Alder Heights Ghouls
It would take her much longer than she wanted to get to Asher, her anxiety running on high as she swerved in and out of traffic. The good thing about having a big vehicle, was that most people tended to get out of your way if you were aggressive enough, and Alice was nothing but aggressive. As she entered Alder however, her speed would diminish, her knowledge of the city minimal.

Orange eyes peering out to the city, Alice's fingers would tap heavily against the steering wheel as she looked for the street Asher had indicated in their call, a shallow breath escaping her lips as her eyes found the Planetarium, and just a little further down, the street Asher had spoken of. Peeling off to the side of the road, Alice would throw her vehicle in park before jogging towards the river where she spotted the pretty distinct figure of Asher.

"Hey!" She panted as she picked up her pace, face tight with worry. "Feeling any better?"
He'd found somewhere on the corner of the street to hunker down, peering out into the river. Deep breaths, a half a pack of cigarettes, and he was more or less fine. Still shaken, feeling exhausted, but not as bad as he had been. Still, Alice's panic had egged his on. He felt like the only time he could breathe fully was when he spotted her car coming down the street, felt her nearing.

When she stepped out, he was already moving toward her, shoulders rounded and hands in his pockets until he reached her. There, he wrapped her into a heavy hug, exhaling over her shoulder. His heart was still hammering.

Just. For a second, he didn't say anything. Just let the raccoon chatter fondly, and move to wrap its arms around her narrower shoulders, pulling her in tightly.
Alice leaned into the hug, her own arms coming to wrap around his torso as she just sort of took in his scent. The raccoon would be doing much of the same thing, nose pushing into the others fur as it sniffed for any sort of wounds that might of come up. It was such a relief to find that he was relatively okay, but he was still very shaken up, and that continued to fuel Alice's own anxiety.

Giving it a few moments of silence, Alice would pull back some ways, her hands lingering on his sides as she didn't want to let him go just yet. "You're okay, right?'
Immediately, he felt settled now that he was with her. Gushy shit, but that's just how it went. His heart still beat quickly, but he found it easier to breathe. When she pulled away, he looked down at her and nodded. "Just shaken up. It was... fucking weird. Scary." He didn't scare easily.
She had a general idea on just how scary it might of been, recalling how she had immediately shifted when the girl had made a whole building collapse from above her. It was an absolute miracle that Alice wasn't dealing with either a naked man passed out next to a river or an over sized raccoon. How he had managed to hold off a shift while being choked was beyond her, but she was most definitely grateful for it.

"How even could she do that?" She asked with a shake of her head, knowing that Asher probably had very little idea either. "Choke you without even touching."
”I don’t know.” He answered with a shake of his head, casting a glance back up the road, to the top of the dome that was visible from here. Never going to that fucking place again. ”It was just like… all the sudden I couldn’t breathe. There was nothing. Just no air. It wasn’t like something was around my throat.” Fucking. Terrifying.
A part of her really wanted to just storm into the Planetarium and rip the throat out of whatever bitch had done this to him, but she wasn't stupid enough to barge into a vampire hole. She would most likely be killed before she could even do serious damage to anything. Fingers would pull at Asher's clothing, jaw clenching as she calmed her rising anger.

"Lets get you out of here then." She mumbled after a moment, "before she decides to finish whatever she started."
He moved to grab at her wrists as she tugged at him, nodding along to her words. "Yeah. Never fucking come back to this shithole. Never liked it anyway." Honestly, this was what he got for making some attempt at reliving a childhood memory and replacing it with something he had a say in. Anyway. Fuck this night, right?
The raccoon would sniff at the others face as Alice led him back to the car, her hand shifting to grab his and just squeeze. It always seemed that they were getting into trouble, and with there only being two of them, there never seemed to be a resolution for those problems.

From Jaguars pissing and vampires choking, there was a definite difference between their powers. Asher needed to get stronger, she needed to get stronger. There was safety in numbers, and Alice was starting to wonder if they needed to rethink this whole 'them against the world' mentality that they currently had.

It wouldn't be until they were both in the car that she'd speak up.

"Hey Asher, I was thinking..."
He was fine with letting her drive this time. Just needed to relax and blare some music and try and forget about this shitty place. He leaned his head back, eyes closing, but one peeled open to look to Alice as she spoke up. She'd been thinking... "Hmh," He said with a laugh, "Bad habit."
She was trying to be serious here.

Huffing under her breath, Alice would tap the back of her head against the seat. "I'm serious." She grumbled, pushing her key into the ignition but not quite turning it on just yet.

"I think we need to start expanding our social circle a bit."
She was serious. Alright, he'd been serious this entire night after almost dying, but heaven forbid he try and lighten the mood a bit. Still, he looked to her more earnestly now. She wanted to "expand their social circle." If it wasn't in light of being attacked by a vampire, he might have thought she meant... just more friends. But he go it. "Mm. And not just any other Weres, right?" Though, that would be easier. They already had an in with some coyotes, and jaguars. Shouldn't be hard to make more friends, right?
Actually that was exactly what she was thinking.

"Any that might be of some use." She shrugged, fingers gripping around the steering wheel. "There are jaguars we can talk to, coyotes, cheetahs... Anyone that might be willing to offer us some sort of assistance in times like this." She really didn't know the specifics of what she was looking for, but she needed to know that there was someone out there that was willing to help them out in a pinch if they needed it.
Oh. Asher nodded, biting at his lip some. "Yeah. The coyotes and jaguars... Its just hard to trust people." He shrugged. "Like, why should they help us? Would we help them?" Would he come running to help some random jaguar in trouble? He didn't think he would.
He had a point...

"I don't know," she sighed, teeth gnawing at the inside of her cheek. "But it's not like we have many options, I haven't seen another one of us in forever, and its hard doing this all alone." Plus even if they did find their own, there was no guarantee that they would know everything that was going on with this whole Were thing either.

"Maybe we can make some sort of deal? They help us if we help them?"
Asher sighed. It was the fact of the matter. They hadn't really met another raccoon here. Other than that one guy Alice almost turned, they hadn't even come close. It was frustrating to feel like you were the only two of your kind. No one had your fucking back when you had the other's. He wasn't interested in complaining too much, and knew they'd made it pretty far on their own, but there was no denying that sooner or later they needed help.

"I guess." He said with a nod. "Don't know how much I can help when I can barely keep my shit together, but I guess we can still offer." He said, staring out of the window. Then, his lips twitched into a grim smile, "We could always just start turning people that know how to fight. Lets raid a gym or something. Get them all nice and informed and have henchmen."
It seemed they were on the same page, and she would think about reaching out to the jaguars who had set up base in Ridgefield. It was the closest means of protection, and really other than the coyote doctor, she really didn't know all that many Weres.

At the joke Alice's face would break out into a playful grin. ”Gotta make sure they're meat heads so they won't think twice about listening to our every demands.” She agreed.
He laughed at that, smiling cruelly. "That's a good plan." He nodded. If only it was that easy. It sounded good in theory, at least. "You make friends with all the groups, and I'll find us muscle."
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