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Jaguars • Shear Bliss • founded Nov. 2019

Located on the corner of a revitalized shopping strip in the heart of Alameda, Shear Bliss takes up a historic building that once served as a feed store. Downstairs functions as a quaint and inviting hair salon owned and operated by one of the Prowl’s members. Upstairs, accessible via an exterior staircase, the Prowl has reclaimed what used to be a loft apartment and transformed it into their own private haven. It includes a spacious common area, functioning kitchen, restroom, and makeshift med bay.

Still new to were life in general, Frank’s leadership style is one of an easy going nature, preferring to give chances and understanding. However, he is known for being argumentative, digging in his heels stubbornly on things that go against personal morals and opinions that could negatively affect those in his care. Despite this, trying to keep open communication with the Prowl is always at top of mind and he’s at least willing to try to negotiate solutions that benefit everyone at the end of the day.

After the sudden and swift dissolvement of Rose Terrace Prowl by its past leaders, the rest of the prowl reorganized and rebuilt, spurred on by the need for safety. Much like before, they function as a family, helping each other when needed and having most decisions run by the whole before being decided and carried out.

  • Don’t shift in Alameda if possible. If you think you’re losing it, get to safety and immediately notify the prowl. Someone will come to help.
  • Rogues and other weres in general should be treated with the same level of respect as a fellow prowl member. Just let them know to give the heads up with leadership.
  • Vampires are expressly forbidden from entering the territory. If you see one, keep away and leave if possible while notifying the prowl ASAP. Backup will come quickly.
  • Don’t turn someone unless it's a life or death situation.
  • Don’t out anyone, including yourself. We all have human lives, don’t mess that up for others.
  • Mistakes happen. Know you can talk to leadership about anything and they will work with you to solve it.

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