Cobalt Ridge Sköll
So he’d been a were a very long time, but only in Ridgefield for three-ish years. And then! There hadn’t been any prior leader for his bear group before that. It was small facts like that that helped Natalie figure out how to place him in her mind’s eye.

”Do you like it?”
He hadn't expected to be asked that, and he laughed in spite of himself. "At times it is very frustrating. Difficult to be responsible. But... yes, it is good for me. And it is good to be able to watch after mine when they will let me. Some people do not understand how to make things secure and safe, but I do. So I like being able to make sure that happens."

Long and short of it, he sort of didn't trust most to do the job the way he liked. So he had to do it himself.
The laugh was unexpected and she looked up after stepping over a particularly large area of loose rocks. Levka seemed a super hands on guy, someone that found it easier to take the helm and just do it himself and all his points made a lot of sense. Leading people in any capacity wasn’t easy and she couldn’t imagine how much harder it would be when it was for weres. Just taking care of herself was a lot.

”I’m sure they appreciate you and what you put into it.” From just their small meeting, it sounded like the bears were in good hands.
"I hope that they do," he said... pretty sure that his current trio did, if not one else ever really had. But he'd never shake the frustration of not being good enough for everyone. Ah well, not something to tell this wolf, she had her own business to mind and it wasn't as if she could do anything for him on the matter. "There is much that I would do for all of them. But also... please remember--and I will tell your leader this also--if you wolves need anything, we are just here, ready to try for you also."

Alliances were better when they were just words between leaders but actual interactions, after all.
The offer had her blinking, warming with it. Levka was currently demonstrating what he was offering and knowing that the group of bears would try to help in any way they could as a whole was a really nice offer. They didn’t have to, but would! This was probably the alliance he’d mentioned and even though she wasn’t Dakila or Liza, Natalie felt confident in responding for the pack as a whole. ”That’s really nice, I appreciate that. I’m sure you can count on us to do the same.”
He didn't hate being nice from time to time. And he did enjoy handling problems, especially of the simpler variety. Were problems often fell into that category for him.

"Thank you," he said, and meant it, telling himself he'd reach out soon to this new leader. Wouldn't be the same as having Alina around, but perhaps they would get on just as well. He could use someone new to fight from for the fun of it, too.
”Of course,” she beamed.

Attention drifting back to the path, eventually her wolf perked up as the clearing got more fragrant with pack and Natalie picked up the pace a margin. Trees cleared away for a small break in the forest and there was the fallen over tree. Moving towards it, it didn’t take Natalie long to push branches out of the way to grab her, thankfully still there, bag. ”Here we go.”

The cloth was damp with the morning dew, but everything looked to still be there after an initial ruffling around. Taking out socks that were rolled into shoes, she began working on putting them on. A good stomping of feet into them and there was no need to worry about tying them properly right now. Much better. As for the clothing, Natalie could wait till she got home and drop things off at a later point. Opening up a zipped pocket she pulled out her phone before shuffling the straps over shoulders. ”Let me give you Dakila’s number while we walk back.”
He smelled the wolves the same as her, but did not react to it with the same enthusiasm. Any individual scents he might have known actually weren't here, but that didn't stop him from a little thoughtful smile as he watched her find her own things with triumph. "Very good, an easy end to your strange morning," he narrated, then waited for her as she put proper shoes on herself. Imagined that felt better.

Pulling out his own phone to her prompting, he nodded, "I will try to contact him soon. Then the next time you come out from under my shed I can call him for you." A joke! Since he didn't anticipate this scenario again. Not so exactly, anyway.
It definitely was a welcome relief to have this part going smoothly in leu of the crazy the rest of the morning had been.

As he got his phone out, she stepped up to him again so they could begin walking back. The joke had her brows coming together in concern while letting out a puff of air into a laugh. ”Hopefully you won’t have to,” she smiled as the laugh still teased at her lips. It was embarrassing, but at least he didn’t seem irritated with her. The most she’d done was dig a hole on his property, thankfully.

Tapping over to her contacts, she pulled up Dakila’s and read it over once Levka was ready.
Levka didn't even think about the hole she had dug. It would simply become a mystery for the groundskeeper to puzzle over and then fill up whenever he found it. And Levka didn't factor that into any of his concerns this morning.

Accepting the number--and having her spell the name for him, because what even--he pondered a moment, then suggested, "I could give you mine also? In case there is a time where you do not happen to end up directly under my nose when troubled."

He might have been just a tiny bit more protective of a young lady wolf than he ought to have been.
Patiently spelling the name out, she double checked the screen as he went just in case.

While Natalie was just about to ask for his number as well, he’d beat her to it. The paired up reasoning was unexpectedly caring and she blinked at him gratefully. Who would’ve thought such an event would end up with this big man suddenly wanting to look after her, even offering his number for the very reason of being able to reach out to him if needed? ”I’d really appreciate that.” Sincerely!

Giving him the number when ready, she’d follow up. ”Feel free to call me if you need anything, too. I owe you.”
Yeah, he felt pretty good this morning, and overall very glad for this encounter being what it was. Being helpful and being appreciated for it was kind of a big deal.

Numbers exchanged, he laughed softly. "Do not worry over debts, but I will keep you in mind if I ever need a good wolf."

Not much further to the vehicles again. His mind wandered briefly again over the morning. Her mystery, primarily. Had this all been luck... or unluck? Supposed they could exist together.
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