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Pine Peak Sleuth

Bears • Pine Peak Sanctuary • founded July 2019

Pine Peak Sanctuary encompasses acres and acres of land across a rural stretch of Camp Baron. From forested swathes to rugged cliffs snaked with streams, this preserve has something for everyone -- or every Were. The fenced off preserve is only accessible by verified key code, and closed to the general public.

While visitors are welcome to make camp, or stay in one of the rentable cabins, at the end of the access road is a large cabin that houses lockers for personal effects and showers. There is also a greenhouse-like structure that includes salt and fresh water pools to accommodate cold-blooded Weres.

The resident Sleuth uses the main lodge as a home base, and some rooms are off limits to visitors and delegated to Sleuth members only. The cabin includes a kitchen, a loft for games, a laundry room, a medical room, and a room with a few small beds.

  • Understand not everyone will agree all the time, and learn to live with it.
  • Don’t break Were Code #1: Don’t out yourself or anyone else.
  • Call Cliff if you’re in need, text the group if he can’t answer. Anyone that can help in a time of need is expected to.
  • Be respectful of other Weres coming into the territory, but that doesn’t mean let your guard down.
  • When bringing a rogue or outside group member into the Sanctuary, give Cliff a heads up first.
  • Be on your best behavior within other group’s territories, including vampire territories. No one is out to make enemies, and if there is tension, try your best not to make it worse.


Second: Natasha Kelly


Adelle Bordeaux

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