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Are you cool if I put you in contact with another telepath person just learning her power
She's pretty spazzt but nice
He’d stare at the message for a few moments. Wondering what exactly she meant by that. Especially with the spazzt part. However work breaks did not leave him forever to ponder such things.

That is okay. How is she a spazzt?

Hopefully that might clue him in on what the word even meant.
Ah fuck SPAZZY is what I mean
She's all shook up she'd got a third power like that ain't the dream
A third? It sounds to be like a blessing.

He wasn’t sure he had ever heard of three, nor even imagined such a thing.

Do you have some kind of pact plan for her?

Perhaps this was some sort of psychic daycare before he sent the blessed tri-psychic back to Grace.
Nah I don't think she's ready, just really wants someone else to convince her that reading thoughts isn't fucked up I guess
How's your psychic buddy
Fucked up.

Is that what this spazzy psychic thought? He had been told it was useful, cool, the like. He knew there was to be some sort of power there in such a thing. Perhaps that was where the idea of it being fucked up came from.

Then came the second question that had him frowning at his phone. He had been neglectful recently, hadn't he? Best to be vague.

He is well. Hopefully this one will be too with some help.
I appreciate you thinking well enough of me to suggest she come to me.
How polite! She wanted to ram her knuckles into his bald head.

Of course lemme know how it goes muscle
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