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Pandora would stay on the phone, rambling about her pets but it got to a point where talking was a task and she was actually just getting tired from the pain. It wouldn't be too hard to spot her as she was sitting on a bench off to the side under some shade but at this point the sun didn't even bug her as she had tried to move to adjust the feeling in her leg and it was a nope all around.

"I'm going to hang up...I can't think straight to talk much anymore which is weird I'd have a million things on my mind right now-guess this is the definition of being in a pickle huh? " she asked Zachary on the phone, laughing a little as she leaned back again. This was not fun. Why did everyone have to work out today? Several people stopped to ask if she was ok and she kindly sent them away saying she was and pointing to the phone to show she wasn't just going to stay there like a bump on a log.
Zachary peeled into the parking lot and found the closest spot, not even backing up to adjust his alignment because he was that stressed.

As flattering as it was to be Pandora's first phone call, Zachary was ill-equipped to handle such a situation. What would happen after he found her? She had the healing magic. Not him!

Finding her proved easy as she had situated close to the exit. "Pandora." Zachary called, voice pitched a little high with adrenaline. He would crouch down next to her but be careful not to touch. "How can I help?"
When she hung up, it didn't take long for her to notice the car peeling in. She wanted to laugh almost at it if she wasn't hurting with the adrenaline having long faded away at this point.

As Zachary approached, she held a hand out to him, "First, take a breath, ok? I just need to get out of here so I can heal, " she told him gently, a smile on her face but she was straining and sweaty- gross.

"Think you can take a bag and help me hop to your car? " she asked him, trying to be the calm one right now as she felt bad for scaring the man, "And thank you again for coming normally i'd have been able to take care of this but there were so many people and I really didn't have the brain to lie about why my eyes looked different, " Pandora would explain.

Whenever he was ready and herself, she would carefully push herself up, moving her right leg carefully until she had to stop. She was sweating more now as she would grip him tightly, her eyes closing, "Maybe...once in your car I could ask you to freeze my leg a little bit to help with the pain? " she asked him, a slight bit of hopefulness in her tone because she wanted that area numb badly.
How was she the calm one in this situation? Zachary felt like a right imbecile for racing at her in a panicked state when she had the injury. "Right, of course." He willed his heart to slow and focus on what actually needed to be done.

Getting her into the car would be a good first step, although moving Pandora in her state could agitate the leg further. Teleportation wasn't an option however as there really were too many people around to notice. "Let me help you up." Zachary slowly slid a hand under her knees to stabilize the leg and lifted himself and Pandora up. It worked, although he teetered for a second, now with her carried much like a princess with her bag hanging from one hand.

Regaining control, Zachary began moving towards his car, which was luckily still unlocked in his haste. "Let's rethink the ice. I don't want to damage your nerves, but I can freeze a towel for you." He would be forced to let her down a bit to open the door, but soon they could both be in the car and have Pandora safe from prying eyes.
She would give him a little smile, she hadn't meant to scare him so badly. Normally, Pandora could handle it on her own but this never happened around a lot of people so she was mildly out of her element with this, "hey it's ok I'm sorry to have you so freaked out, " she apologized to him, stressing him out was not something she wanted to do- she would have to repay him for this big help later.

Pandora was a bit surprised when he picked her up, her arm wrapping around the back of his neck as she didn't protest in the slightest as she held on. Zachary would notice she was thankfully rather light, barely a hundred pounds in his arms. "Thank you, " she said in a sigh. The idea of actually walking again made her stomach knot but when he just lifted her and carried her off to his car, she would let out a small sigh of relief. Her whole body felt tense and her leg was just purely angry at her at this point.

She would help as much she could with getting the door open and then inside the car. It felt like a safety net as she just laid back and closed her eyes, trying to control her heart rate and breathing but she was sure her Fitbit around her wrist was spazzing out her phone at this rate. "That'll work, " she told him, nodding as she carefully lifted her leg and then slowly unwrapped the ace bandaged around it and tucked it into her bag.

Pandora's hands were shaking at this point, her calf looked like a swollen football under the workout pants, "I'd have rathered broken my wrist again, " she told him with a small laugh, trying to just make light of it but once she could focus a little, she took hold right below her knee as her eyes turned into this pale metallic like pink color as she tried to start mending the tear in her calf while he froze a towel or drove them off- either or would work, "uhm...we can go to my place if you want or yours I live all the way in Lauder close to the swamp " she told him through her teeth, her focus wasn't fully there so it was making this a long slow process.
"Tell me your address." Zachary spoke kindly, having made a snap decision. She would be better off healing at home rather than trying to set her up at his place. The only downside would be if she had any flights of stairs to climb. He could teleport them no problem anywhere in or around his building, but he'd never explored much of Lauder and would be practically useless there.

He merged into the next lane, glancing every so often at her leg. It looked bad and incredibly painful. "How exactly did you injury yourself again?"
Pandora would quickly give off his address, "You won't miss it, my house has this big ass greenhouse behind it that's got ivy decorating it and flowers all around and a small pond in the front, " she explained to him as she focused and focused and gave up after a few minutes after she had just gotten the start of the tear healed.

She would flop back and try to just think for a second- oh sugar he asked something brain please work; "Was having a rather friendly conversation that turned into a race for a final lap against this young woman and then I stepped too far forward and the muscle in my calf did the split that I felt and sent me down to the floor and...yea. I think I was giving healing because I am a natural clutz, " she told him with a small laugh but just closed her eyes as she would then turn her head to look at him.

" healing isn't the best with myself but I've got it started at least. I just won't be hiking for a while, " she said, her tone already exhausted. She probably should order a leg brace until she was able to fully heal her leg. "I'm sorry for scaring you though normally I have a pretty good handle on those situations but I panicked a little...and if I called anyone else I'd be in the hospital and I don't need them playing with my blood- just my personal opinion, " she said with a little smile before laying back again and rubbing her upper thigh some.
He wondered if she came from a wealthy family, a family similar to Zachary's. A full greenhouse couldn't be cheap to build or maintain, even if she lucked out with finding a house with one installed already. Still, it made for an excellent marker, so Zachary would keep his eyes peeled as they got closer.

Ah, her injury was due to overexertion. Common enough and a relief. It would have been far worse if she had been attacked or if the injury came out of nowhere, then he would have insisted on a hospital visit. Neurological issues were no joke, especially if you had secret superpowers.

"You have a much higher pain tolerance than me," He complimented. Zachary kept his eyes off her leg out of respect and out of selfishness. His imagination loved to ply him with images of himself sustaining the injury with phantom pains attached.

"And don't apologize. My mini freak out wasn't helpful in the least. I'll be a much better emergency contact next time." Pandora had no reason to feel bad. Had Zachary not straighten up right away, well she'd probably have to drive them both back to her house! "Your powers are kicking in right? Has the pain lessened any?"
The compliment made her laugh a little bit and smile, "Honestly all I want to do is cry and laugh but thankfully it's just the laughing right now, " she told him with a smile. She was fighting back the tears of pain but her leg was slowly working on mending with her help which was taking the worst of the edge off. She opened her eyes and tried to stare ahead but her vision was not focusing on crap right now, so she took to looking over at him- he looked blurry for the moment but she could live with that.

Pandora just smiled, "You know I imagined us meeting up again whole lot differently and with ice cream- not with me needing a ride because I over did it at the gym, " over did it was putting it lightly but it made her smile.

"Pain uhm sort of it's less but that's thanks to adrenaline ramping up again I think as well but my powers are being stubborn always are when it comes to healing side I won't need a doctor but might need crutches for about a week to two weeks, " she said with a slight groan. Just what she needed, extra legs to play with because she needed that extra amount of entertainment in her life- because knowing her, she would play with the crutches.

"So can this prove that running is terrible for your health and you should stick to yoga?" she asked, her voice a bit strained as talking was growing a bit harder again as she adjusted in her seat and let out a small swear for the first time without thinking.
He merged onto the highway and moved to the fast lane. Time was of the essence and he wanted to shave off unnecessary minutes to Lauderhill. Pandora kept her sunny attitude, a valiant effort, but even Zachary could hear and see the toll her injury was having. Her skin had taken on a pallor and her eyes seemed unfocused the few times he managed to catch them.

He too had hoped for a better second meeting. "I'll send some ice cream over for your recovery. Just text me a few favorites when you feel up for it." Maybe he'd drive it by himself, check on her healing and get to know this psychic more.

Her voice cracked on the next comment. Zachary griped the wheel tighter. "Let's get you home as soon as possible and resting. Is there anyone I can call for you? Family perhaps?" She was younger than him and likely had some family in the area, but then again Zachary had left years ago to start on his own and had all his close relatives states away.

The sign for Lauderhill flew by, a couple more exits, but they should be there soon.
Pandora couldn't overly tell how long they were in the car so far, it felt like hours to her right now even though it was probably minutes- why did injuries make things feel longer than it actually was? She really had no clue but it felt like a trend.

The offer made her smile, "Any flavor is fine by me really, I always mmm liked the funky ones like Superman ice cream or ones with chunks of brownies and stuff...I'm easy with my sweet tooth, " she told him with a little smile. Her goal was to not make him worry more, if she focused on that, it might help both their stress levels right now.

That question had her shaking her head, "Not really they all live on the east coast, so it's been me here for a while, " she told him. Come on Pandora think, you had to know people but how many would she call? "It's just a few days I'll be off my leg and I'm sure I can bug a couple of friends to help- you included too- if I need it, I'll be ok, " she told him, a smile on her face as she looked over at him. She was mostly used to handling things on her own but thankfully knew when to ask for help for when she needed it- she probably was going to message Locke to see if he'd like to come over and keep her from going nuts or something. She wasn't sure yet.

" you like games? " it was a random question yes but it was mostly to just keep talking and keep her mind off of things for the moment.
He made a mental note to put aside something for her. Pandora would be housebound for at least a few days and in Zachary's opinion there was no better excuse than that to indulge in some comfort food. "Superman and brownie chunks. I'm sure I can accommodate that." He said out loud with a quirk of his lips, looking ahead and preparing to get to the exiting lane.

Zachary nodded silently at her family's situation. His parents also resided on the east coast along with one sister. The other was a free spirit that lived like a modern nomad and only gave a few hours notice if she rolled into town.

His attention was on the road and so sadly he missed her final question, giving a startled "Huh?" The tail end came to his mind and Zachary blinked a couple of time before answering. " sports? Yeah. I like them?"
She would give a little smile, he was too kind, way too kind and she had no clue how to thank him yet for doing this for her. Most likely she was going to make some crazy plant garden thing for him but that was when her brain would operate correctly. "You're the I wish my job had tasty treats just right there to enjoy, " she told him with a little laugh and smile, her brows furrowing though as she bit her lip some.

It was hard for her to not swear, she never liked doing it in the first place but all she wanted to do was sing a sailor song in swear-topian language. "They kinda just let me be me and check in sometimes and I do the same but they are very career heavy so...but it's ok, I'll be ok, " she told him with a smile. She did wish she could just go to her mother and have her take care of her but she would just send her to doctors and therapy and that's about it so she was better off here with her friends.

"What kind? I tend to be the gymnastics yoga type though anything outdoors I'm usually there, you?" " she asked. It was slightly helping, just focusing on words instead of her leg right now but it didn't drown out the throbbing completely.
Her sudden line of questioning threw him for a moment, but Zachary realized this was probably another attempt to keep her mind off the pain. Now he felt worse. She was doing his job of causing a distraction.

The least he could do was play along. "Yeah? Gymnastics is no easy sport to get in to." Zachary knew that much. "I used to play lacrosse competitively in high school and college. Was decent enough to go to a few tournaments but I wasn't the star player or anything. Now I keep fit by all the heavy lifting I do at the shop," He said.

He snuck another glance. She looked slightly less pale although still tense. "Never tried yoga. You any good at it?"
Pandora had to talk, the more she talked the less she thought about it, and the less she thought about it maybe she would be able to do a little more self-healing. She was glad that he seemed to get why she was suddenly asking him random questions without rhyme or reason so that was good!

"No it isn't but my folks tossed me in it as soon as I started walking in hopes that maybe I'd be in the olympics or something- that did not pan out," she said with a laugh to that. No, she ended up just doing it for fun and wasn't super competitive enough for the sport to be able to go that far but she enjoyed it while it lasted. hearing about his sports career through school and then what he did now made her smile, "I've never tried lacrosse myself but that looks like an intense sport good on you, " she told him with a smile. Ahh weights, something she was not good at either, she found them hard to focus on because it felt boring to her. His question pulled her from her head as she nodded, "I like to think so. I took classes to be a yoga instructor and have a few licenses for certain types- I recently finished learning how to do power yoga, it's a lot more physical than others but it's great and after you feel a bit lighter if that makes sense, " Pandora explained to him.

She would close her eyes then after talking, biting her lip some as she was able to dig a little deep and work on healing the tear a bit more. It was at least starting to close but the pain from the wound was still there but she could live with that right now. Pulling out the ae wrap, she'd hold it to him slightly, "Do you think you'd be able to make this cold please? If not yet that's ok but I was able to do a little more but I don't want to pass out on you so I'll heal more at home," she told him in a slight rush but she was still smiling a little bit.
She was far more experienced than he originally pegged her for, a miscalculation on his part. Perhaps Pandora was older than she looked? He had guessed younger, but her tenacity and achievements pointed to a very driven young woman. He held no envy of her accomplishments though. Power yoga sounded as intense as they came. Had Zachary the mind to try it... Well, he might be the one calling Pandora to cart him out, likely after twisting himself into a human pretzel.

"If I ever got into yoga I'll go straight for the baby stuff. I'm as flexible as a brick." He joked. A triumphant smile appeared as he successfully drove them off the highway. They were officially in Laurderhill.

A flash of something caught his peripheral vision. The bandage wrap was held up for him. "Sure. No problem." He barely had to think about it as he made the fabric grow crystalline patterns of ice. He kept his power reigned in, but Pandora's fingers would still turn pink from the sudden cold.
Him lifting weights made sense at how easy it was to lift her up- even though she knew she wasn't heavy but knowing he did that, made her feel not so bad that he did that for her. Friends like this were rare though, willing to come help in a crazy situation, it made a part of her smile happily knowing she could count on him and she hoped he felt he could do the same should he ever need any form of help.

That actually made her laugh and then wince but she laughed still, "baby stuff I can show you he easy stuff and it might even help you with lifting to limber up your muscles more as well " she told him with a little smile. She maybe funny and show off at how she could tie herself into a slight pretzel for fun but that would have to be when she could move her leg without wanting to remove it.

Pandora watched as he froze the stretchy bandage, her eyes going wide at seeing someone else's ability. "Wow, " she whispered, a soft awe in her tone as she would hold it and gasp a little at the cold but it was just what she needed. She would work a bit quickly as she re-wrapped her calf. At first, she didn't feel it but then she did and let out the softest squeak of a swear as she forced herself to finish wrapping it up but the tears finally ran down her face. She had tried to be strong and power through the pain but the cold had the opposite effect and made it shockingly worse for a moment as she bent herself forward to rest her forehead on her knee. A pained whimper left her as she held her leg, as she felt sick and dizzy all at once. "S...sorry...sorry.. " she mumbled, feeling bad that he was seeing her like this and hearing her swear all at once.
Nothing made Zachary more useless than being in the presence of a crying person. It made him want to crawl into himself and perhaps cry as well. But, he had a job to do and a very hurt girl who in all honesty was braver than him for holding back her emotions so well.

"We're almost there. Hang on Pandora. Cry if you need to. No sorries allowed." He said with complete resolution. It wasn't a bad thing to tear up when you were in so much pain. His heart went out to her and he pushed on the gas pedal further. "I need you to be focused for a little longer. Direct me on how to get you home."
Pandora didn't think she was strong, just had a stupid high pain tolerance given what she could put her body through but this was actually tipping the scales and she was wondering if just having her leg removed might be better- smidge drastic but sometimes you can't help what your brain is saying.

It took a moment for his words to even break through the haze in her head as she managed to look up and around some. She knew where they were, "Left...there will be a f-fork...go house should be visible behind my house, " she panted, hiding her face against as she just held her leg tighter as she tried to remember to breathe through the waves of it. She felt useless in her ability right now.

"Door has a spare key in the gnome head its a screw top, " she told him. It was a joke, the gnome having a screw loose that was his head but she couldn't make it sound that funny at the moment.
She was right, the greenhouse was very easy to spot among the houses on the street. Zachary couldn't have missed it and he sped the car up the driveway, throwing the car into park. It would lurch for a moment that had him shooting an apologetic look over his shoulder as he hopped out. C'mon. C'mon. He thought to himself, coming around to Pandora's side.

"We're here. Let me open the door and I'll help you inside." His feet danced back and forth in slight indecision, but eventually, Zachary zoomed off to find the gnome and slip the keep into the door. Once unlocked he would hurry back to Pandora and attempt to get her out with as little agitation to her leg as possible.

"Loop your arms around my neck," he ordered, preparing to take most of her weight. "Where can I put you? Maybe the couch." The last part was mumbled with a serious brow. Getting her situated was priority number one.
He wouldn't find her protesting in the slightest as he pulled into her drive. There were plants all around her property but the biggest thing was the green house that matched her house in size. She had layers for various plants and so the heat hit at the right spots and it made it her favorite spot.

She was mostly in and out of it due to the pain as he went and unlocked her house and then came back for her, her arms shakily wrapping around the back of his neck as she held onto him tightly as he lifted her and carried her into her home. Pandora would just keep her face against his shoulder, trying to just breath as movement sucked- this whole thing just sucked in general but once they were inside she would give a nod and point to the oversized couch that had a few plushy throw blankets on it that were either rainbow or just turquoise in color.

"Couch...couch will do please, " she asked him, just sounding exhausted at this point as she held onto him until he would set her down but she still leaned into him, needing that contact for a moment so she could even think straight.
She was surprisingly light which made carrying Pandora no more a chore than a rush to get her to the couch. The home had plenty of plants indoor as well, but Zachary had zeroed onto the couch full of decorative pillows rather than waste time wondering how high her water bill might be.

He would set her down a bit awkwardly, letting her full weight fall onto his hands as he lowered her down. She clung to him, seeking comfort and so carefully, Zachary slipped his hands out from under Pandora's body and he moved quickly to situate her as comfortable as possible, bringing over a well-pumped pillow for her leg. Movement around her injury was avoided at all costs, but some strain was bound to happen. Zachary worried over how quiet Pandora had become. Her words weren't quite slurred, but sluggish in a concerning way. Was her injury getting worse?

Zachary set to work refrosting a new set of bandages that he'd layer on top of the old ones. "What else do you need?" He wanted to stay busy, complete some menial tasks while she healed. Being idle might lead to him overthinking things and in all honesty – he had already started. Pandora looked awful, her mask of vibrance slipping more and more as they drove. Calling for more help might be the best option regardless of Pandora's pleas. She needed rest and a minder for who knew how long. Zachary could stay awhile until she got some rest, but eventually, he too would have to leave.
Once sitting on the couch, she felt rather lightheaded. Maybe that was a good thing, just not being fully with it for a few minutes to let him move her about until she was in a good position. She barely felt it with how spacy she felt and that was a little welcome to her right now and once that was done and he just let her lean into him, a small gasp leaving her at the coolness on her leg growing again, she would try and find her head again.

What did she need? A tranq dart would be great but she didn't have those but she did have questionable plants. "Uhm...down the hall is a tall cabinet, it's white and inside at the bottom is a larger first aid kit. In it I have some morphine tablets, can you pull me one from the bottle? That should be all I need be able to just get over the hump of this, " she told him as she would reluctantly let go of him to lean into her couch.

She would then move up a little, pulling her shoes off carefully and tossing them into a corner before falling back again. Pandora was just exhausted and couldn't focus to heal herself anymore than she had yet but she at least was in a stable place and able to just relax for a time, "I also have crutches in a closet by the cabinet if you wouldn't mind grabbing those as well... I tend to keep random medical supplies for silly things like this, " she told him, trying to joke but just sounding tired.
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