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Blair really wasted no time to sending this person a text in hopes of a little help or adivce

Hello, is this Somchai?
Sadly, he was working when the text first came in. However if she was patient for the hour it took him to finish up things around the Planetarium she would eventually hear from him.

You are the one with the new thought hearing?

Not entirely a tidy sentence but he imagined it was good enough.
Blair thankfully had a lot of patience with things and she would distract her mind with drawing as she often did until her phone be-booped,

Hi, yes that would be me I'm afraid. It kind of just...started randomly, I thought 2 was the most so I never gave thought that another might develop
She would explain,
Oh, sorry, forgot to introduce myself, my name is Blair. I'd be glad for any help or advice because It just won't turn off in public dizzy
He had to read it all over a few times. He hardly understood the full extent of it all from the texts. However it seemed it...wouldn’t turn off? He blinked a bit like a confused pigeon at that.

What do you mean ‘won’t turn off’?
My best way of saying that, whenever I'm in a room, I can't tell if what I'm hearing are actual words or peoples thoughts. If I'm just walking into the room suddenly there are more voices than I expect, like when you go to a bus station and you hear the hum of people talking all around. I'm just struggling with this I'm sorry,
she would apologize. It felt like she was complaining and in a sense she was but it was freaky, she just had gotten control over her explosive powers so trying to deal with another felt a little rough,
I'm sorry if I'm not making sense. I had just gotten a better control over my more destructive ability when this cropped up unexpectedly for me,
Very briefly he thought of his unusual friend. The man with his abilities to nullify power. He wondered if such a thing would help here. Perhaps offer some momentary silence or to see if she truly was hearing every thought in the room.

However he wondered if it would be presumptuous and rude to rope the kind older gentleman into this.

It is okay.
Mine does not work this way. However we perhaps practice shutting it off. Small room, limited people. One on one even.
Does that interest you?

Not to mention he would have a far easier time helping her in person.
Blair had no real clue how hers was working, it was like a toddler playing with a light switch. The offer was met with a bit of a relieved sigh from her, that might help since she could not avoid going out in public,
I'd like to try that, yes please,
she would send him, this man was so kind to be willing to help- she wondered if she should send a digital fruit basket to the woman who helped her,
I am pretty free most days since i've taken a few days off from work so that I could try and get an understanding on whats going on with my head,
well, she was going to, she needed to massage Asha first.
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