Nichol’s Drugstore Hobble-long

Outfit!+Crutches and Dark pink calf brace

As much as Pandora could heal herself, sometimes she just didn't have the energy to continue to do so with bad injuries like the one she did to her leg. She would give herself a healing boost every couple of days but modern medicine helped a lot but alas she was out of ibuprofen so she was off to the drug store to help.

Since she wasn't driving around at the moment, she had a backpack on and made her way there, humming happily as she entered the store. Immediately she was asked if she wanted to use a scooter but she passed on that as she had a small basket in her hand as she moved along. She was humming a bit as she made her way to the medicine section and it was at the bottom shelf. Why was it at the bottom shelf? Pandora looked around, trying to see if anyone was there but alas there was no one and so she would carefully lower herself down to the floor. Ahh much better!

She would pick up a couple of bottles and then scoot along the floor with her crutches and basket to get a new ice pack and there, she should be good she...sugar. Pandora mentally kicked herself because now how the hell was she getting up? Pandora tapped the floor and sighed, "Hello...anyone around? I need a tiny bit of help please, " she called out. Her tone was calm and relaxed but she was stuck on the floor and really needed to get to the candy aisle.


Katya was buying first aid stuff. Bandages. Dressings. Wound wash crap. Literally one of everything, and it was all being thrown into a less than pretty pile in her basket.

Basically, she wasn’t far when she heard the plea.

”What’s up?” Katya appeared, poking out from behind the corner. It took her literally three seconds to recognise the tiny girl, and her arms immediately went limp.

Running chick. Pink leg brace.

”Naw, man,” she kinda cried before walking over, feet dragging. Running chick had played it off as way less serious than fucking... crutches!???
Pandora had heard that voice before, her head tilting to the side some before her face went a little red at seeing who it was that popped up. Oh no. She wanted to melt into the aisle and hide- could she go invisible now please? She didn't want her feeling bad about this, it was her own fault.

"H-hi again Katya how are you? " she asked her with a little smile, rubbing the back of her head some- she had some splannin to do now it felt like because one- this was not her ankle that was bandaged and two she was pretty well now at her mercy for getting up off the floor to pay for her restock of medical supplies.
”Pretty standard,” she smiled worriedly, because this wasn’t about her. God. Why was seeing her and all her scattered belongings so sad.

Katya lowered her basket onto the cold tiled floor, staying low. ”How do you wanna be helped up? Where’s like...” she extended her hands. ”Okay to hold.”

Respect for other peoples bodies, personal space, yadda yadda. She was just so small. Like a mouse.
Oh dear, this was her luck- it was an entertaining sense of irony on her part, "Well thats better than bad wouldn't yah say? " she said with a little chuckle, trying to not really look so pitiful but she was on the floor so it was hard not to.

Pandora watched as she put her stuff down and lowered to her with both hands out to her, "Just uhm, pull up and if you gatta step on my left foot to keep either of us from slipping and sliding, " she suggested as she would take hold of her hands and give a nod.

She would move up with any pulling, leaning a bit into her as she kept her right leg from really touching the floor at all once she was up off the cold tile.
Heh. Positivity and ‘glass half full’ shit. That was always cute.

The idea of stepping on her foot like she was a piece of furniture was less cute, and Katya’s eyes widened a bit. ”Gotcha,” she said anyway, and took her hands. Katya pulled towards, and if running chick helped by hopping up with her good leg it wouldn’t be too hard.

”... Is all this stuff ‘cause of what happened at the gym?”
Pandora was always attempting to just smile and laugh off small things- like injuries that were taking forever to heal.

With a nod, she would hold tight to her hands and use her left leg to help hoist herself up with Katya's help. Ah! Upright felt so much better! Pandora would reach to hold onto the shelving, taking few breaths to just steady herself some.

A slow nod would leave her, "Yea I tore a muscle but it's healing- slowly but yah know it takes time even with help, " she told her with a little smile, her head tilting to the side a smidge from it.
She bent to gather up the crutches, propping them upright and leaning them towards her. ”Damn. I didn’t realise it was that serious.” A little regretful about that.

”You’re gonna let me help you with the rest of your shopping,” Katya smirked, grabbing both of their baskets, one on either side of her.
Pandora gave a sheepish smile, "Well at first it didn't feel that bad and then later it was rather unpleasant it's honestly not the worst injury I've had, " she told her with a small laugh as she took the crutches.

It seemed she wasn't going to be able to argue on this front, so she would give a nod, "Yes ma'am, " Pandora would tell her, a smile on her face as she joked with her a bit, "My next stop was the candy section if that's ok, " she asked her with a little chuckle. She had to snack on something while stuck on her couch for the next couple weeks, "So bet anyone else at the gym? " she asked her curiously as she would easily use the crutches to move when Katya did.
”Yeah. It always starts like that, doesn’t it,” she thought aloud, mostly rhetorical. She’d heard of people going weeks with like, broken—or was it dislocated—bones. But the bones would be in insignificant places, or they’d be small, so they wouldn’t even know.

Wild stuff.

The ‘yes ma’am’ elicited a small giggle. Fucking candy. She had her priorities in life set straight.

Katya only nodded and began walking with her.

”You think I’m just like, intrinsically built to beat everyone?” she asked mischievously, head swoooooping as she turned to look at her.
"Seems like it and I was so far off with it being my ankle but least it was kind of close, " she said laughing at it. Sure it sucked but she could laugh at her clumsiness easily.

The giggle made her grin some, "What's your favorite candy? " she asked as they made their way to the most essential aisle there was here.

Pandora would nod at that, "Oh yea you have that I wanna win look about you so I hope I'm not too far off on that, " she told her with a playful grin as they would find the shelves lined with candy. Oh, she was going to blow her money on this and she did not care right now.
The answer to the candy question was instant. ”Reese’s. Or. Or. Literally any kinda sherbet.”

Katya stopped behind her as they made it to the candy aisle, looking from left to right and wondering what running chick would gravitate towards first. Either way, she would follow, a trusted steed with her basket in hand.

”I’ll take that as a compliment,” she smirked again. ”What constitutes an ‘I wanna win’ look?” (۶•̀ᴗ•́)۶

It was true. She was competitive, or at least competitive until she got bored.
Oh those were good! "Have you tried watermelon sherbert? " she asked her curiously. That, for that type of ice cream, was her favorite as it was refreshing and cold and just made her think of summer days on the beach.

Once there, she made her way to the chocolate candies, carefully picking up a bag of m&m's(with peanuts of course) and carefully would reach to place that in her basket, some sour ribbons as well but where did they put the mounds with almonds? "Do you see mounds with almonds by the way? My luck it's on the bottom shelf like the ibuprofen was, " she said with a laugh.

"Oh you just have this determined look about you like your ready to take on anything that comes your way no matter what it is, I'd wager you lose few bets, " Pandora told her with a smile. That was the vibe she got from her, determined and confident- great qualities in a person.
Katya rewound the years in her brain, trying to remember. She used to steal candy and shit all the time. It’d been easier then—easier than it probably was today—but watermelon sherbet?

She didn’t think so, so she shook her head.

”Jeez. Big words for me to live up to,” Katya cackled in a kinda stressed way, bending to check the bottom shelves. She picked up a party bag of Mounds and shook it in her hand to see if that was what she wanted. ”But thanks,” she added, tone more serious.

Wasn’t everyday random people confessed you had a determined vibe.
Pandora just gave her a playful look at her own, "Hey it's just one lil persons opinion, " she told her with a smile. It may be how she perceived her but she also had zero danger sense so she could be off- she'd prefer to live in her bit of bliss for the moment.

A happy look crossed her face, "Ah thank you, I have a movie series I'm going to binge since I'm couch bound so need plenty too much, " she told her with a little laughing groan.

She would move forward a bit, leaning back and forth for a moment as she thought for a minute and then picked up some gummy worms as well, "So, do you live around here? " she asked curiously.
Sweet as. Katya dropped the chunky bag into running chick's basket which she was still carrying.

"I'm in Alameda," she replied, chill. "You?"
"Thanks, " she said with a smile to the help she was getting.

"I live close to the swamp here actually the land is the best for growing my fun and wonky plants, " she told her with a little grin and then she realized she couldn't go in the swamp to check on her mushrooms- that made her internally groan.
”Shiiit. You’re hardcore,” Katya huffed, meaning it as a compliment. She’d never been to a swamp but she imagined they stunk like crap.

”You ever had to fight off like, wild alligators?”
Now she laughed, lil her? Hardcore? It made her blush and smile, "It's just a place it doesn't scare me really but if you look past the outside inside is pretty cool, " except for the tick's, she hated them with a passion.

"Nah but I've managed to avoid a bear it seems. I was in there before we ran against each other and I found some old bear paw prints I was surprised but hey probably was just hungry " she told her with a smile, "The worst there are really the leaches though when they bite you sometimes the wound won't stop bleeding for hours. Old school vampires right there, " she said laughing.

"Need anything in this aisle? "
You know what bears were pretty close to Lauderhill? Cliffy boy’s bears.

”Nope, I’m good.” More importantly. ”Leeches are fucking gross,” Katya complained with all the passion in the world. ”Don’t you like, get them off by burning them?”
Pandora would give a nod and move over to where they kept the chips and dip, making sure that Katya was still with her.

"I mean fire works, I do keep a lighter on me in case I can't reach to stick my finger nail where its mouth it. It's not too hard to get the mouth off but they just bleed like the dickens because of their's a good reseason to remember bug spray all the time, " she said with a small shiver of her own. She wasn't fond of them, they never asked permission.

"But nothing scary in the swamp at least to me, it's the best spot for me to grow some of my mushrooms since a greenhouse can be finicky with those plants. " She'd explain as she reached over for some doritos- cool ranch style!
Oh shit. Really vivid explanations. Not again.

Katya couldn’t stop her brain from immediately imagining a finger nail shoved into the ugly, spiky, mouth of a leech. Her jaw went loose like she was gonna vomit.

Oh fuck.

She swallowed, closed her eyes, took a deep breath as she followed running chick.
Pandora's observation skills were sadly lacking at the moment as she went and carefully grabbed another bag of chips and then some dip to go with them. She probably should stop buying all the snack foods at this point, she had a long trip back home with bags and on crutches so this was probably about it.

"I think I'm good now I can follow you around so that you can get what you need, " Pandora told her with a smile.
Honestly, the little silence was good. Katya was pretty fantastic at controlling her brain’s visual thoughts, so... she thought of sherbet. Watermelon sherbet. The taste of it.

She blinked open her eyes when running chick spoke again. Katya wished she could remember her name but it just, wasn’t happening.

”Oh, I’ve like. I think I’ve got everything I need already,” Katya grinned, swaying the basket full of first aid crap to emphasise as much.

Don’t think of leeches don’t think of leeches DO NOT THINK OF LEECHES.
A warm smile crossed Pandora at that, "Awesome! I think I'm all set to go now as well we can go check out, " she said with a happy smile.

She was blissfully unaware at how the leech talk affected her and would carefully make her way to a check out counter before stopping and picking up a hedgehog beanie baby and then deciding to bring that home as well- had to have something cute!

"So is it normal to have bears in this part of the state? " she asked her, her mind looping back around to that oddity she had noticed in the swamp.
Shit, which way was checkout again? Probably at the front of the store. Where was the front of the store?

Running chick took the lead on that which was fucking awesome. Katya's navigational skills were trash in confined spaces. "I think so?" she replied, unpacking her basket before her own. "Aren't there bears everywhere in every state?"
Pandora was thankfully a regular here, so she had a good sense with this place- unless they pulled switch a roo and then she would be screwed but thankfully that would not be today!

She would lean a crutch against the counter to pull out her wallet that was in a zipped up pocket because she trusted zipper pockets more and would adjust herself for payments, "Not all I think but I could be wrong just didn't think about it until you asked about a swamp gator- would be interesting to run into a gator or something like that in the swamp honestly, " she told her with a little laugh as she would ask for her bags to be doubled up.
The chick at the counter began scanning the items, one by one.

"Huh." She guessed it would be weird to see a grizzly bear in the middle of fucking Nevada, come to think of it.

"Wait- What? Interesting? Giiirl," Katya tutted disapprovingly. But like, low-key? Remember the hot springs disaster? Yeah, same. "You're gonna die if you think like that. If you see an alligator you better run for your life, no Crocodile Dundee-ing it."
Pandora didn't think much of it, seeing such a prehistoric creature would be amazing in her book- though she'd wonder how the hell it ended up in such a state as this.

The comment made her blush a little and smile, "You know running from a crocodile or alligator is the worst idea? It really is best to just stand your ground and wait for them to get board and leave you alone and if I see one of those there? I'm calling fish and wild life or something, " she said with a light hearted tone.

"And hey, I look up to him he's a great role model, " she told her with a bit of a grin. Yep, her danger sense sadly was at a negative two at this rate.
What the actual fuck. She was so lax about it. Was she like, an actual grave digger like Katya had thought during their first encounter? Really into sinister shit and the idea of dying or something? While... buying candy at the same time?


Katya eyed her from the side, shifty, as she began unloading her own basket.

”That’s like, assuming the alligator’s already close to you though. If you spot it from far away you’re legit gonna stand there on your phone instead of run away!?” The question became more urgent at the end, as well as more hushed.

Even her wolf was like, nodding along. Fighting an alligator or like, Daniel? Like hell she would.
Pandora would inch off a little, making sure there were only a couple of bags before looking over at Katya who seemed to be either worried or weirded out- she couldn't tell at the moment. It wasn't the first time she'd gotten those looks- heck Locke gave them to her when they first met.

"Far away is one thing, that would be easier to slip away without getting really noticed but if they were closer I wouldn't be running I don't want to look like a snack to them, " she told her with a relaxed tone as she would take the beanie baby and use the clip it was on to attach it to her crutches as a little charm.

Pandora though was careful to not say what she would do if she saw one from dar away, her curiosity would win out over logic and she would be the dingo staring at it and watching the creature to see what it did.
That was like, fair, but also did standing still ever fucking work? It was like saying tread water and the shark won’t bite you. Or be generous and everyone will be generous back.

”You wouldn’t even like, try to climb a tree?” Katya asked, unable to keep the pressure out of her tone. ”You do know they’re one of the only animals in the world that will eat like... literally... anything?”
"Well yes but that is assuming I can get to a tree with branches I can reach, I'd honestly have an easier time if it was a cliff or something since I've done free climbing on rock surfaces more than trees, " she told her. Oh, she wanted to hiking and rock wall climbing this summer! She needed to get her leg healed so she ould go have fun.

Pandora would give a nod, "Well them and also I believe tiger sharks as well- I think they found a license plate inside the stomach of one before but I do get what you are saying, " she told her with a bit of a smile. "I'm not going to intentionally go after dangerous animals - I mean if I want to play with dangerous animals I'll just go to my snake room to get my kicks but I'm not going to go looking for that sort of trouble, " but if it found her, all bets were off.
She went back and forth. Rock climbing. Tiger sharks. License plates. Snakes. Katya’s brain was literally on fire (this wasn’t a hard feat to achieve after very vivid imagery of leeches though, honestly).

Her mouth just kinda hung open. She blinked a few times, before the cashier prompted her for cash or card. Katya paid and took her bag.

”I literally cannot comprehend your lack of fucks given,” she announced eventually.
That made her laugh and just look down before back up at her. Yep, she had none sadly.

"I am afraid I don't have any I like to live as if hey today might be my last day so why be scared or something that I have no control over and just enjoy myself- even if something with sixty four plus teeth is staring me down, " Pandora would explain as she paid for her items.

"I'm honestly not really scared of a lot of things- at least not animals or bugs or heights or yea just, not a lot bothers me. Even this- it's just something that happens and I move on with it and just plan around it; although me sitting on the floor was not my brightest and smartest moments I'll give you that, " Pandora told her with a little chuckle.
Girl just laughed again. Oh my god. KATYA WAS BEING DEAD SERIOUS.

She began towards the exit, eyes wide and judgemental. Living with no fears wasn’t admirable. Or cool. Or in trend. It was just dumb.

She knew, because that’d been her once upon a time.

”I used to have that outlook,” Katya told her, blasted by a wave of hot air as she broke outside. ”It’s... not as good as it sounds in the long run. Might be worth reconsidering.”
Pandora would tuck her wallet away and zip the pocket up and then her bags before turning herself to face her.

She had heard this warning many times, been told she needed to change it but that wasn't who she was, she had been like this for as long as she could remember.

As she worked her way outside, flinching a little at the heat before looking at Katya, "It works for me though and it feels natural for me. If i start worrying about possible gators in the swamp then I'd be too worried and scared to even go in there, " she told her as she played on her crutches for a moment, debating something.

"I'm not scared or worried about getting hurt I know I'll heal up just fine like with this- i'll be right as rain by next week I believe, " she told her with a chipper tone. She planned on testing out her muscles by rock wall climbing when she could, that sounded like a great time to her. "What happened though to make you change your ways? " Pandora asked her curiously, wondering what had happened to change that view point.
Jesus Christ. A brace was not gonna fix an alligator bite. And she was just so happy, still, saying all of this. So privileged.

Fucking humans.

Katya fished for her keys at the next question. ”Just... life, dude. Curveballs.” Except she stopped in her tracks, pursed her lips, sighed tightly.

She looked at the girl for a few long moments, eyes shifting from one side of her face to the other. Finally.

”I had a friend. Like you. Didn’t have any fear about life because it ‘worked for her.’” Her tone was serious. Jaw tense. ”She’s dead now. Murdered randomly. So that’s what made me change my ways.”
Pandora knew life was wild and crazy, you can't plan for the insanity but she also didn't want to be scared of it either.

She moved slightly to face her as she spoke, the seriousness in her tone wasn't missed on her and it made her silent for a spell.

"I'm sorry about your friend...really but... " god she could just tell her, what harm would it do? It might help her understand why she was so reckless- why she could be so reckless with few worries.

After a moment, she said fuck it- mentally at least, "Katya, I'm not scared of risks because I know I will heal. Faster than normal- faster than anyone. This is just going a little slower than normal for me but...there hasn't been anything that I haven't healed from. " Pandora told her. Not outrightly telling her she was a psychic but that had to be a clear give away.
Good luck healing from asphyxiation. From one of the many slow, painful, torturous, murder tactics out there.

”Yeah, well. So could she. Turns out it doesn’t make you immortal,” Katya half-lied because it was close enough to the truth, and honestly because fucking whatever.

Her wolf was all grumbles and teeth. She was outta here. Shaking her head, Katya moved widely around her in order to stomp towards her car.

Some people were literally just here to breathe the air made for others. She would sacrifice ten psychics if it would get her one Cris.

Fucking ten. Starting with that one.
"No but it gives you a better chance, " she told her but then she was huffing away. She hadn't tried to irritate her but it seemed she had.

Pandora looked away from her, she had tried to explain why she wasn't scared or held much fear at all but that blew up in her face and so she would start the trip back home, "Thank you for the help Katya stay safe and take care! " she called out to her as she would work her way down the side walk.

This time, her pride wouldn't let her turn around to look at her. Maybe she was sensitive about it but she rarely just told anyone what she could do and it stung some having it chucked in her face. She needed to just get home and grab her ice cream and binge watch her movies, that was her plan and goal right now.
Fucking impossible. The kindness grated against her skin, but she was so sure in that moment that being a dick was the appropriate course of action.

The door of her car would slam, hard, as she slid in and breathed angrily through her nose.
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