July Adoptable Spotlight: Viktoria Fang
July's adoptable spotlight is Viktoria Fang, cousin of the lovely Adeline and utterly without flaw, trust us. Learn more in this write-up by the amazing Ahha!

Ms. Viktoria Fang

She's spoilt! She's thinks she's untouchable! She's a problem child!
She's Viktoria!

Are you interested in kicking up some good, magically human, mischief? Viktoria might be the one for you! Astute, conventionally beautiful (she knows it), and priggish. That's her alright. To be clear, it's not that she's brainless or that she makes poor decisions, she simply doesn't accept that her behaviour ever warrants consequences! Or maybe she just doesn't care? Who knows! You do.

Very little about this lady's history is known, other than that she's Shanghainese through and through. Her real reason for finally stepping into the States could very well have to do with the recent exposé of pacts! Perhaps she wants to bully some Psychics into one and unofficially domineer everyone? Or perhaps it's as straightforward as yearning for the companionship of her long lost and socially stunted cousin, Adeline. It's your story to tell, not mine! I'm just making this up so this spotlight looks prettier.

Anyway, where was I. If you have any ideas or thoughts you would like to throw my way, please feel free to--curiosity has no strings attached to it, I promise! Thanks for reading and happy storytelling!

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