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Eventide District Clutch

Vampires • Ridgefield Planetarium • founded May 2018

Ridgefield Planetarium's distinctive domed observatory is visible from a distance near the riverside end of Alder Heights. The building features an extensive range of exhibits and displays, and its first floor and main entrance are open to the public for education and occasional events.

The two floors hidden beneath serve as home to Eventide District Clutch, heavily fireproofed and without windows to prevent any mishaps. The first level of the basement holds lounge area with cozy seating and a grand piano. (The Dominus' office also sits on this floor.) The second basement level houses several secluded resting spaces for vampires in flux, plus a stocked medical room. Eventide District's private spaces are accessible from entrances within and outside of the building — if you've been granted keycard access.

Priding itself on a more refined approach to supernatural living, Eventide District Clutch's world view is relatively progressive. Its culture favors intelligence over pure brawn, recognizing that the greatest strength of a group comes in its numbers. The clutch is led by Beauregard Bertrand, a decidedly proud vampire with a preference for relationship building. Despite a welcoming nature, the group is well-equipped to take care of those who seek to take undue advantage of its hospitality.

  • All species may reside in Alder Heights, provided they mind their manners. Exceptions are made on a case-by-case basis, and rogue vampires must first meet with leadership.
  • Do not harm meals needlessly. Suggestion can always clear memories of an unfortunate encounter.
  • Do not actively seek confrontation. Recklessness is foolishness.
  • If trouble finds you, contact the Dominus immediately.


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