Were Fight Night Sign Up (July 10)
Hello FRIENDS, the time has come to get punchy. Well... almost.

The owner of Zipper's in Rice Bluff is hosting a fight night for an exclusively shifty crowd on Friday, July 10th, 2020! If your character doesn't find out about it in-game, no sweat. Suspend your disbelief and plop 'em in anyway :3

To sign your character(s) up, respond to this thread with the names of those you'd like to put in a fight. If you'd like them to be matched with another specific character, put the opponent-to-be's name with your own character's name (after checking with the other players first)! Those who are signed up without a predetermined opponent will be matched with others at random.

There is no limit to how many characters you sign up, so go nuts! In Character fight night rules will be posted a few days before 7/10 in a "main" thread. (Posting in the big party setting thread is not required, but be sure to make a note in your threads that it takes place during were fight night.)

Sign ups end Tuesday, July 7th! <3
Locke Bower wants to enter the ring!

(How do you write a fighting thread?? Omg, better find out quick)
Levka Orlovsky will fight Cliff Douglas
Elijah Foster
Summer Andrade

yes the doctor is actually fighting this time, i don't know how this will go
Sign up one Nika Volkov please. ♡
Shane Lether

Shane adds his name, then stares at the sheet forever trying to figure out how to write "boy please" without feeling uncomfortable about it in one way or another. Eventually gives up.
It’s always the ones I least expect!

Esfir Turani
Dorian Dagmare
"Asha ;)"

She would ask specifically not to be matched with any of her own group who signs up but you are free to tell her if she doesn't get to make special requests >:)
Asher Lindsay
Mateo Mora-Padron
Mathis De Luca
Vidya Jain

Cliff Douglas will be fighting Levka Orlovsky
Alice White
Noah Powell
Natasha Kelly
Erik Satō (let's try this again)
Kara Vazquez
Emmett Bower
Diana Schulte, She's not exactly sure how any of this works! But is happy to find out! :D
Ingrid Thompsen
Isolde Casarez
Kai >:)
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