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thoughts on avalanches?
They are bad
She absolutely fucking guffawed. This fucking guy.

What if YOU caused the avalanche on purpose
On Grace's side, she would see the three-dot text bubble appear for a long while.

Then. VERY bad?

Samuel tried many times to get the caps working properly. He succeeded. Mostly.
What if you thought it was fun instead
He had enough of an inkling that she wanted to test his power. Samuel wasn't off-put by the idea, but Grace seemed the type to go big from the start. Best to know ahead of time how big.

What did you have in mind
Party at belfries peek cool
He was going to regret this.

Who will be there?
Probably some birds or something
Not much of a party

Bring some friends then bitch
When are you free to do this
Message received. Don't try to pull one over Grace. She'd eat you for breakfast.

Samuel was grudgingly impressed.

Should he do this? Why was he even considering being in the presence of a psychic again? He stared at the phone like it personally offended him, mulling over what to do.

They weren't friends, barely acquaintances, but she had reached out to him. Lonely or bored?

Samuel himself would never admit to the former. Bored it was.

After sunset
Bro going out on a mountain after dark is probably the fastest way to die or freeze to death or some shit
Ah, well that was true. For a human.

Samuel literally couldn't go any other time.

Will have to wait then. Can't make it.

There. The matter would settle. Climbing a mountain at any point of day or night wasn't not high on his priority list anyway.
Wait how long
She was persistent and possibly able to detect bullshit.

Couple of months

There were vampires that could go out earlier. A couple of months seemed far too short a time for him to be strong enough, however.

He should have said a year.
Fuck! Samuel had never cursed like this in a post, but the situation fucking called for it.

At this point, he was fighting the biggest losing battle in history, and seriously, he should end this.

Then after winter

But alas, he was too much a sucker.
Dude whyyyyyyyy
What was an acceptable answer? Sun disease was so dumb even Samuel knew not to go there.

Work very busy.
What a prick.

Grace left it at that, successfully rejected enough that he was lucky she didn't sign his number up in Craigslist for dick pics or something.
She didn't reply back which was...good.

Didn't mean Samuel was happy about it.

He shut his phone and pushed the matter from his mind.
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