she had tried to be much more careful.

That would make her chuckle, "Only because I'm a clutz but I'll see what I can do here and if not a lot, I'll get my first aid from my bike, " she told him simply. Blair felt an odd bit of similarity between them, only she was just able to pick herself up and out of the crummy life she had been living but that had been thanks to someone who didn't mind it, who saw that she could work past her past and try and make something of herself. Now she was able to do more art than before and that gave her hope that she might be able to sell more of it to turn a profit instead of just breaking even.

Brother? That was a surprise, "You and your brother both? " she asked, a bit surprised but hearing about their own side effects made her grimace, "Yea..for me, bleeding from my nose or eyes, migrains to passing out, it's not fun but thats why I carry cloth with me for emergencies, " she told him as she carefully poured the water on his leg, wincing some with him as she would rip off a piece to gently dab at it. "Thats because talking to the dead is painful process most of the time- well when I'm trying to get them to materialize at least, " she explained as she continued to dab gently, "So what or who attacked you? " Blair would ask, cleaning around the wound now to check over how wide it was; she hoped that butterfly stitches might be all he would need.
"Well I wish you luck with that," he chuckled, though that just made him wince all the more. Apparently laughter wasn't always the best medicine. "My brother's been trying to teach me for years. He stole all the artistic talent, I'm sure of it!" Mustaches on geese, though... That definitely painted a rather vivid picture in his mind. Maybe he couldn't laugh, but he could certainly smile in response.

"Doubt I'll ever find myself in that neck of the woods... Do you think they'd even let me in Reignhart?" He looked down at himself, disheveled as he was, and then shook his head. He had to force back another snicker at the thought of those prim and proper rich'uns, he'd give them a heart attack for sure! "What were you doin' there? Exploring?" Gods, Nate missed exploring. Properly exploring, the way he had as a kid. Before things got so... complicated.

It was then that he finally closed his eyes, succumbing somewhat to the pain in that moment, and settled back into the sand. "Give it to me straight, will ya Doc'?" he asked as she started her work on the injured leg, "Gonna have to amputate it?"

Then he nodded.

"Yeah... The wonders of shared trauma, at least... That's my reasoning. Doesn't make any sense otherwise." He held his breath as the water cleaned out the wound, and didn't speak again for a few minutes. By then his leg was throbbing, but his concerns had all but disappeared. Dare he feel safe?

"You, uh... Talk to the dead?" That had him opening one eye to peek over at her. What were the chances that he'd meet two psychics with that exact power in just a few days of one another? As with Katya though he didn't press her about it any more than that, didn't beg and grovel for her to contact his lost ones. Nope, what they had wasn't a toy. He knew that first hand.

"Not sure" he responded; thankfully the wound wasn't quite as bad as it had first seemed. Butterfly stitches would work as a temporary aid, and if it needed anything more than that? Well, Nate had neither money nor insurance, so he'd have to take matters into his own hands he supposed! "Could've just been regular old muggers," he grinned for a second as he said that, as though there was anything even remotely amusing about being mugged. "Picked the wrong guy, though... I ain't got shit. Idiots..."

Of course for all he knew they weren't just ordinary folks. After their recent run-ins with vampires and the like, anything was a possibility really.
Blair couldn't help the smile on her face as she gave a little laugh, "Well you might not have found what suits you yet, he could have just stolen all the common artistic abilities, your's could be rather obscure like metalworking, " she told him, giving him some food for thought on that one. His ribs though seemed to be causing him some pain or it was just the pain in general since laughing hurt him. It was making Blair a bit more uneasy with his wounds and wanting to get him to her place to just toss him in a shower while she got the actual first aid kit that she made thanks to April.

A little chuckle left her, "They let me in and I look as creepy as they come, " she told him with a little tease while she continued and then she nodded, "Yea...I was wanting to see what that place was looked really cool honestly, sort of like the perfect spot for a haunted house but...there was a vampire there and she attacked me. I was able to draw her but I haven't seen her since...don't know what I'd do if I saw her again, " she explained before shaking her head, "Sorry, vampires are the biggest worry to me. They love people like us and our blood and it makes them nuts, " Blair explained in the best way she could- she was pretty sure she could never let another vampire close to her again- well maybe one.

His words made her sit back on her calves some, looking it over a bit, "Alright, I'll give it straight, you need it disinfected, butterflied and bandaged but...good news I won't have to take the leg but you might have to put up with me for a bit longer if you can manage, " Blair told him as she tried to not smile at giving him her prognosis.

Blair nodded at that, "Yes and I can make things explode with my mind...and more recently I can read minds. Least I learned that three is the max though now I'm relearning control again, " she told him with a little grumble as she kept carefully working to clean around the cut on his leg, her lips pressing together as she was working carefully to not press to hard but she had to be sure to clean all the gunk away.

Hearing what happened to him though made her shake her head at that, "Assholes, " she swore and then turned red. It was one of the rare times she swore and she felt weird for it and so she hid her red face a little, "So they did this to you? "
"Hm... Metalworking..." He pondered on that for a long second, lamenting the loss of high school shop class. Maybe she was right, maybe he was more crafty than artsy and that was just as valid, no? He'd never really been given the opportunity, they weren't exactly keen on handing off tools in juvie after all. Pent up balls of hormones such as teenage boys were unpredictable at best, after all. There was a bunch of scrap materials in the warehouse, maybe he'd fumble his way through it some time. Not that he had any clue where to start, of course.

"You familiar with anythin' like that?"

It was nice to get his mind off his calf.

"Isn't it weird?" he asked, though the way he asked it made it seem as though that wasn't the entire question. The next few words from his mouth confirmed that. "A few years ago vampires and all that, they were reserved for horror movies and cheesy teen rom-dramas. Yet here we are, talking about'em in full sincerity." He shook his head, all these years, decades, centuries they'd been roaming in the shadows. Watching as people parodied them... And now they were out in the open.

What a crazy world they lived in.

"You know, you might not realize it but you're giving me more insight to the craziness that is our existence than I've unearthed in the past twelve years. They like our blood? Well that's bloody good to know. Not so sure I want to be caught out after dark then, if that's the case." His mind went back to Thomas for a moment, but he was safe at college. With any luck he stuck to his dorm and close friends. No vampires in their future, right?

"Do you take IOU's?" he inquired, when she mentioned the work that needed to be done to his leg and the fact it'd take her a while longer, "Or are you the kind of doctor who won't treat without insurance? I swear that goes against some sort of code, doesn't it?" He shook his head, and then dropped back against the ground again with a grunt.

"Girl, you sound like a regular ole badass to me. Blowing shit up with your mind? I'm curious, how many times has that happened when you didn't mean for it to?" Then again maybe she had better control of her emotions. He wasn't exactly the best person to be compared to after all... Not with his track record for messing things up.

He closed his eyes as they talked about his attackers, and shrugged his shoulders though the act felt odd given that he was lying down. "They got a few good hits in, aye. I think the leg was collateral, though." If he remembered rightly there'd been a couple of sharp objects in the alley he'd made his break through, "Come to think of it, tho', they never did ask for my money."

Strange times indeed.
Blair gave a nod as the music played in the background for them, her hand moving the material some to inspect the rest of his leg before looking up at him and giving a little smile, "A tiny bit but not a lot, I can show you the small basics that I know but aside from that- but it would be a start to see if you were interested in it, " she told him. Sometimes it just took the right medium to work with, for her it was charcoal and for some, it was paint and others it was metals and other materials.

Now that made her breath through her nose in a slight laugh as she nodded at his statement, "Yea it's...well it's more than wild that's for sure...were's, vampires, psychics- a supernatural task force in the police department even, " she told him with a slight groan at herself. She remembered her run in and that was several levels of massive suck but the guy at least had been nice to not drag her in for blowing up ice.

Hearing that made her a little sad for him but she had been in the same boat, just not knowing until she did know and it was all just a crap ton of information and worries.

"Well another tidbit, vampires hate fire and if you want to be really safe were silver on your hands for weres. It hurts them and gives you a nudge to know what you might be dealing with but sadly...that's all I know. I've met psychics who've told me this and well, it's best for us to be safe yah know," Blair explained to him as she managed to clean it off decently but she was still a little worried about infection.

Looking at him as his question, she would shake her head, "It might be worse than that...I might have to ask you to just come with me so I can one- get the right bandages on your leg, two sew your pants up and clean them, and then after all that, I'd just take friendship in payment, " she told him rather simply. Blair felt psychics should stick together in some level and if he could get another contact to lean on when he needed help or his brother? She would take that any day over anything else. It was hard being a psychic and she didn't see it getting any easier yet.

The comment and question had her blushing again as she picked up the ointment and applied it to her finger to gently spread along the wound, "I'm not that much of a badass...but to answer that- do you mean how many times in total have I accidentally blown something up? That would be a lot but in the past six months or so, I've gotten a better handle on things- it just took some practice, " she explained as she continued to gently dab along the wound until it was covered in the goo now. At least that would help protect it. She would then take some of the clean cloth and carefully wrap it- she didn't want to risk his pants getting it dirty again.

"Did you get a good look at who did it? " she asked, frowning at hearing that tidbit but more so at the fact that he was just flat out attacked and then he had to just get out, "So...I'm curious now, what can you do? " she asked tentatively, not wanting to send him running- or limping- away.
Honestly, he really appreciated the fact that she was trying to inspire him to give it a shot. What he'd done to earn even a little bit of her trust he didn't know, maybe it was their mutual love of Panic!, perhaps the fact that they were both psychics, who knew. Either way she had successfully made the ordeal he'd just faced fade away; it helped that nobody had followed him. Teleportation was helpful like that!

For now though he didn't add any more to that part of the conversation. For all he knew this was just the sort of thing you offered to be polite, and he didn't want her to feel like she had any sort of obligation to follow through on it. So he smiled, and listened to the next few tidbits she offered. Best make a mental note of all that so that he could recall it to Tommy next time he saw him. Definitely worth knowing.

Maybe he'd throw Katya a line about it too... She'd done him a solid by sharing what she knew after all, least he could do was return the favour.

"Fire and silver," he nodded his head, and the smile he'd been wearing turned to a grin, "Oh that is good to know!" Who would have known that fate would be so kind as to hand both the brothers a vampire deterrent. As much of a curse it had been in the past, maybe their fiery abilities could serve some real use yet. Silver, though... Harder to come by for someone like Nate, but he could look into it right?

"Oh the humanity, whatever will I do!" Lifting one hand to cover his face in mock drama as she explained her idea of payment, he gave her a light nod soon after and shifted so that he was sitting upright again. "Leg's not so bad that I can't walk on it, let me know when and lead the way... I'll be a good patient I swear."

Last but not least, talk of powers... She was right of course it took a lot of time, patience, and practice to get it under control, and different stresses outside of their control could make it harder to live with. Still, seemed as though she was getting a grasp of it. Good for her!

"Never gonna believe this, but.." He lifted one hand, and focused enough that he could summon into existence a small flame which extended from his palm. Though he could do much more with it than he was letting on, he wasn't exactly keen on spooking her. And he'd already jumped not too long ago. Last thing he needed was to pass out from over exertion.

"Looks like I have my own vampire retardant right here, huh?"

Of course there was a matter of his attackers still lingering in the air. The soft sigh he breathed extinguished the flame as he tried to make sense of it all in his mind. "Nah not really... Just a couple of guys." At least he hoped it was guys. He'd never live it down if Tommy found out he'd been bested by a couple of girls. Then again, there wasn't really all that much to Nate, it wouldn't be difficult to do.
Blair tended to trust psychics, or at least give more trust, to psychics and other supernatural folks- most folk at least that was, due to their similar lots in life. Some she knew had asked for this, others didn't and then there were those who suddenly popped up with abilities and it was insane and crazy like it was for herself. Even though she just met him, the state of him and how he spoke and his easy-going nature thus far, it made her more willing to give him the benefit of the doubt on things and she only hoped it wouldn't be a bad thing. Just as she wasn't an inherently bad person for what she could do, didn't mean he was just because he got into a scuffle of some sort.

She would not at what he said, those two items were something she knew about and did have on her most times but left the silver at home- she really wasn't sure she ever wanted to know if she was interacting with a were half the time but yet was still curious all the same, "Yea I normally have some silver on me but its back home- my brain derped a little, " she told him with a slight laugh at herself on that part.

The sudden dramatics coming from him had her struggling to not laugh and just give him a stern look but it melted away as she would put her things into her bag and keep the music at least playing from the pocket in her bag, "Well I can take you to my bike now and given the time of day, the ride will be rather quick to my apartment, " she told him as she would hold out a hand to help him up. This might not how she had intended to spend her day but honestly, meeting another psychic was a great mark in her book and helping them as well made another.

What she didn't expect though was for him to have his own fire with him and like a moth to a flame she leaned in, awe in her gaze as she looked at the little flame, "That is incredible, you are nearby, decently safe from vampires with that- probably most things honestly because burns? Ow, those get infected so easily and hurt like hell, " she told him with a little nose wrinkle. She'd burnt herself a few times and that made her just not want to deal with hot surfaces for a bit because of it but she also grimaced a little at the pain that might come from such an ability. "You's oddly nice knowing I'm not the only one who has a destructive ability, " Blair told him. For her normally, she disliked it but seeing someone else wield a power like that? Maybe things weren't so bad on her end of the court.

Blair still frowned at that, nodding some, "If you think of anything you recall about them, even vague facial shape and looks, I can sketch it and possibly see about getting them into trouble of some kind, " she told him as she would motion for him to follow her when he was standing but she would move to stand next to him to help give him someone to lean on if he needed it, "Also, ever ridden on a motorcycle? "
Slowly but surely Nate forced himself back on his feet as talk turned to leaving sooner than he had initially anticipated. "I don't think I've ever had any silver" he remarked, using the thought as a way to ignore the pain and stiffness in his leg, "Though I imagine fire works just as well against weres? Doubt the smell would be nice though, singed hair... ew..."

Thankfully Nate had nowhere he needed to be, so time wasn't a worrying factor for him. Of course he didn't want to disrupt her evening any more than he already had; he'd make sure not to dawdle.

While the pair began to venture off in the direction of her bike he gave thought to her queries regarding his attackers. He hadn't really given it much thought at the time, after all it had been relatively dark and they'd taken him by surprise, in the chaos everything had blurred together. Perhaps he'd figure it out when he wasn't so close to the incident, when he was showering or sleeping or just stood at the bar doing his job. Wasn't that when thoughts tended to be clearest?

"I haven't, no," he responded when she asked whether or not he'd ridden on a motorcycle; for all the rough looks he portrayed he hadn't really had much in the way of experiences like that. He kept his head down, did his work, and then went back home. Took public transport because he'd never been taught how to drive... He'd always liked the idea of a bike, though he knew Thomas would only fret if he learned that Nate was riding one.

After a few feet he took the offered support from Blair, though he made sure not to put too much of his weight on her. Mostly used her for balance.

"Thank you for all this, by the way. I appreciate it. If there's anything I can do to pay you back, you let me know okay?"
The image of burning hair and the idea of how that smelt made her nose scrunch up some, "Yea I think they might hate that as well, just because not to jump the gun with every were. Not all of them are bad and sometimes their animal does what an animal does...though in self-defense I say go for it, " she told him with a small shrug. She had some were friends and knew they were good but she also understood that they were also part animal and that needed to be respected as well.

Blair was always pretty chill with her evenings, never having a lot of plans for what she was going to do and she was glad that she didn't since she was able to bump into Nate or well he scared her but nothing exploded and there was no random vampire coming at them though she honestly would feel bad for any vampire to come near them. Him with fire and her with explosions? It could get scary intense really quickly here and that thought alone made her feel a little safer with the pyro.

That made her smile, "Well you get the helmet since your already hurt but just hold on and enjoy it mostly...I don't know it has a way to make you feel free, " she explained as she would stick close to help him get through the path. She didn't mind him leaning on her for balance, she really didn't want him on that leg to begin with but she wasn't exactly going to carry the man because he was a man and bigger than her and she was not that strong in the slightest.

As they made there way down, a dark purple motorcycle came to view, her head turning as she shook her head, "I don't want anything, honestly, I'm glad to just be able to help. Just don't hesitate to call if you or your brother need something two having each other is a bonus but it's still rough out there for people like us, " she told him a little sadness in her tone at that.

She could recall all the time people freaked out or disliked her right off the cuff for what she could do or just was scared of her when in reality she wouldn't hurt anyone- even if they were hurting her. "How are you doing? Would have stayed there longer but I don't trust the scent of blood in the area given what other types like to roam the woods, " she explained. It was for safety, for him and her. At the bike, she would pull off the helmet and adjust it a little to be bigger for him and hand it to him, "Also uhm...I might speed, you ok with that? " she asked, a little sheepish smile on her face. It was the one major dangerous thing she did because it was fun and she liked it but he might not so knowing now would be better than knowing later.
"I've never actually seen one" he said with a loose shrug, trying to think back to any time he might've come across one without knowing it yet still coming up blank, "If somethin' ain't hurtin' me or mine I have no reason to hurt it, though. Not exactly a supernatural hunter, am I?" He chuckled lightly as they walked, imagining how crazy that would be. The taskforce probably wouldn't accept him anyway, because of his powers, and doing that sort of thing solo? Well that was a recipe for disaster.

Besides which, Nate had only one task in life: look after Thomas. Anything else just got in the way of that. He was happy with his humble existence.

As she explained what it was like to ride on the back of a bike he couldn't help but grin a goofy smile, one which only expanded upon sighting the motorbike itself. Though there was still a fair amount of pain and pulsation in his calf he was barely paying it any attention at this stage, the cool air helped but so too did the company and their little adventure from the lakes to the carpark.

"Yeah? I'll make sure not to fall off then." He could hold on, and if his present state was any indication he was under no risk of passing out. So that was great!

"Well then, I extend the same to you. I'll find you my number when we're done, if you want?" In that moment he was quite forgetting the fact that he barely ever used his phone, it was way too expensive to keep on top of, but he meant the offer in full sincerity despite that. "What about you? Do you have anyone out there?"

When they finally reached the bike and the helmet was handed off to him he slipped it on over his head and pondered her question. He wasn't feeling magnificent, but all things considered he was alright. So that's what he went with, accompanied by a light nod. "Yeah, I'm alright. Be right as rain soon enough... And I appreciate it, sooner we're away from here the better no? Last thing I want is for you to be in danger because of me."

He tilted his head slightly to her final question, and grinned beneath the visor of the helmet. "Really? You don't seem the type... But yeah, that's fine..." How intriguing...
"That’s a fine way to put it. They mostly want to be left alone and just…not messed with from what I’ve gathered? So you’ll probably only find out on accident or if they out themselves to you, " she told him. Sure there were other ways but Blair was under the assumption that was the most common way for things to go about. She was rather sure there were so many more weres then she actually knew about but she wasn't the pressing type. "Pft, who wants to hunt supernatural, leave that to the task force, " she said with a laugh.

Blair noticed the grin on his face, the dark purple machine coming into view, "Good I don’t want to lose you halfway through, " she said with a small teasing laugh. It wasn’t hard to joke, it felt rather easy to do honestly with him since she felt a rather strange kinship with the fellow.

"I’d…I’d like that. Thank you,"she told him before she looked away some before shaking her head, "No uhm…I’ve been on my own since I was barely a teen. I only just found the ability to call a place home and to just…breathe a little but…sorry, not trying to be depressing, I’ve started to try and make friends to maybe fill the void of no family though, " she told him with a bit of a smile. She wanted that more than anything, family, a relationship with someone she could lean on but she was still trying to figure out how to go about that.

"Alright and honestly, I don’t feel that afraid knowing what you can do so it helps but avoiding trouble…that’s what I prefer, " she said with a laugh as she would hop onto the bike, pulling out a pair of biker goggles to use while driving so she could see easily with the wind whipping in her face as she blushed some, "Speed can be fun, come on hop on, I’ll show you what I mean and cross my heart you’ll b ok, " she promise- he did have a brother to go home to and she was going to make sure the man made it back unmaimed by her hand.

She would turn the key, the bike easily turning over and letting out a low growl to life. This was the most expensive item she owned and she took care of it and thankfully it showed; though it could use some fresh paint.
Honestly, other than work and home Nate wasn't one for heading out and mingling anyway. He'd probably ran into a thousand weres, vamps, and psychics over his years at the bar, but none had outed themselves, none had been too horrid to exist around, if that were the case. In his mind the less he knew the better. After all, civilization had existed for eons with these buggers lurking in the background and aside from the perpetual wars humanity had done pretty well for themselves no?

"I doubt even the taskforce really wants to hunt them" he mumbled, wondering why it was that whenever man stumbled upon something it didn't know its immediate response was to go all attack dog on it.

"Awesome" came his swift retort to the discussion of exchanged numbers, by which point they'd reached the bike, "And no one? Man, that sucks. I might've only ever had Tommy but that's someone at least... I'm sorry. You know... I think you'd like Tom, I'll have to introduce you one day."

Fellow orphans? A runaway? Nate didn't know but he knew better than to pry further than that. He'd always hated it whenever it was brought up in his youth.

Musing over the strange but highly personable woman he joined her on the back of the bike and wrapped an arm gently around her waist in order to stay in place. The other he braced on the back of the seat behind him. He wasn't sure if he was even doing it right, but he didn't want to fall off nor did he want to squeeze the life out of her so he figured this was the best compromise...
Blair was sure she had met many before as well but none have told her unless she found out in one way or another. She didn’t mind not knowing but heck they seemed hellbent on keeping everything silent and to themselves or possibly freaking out over other supernatural people who were no threat to others really.

"No…but they want to keep track I think, I accidentally bumped into one while blowing up ice. Nice guy but he thought I had a gun on me-thankfully I only had to tell him about the one power, " she told him with a small sigh. She got lucky that day at not getting a ticket or something worse so she will count her lucky stars on that one.

Blair gave a smile to that, nodding before she looked away some as she pulled out some goggles, "I got used to it to a degree…I’m trying to let people in now at least though, " she told him as she looked at him as he mentioned his brother and she smiled, giving a nod to it, "I hope I get to meet him, maybe we should all just plan a time to meet up, " she suggested. What trouble could three psychics get into anyways?

She would settle onto the bike, pulling her hair over her shoulder as she turned the key and the bike gave a low roar to life. Easily, she pushed them both up and kicked the stand to put it in place before starting to zip out of the parking lot. She started slow, her hand moving to give just a reassuring tap to his arm before placing her hand back on the handlebar. Blair drove easily but fast, her body scooting up a bit more just to make sure he had enough space to sit comfortably as she retraced the path back to her apartment to be able to take care of his leg. With how loud it was, it wasn’t easy to talk but he could at least enjoy the view of the trees as they drove all the way to Starling.

Speeding as she was, it took about forty-five minutes to get to her apartment. It was a single layer but it was decent and welcoming and she would park in the driveway, kicking down the stand and turning it off before pulling her goggles off, "Enjoy your first motorcycle ride? " Blair asked with a little smile on her face.
"I haven't run into one yet... I thought I was done for with the whole house incident but they didn't even suspect it," He realized part way through that he was saying it more for his own perplexed self than for her, she wouldn't have any clue what the house incident was. So he brushed over it quickly as he could and shrugged. "I don't know what I'd do, honestly. People like that freak me out."

Nate was the sort of person who wouldn't go to the police even if he happened to be in dire trouble. His living situation wasn't legitimate, and he couldn't risk having that one piece of stability taken away. How would he afford Tommy's tuition then? He'd lose his job for sure... Yeah. Not happening. Taskforce? He imagined they were just as bad if not worse.

"Do they have any right to question powers and the sort? Like, what can they actually do if they find someone with powers?"

He wasn't sure he wanted to know the answer to that.

"And yeah, I know it's hard... You get so used to being alone, to looking out for yourself, that you forget how much you need other people." Not that he was any good at practicing that. He had Tommy, and that had been enough for the longest time. He'd met Kate but she seemed more fascinated by his powers than the man himself. Time would tell with that one. Blair seemed nice enough, genuine at least. "You need anything you let me know, alright? You don't have to struggle alone."

Then they were off. Out into the open road...

Nate hadn't traveled by anything other than bus, feet, or powers, in the longest time. Ever since coming out of juvie it was all he could do. He never had the money to purchase a vehicle or even a simple push bike, and honestly he liked to walk. It helped to quieten his mind.

This though... This was unlike anything he'd ever experienced before. His eyes darted between as much of the scenery as he could as they made their way quietly to her home. Well, they were quiet... The bike not so much. Though it took a decent enough amount of time it felt like mere seconds had passed by the time they came to a stop. His heart was racing.


He wasn't sure his jelly legs would support him if he tried to stand so he remained seated for a little while longer.

"That was.. intense."

The grin on his face spoke more words than his voice though.
The house incident? That had her curious as heck, her eyes looking up at him as he spoke, she wanted to ask but didn’t want to pry either as it felt like something he didn’t overly mean to say as well- conflicting things really, "That I can agree on, them freaking me out part, " she explained to him.

Blair gave a shrug and shook her head, "I don’t know…I don’t really want to know what they might do but…I get the feeling there are no real set rules on how to handle people like us, so I’d rather not find out or have anyone I know find out, " she told him. Getting found out was not something she wanted or them knowing what else she could do, people were manipulative as they could get and she didn’t want to be a victim.

A nod left her at that one, "I’m…barely used to contact at this rate, I’ve gone so many years without it…It’s nice though, I’ve realized, to have other people to help sometimes but I’m used to doing things on my own that I feel like asking is a burden, " she explained. She was slowly trusting and opening up to people, letting them in and maybe care for her but it was a slow process. The offer was met with a small smile and a nod, "Thank you. You to and your brother, you both don’t need to just go at it alone either, " she told him with a small smile.

The ride home was fun, she could hear his thoughts occasionally about it and she smiled as he didn’t complain about the ride.

Parking and hopping off, she would hold onto the bike and hold her hand out for him, smiling at the look on his face, "It is, come on jelly legs, let's get that leg taken care of yea? " she told him as she would wait for him to get his land legs back and then lead him inside. She would unlock the door and flick on the light as she kicked off her shoes and pulled off her bag to hang on the wall. From the looks, Amber was probably out and about and that was fine. The house was clean and had plenty of art everywhere and down the hall some past the kitchen would be the living room which was also rather clean- the girls did like their clean space.

"Feel free to sit and relax a minute while I get the kit, want something to drink? " she asked him as she undid her hair to let it hang free out of habit as she went to the kitchen to pull down a mug from the plethora of them that Amber had brought with her. He could look around if he wanted to, she wouldn't stop him. "I think my roommates out, so it's just us, the closed door that way is her room but you can use my bathroom to clean up in, sound good? " she said pointing to the door that was closest to the entrance where they came from so that he would know. He had options for what he could do and she'd be fine with whatever as long as she got that leg taken care of.

house layoutBlairs room/bathroom is at the bottom part of the layout near the door where they entered from

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