Silver Falls Trail blazing

outfitw/hiking boots and a backpack.

Pandora had been excitedly preparing for today, she had gotten up early to pack the large cooler with dry ice and then build the pastrami sub sandwiches- they were filled with the freshly cut meat and cheese and the other fixings would be sealed in tupperwear to keep the bread from getting soggy. She also made her grandmother's potato salad, had some cut up veggie sticks but something she really enjoyed making- and what the dry ice was really for- were lobster rolls. The lobster itself would be carefully sealed away after she cooked it and mixed it up but she also had the fixings for the rolls wrapped up carefully. She happily packed this up as well as some pink mint lemonade to drink and tossed in some other snack foods- IE sweets like a chocolate cake pinwheel that she got a baker to make but depending on how it went, might take the credit and other goodies in the cooler.

When she was sure she had everything and put on her favorite bikini under her hiking clothes, she would pack this up in her car and drive out to the falls to see if she beat Loche there or not. No matter who got there first though, she would get out, dragging the cooler on wheels out and onto the ground as she spritzed herself with her own citrus smells bug spray and rubbed it in.

She stretched by her car, warming up her body so that she would get a cramp climbing- wouldn't that be fun to hobble around with for ten minutes.

He parked a small way down, by the park sign so he wouldn't forget this time. The proper clothing was easy to find as his job was entirely outside. In a small backpack, Locke had tucked a few bottles of water, his swim trunks, and homemade trail mix – a Bower family recipe.

Walking up the parking lot towards the head of the trail, he nearly missed Pandora bending to touch her toes. "Hey you." He greeted with a big smile, adjusting the strap of his bag.

His first observation was that she had brought a full buffet judging by the size of the cooler. Clearly, Pandora was prepared for an all-out zombie apocalypse with whatever she had packed.

"Oh,that looks heavy. Let me take the cooler," Locke said already leaning down to grab it from the ground.
The voice made her look at him from between her legs, a bright smile on her face as she popped back up and turned, "Hey there! You found me!" she said with a happy smile as she faced him and straightened herself out a bit.

Pandora might have overdone it in the food department but she wanted to make sure they had plenty of snacks since this might be a long excursion and exercise and fun made anyone hungry.

"I will not say no to that one, dry ice may be fun to use but man it can be heavy at times," Pandora said with a little chuckle as she pulled out her backpack and slung it on before she locked up her car and then pointed to a trail that would head to the falls and then up. "So, ready to have a fun hike? I've been wanting to come back here for days but that carnival had me busier than I expected," She said laughing and smiling.
It was even heavier than it looked. Thank goodness for secret bear strength or Locke would have struggled muscling the whole thing down on the full hike. It would rest a bit awkwardly at his side, but from what he knew of this trail it wouldn't be long before they reached the water.

"Thanks for inviting me out, I do love a good hike." He said as he began leading them to the trailhead and welcome sign. She had mentioned in the text about the carnival, the one in town Locke had sadly been to busy to attend. "How was the carnival? You check out the booths and stuff?" He was a little jealous, not going to lie. Carnival food was amazing.
She didn't even think twice about him being able to lift it, she had little trouble- ok maybe she had a tiny bit of trouble but she only grunted twice hoisting it- and she believed he would have little trouble pulling that along and it would be much lighter on the way back down.

"Same here, I love hiking and just being outside in nature and I'll probably bug you a lot for it, having a hiking buddy is more fun than doing it all alone, " she told him with a smile as she would walk along side him, "It was busier than I expected, I didn't have a lot of free time but I got to meet this nice older gentleman who crocheted animals and I bought a few and he agreed to make some for me as well- he has a chinchilla and named his craft shop after her even! " Pandora told him with a little chuckle.

"Uhm I tried to go for some fun one night and I managed to win one little stuffed critter at a ball toss but then I met this strange couple- well they were nice but I think the girl was jealous of me for whatever reason? I don't know but they asked me to just bug a game guy because he rigged it so I played twenty questions, " She told him with a little chuckle and shook her head, "But I didn't get to do alot aside from that, too busy selling my little mushroom plant cups and tropical terrariums " she told him and then blushed some realizing she was just talking- she really couldn't help it because she was pretty relaxed with him.

"Did you get to go at all? "
The nice older gentleman selling crochet animals sounded nice? Weird, but nice. Locke's face turned concerned as she described the strange couple. The better not have taken advantage of Pandora, she was absolutely the type to get mixed up with less than savory people without a single thought toward her own safety. Locke bit his tongue though, no woman he knew would take kindly to being lecturing.

Locke did remember that Pandora had an affinity for plants and was impressed to find that she had set up a booth. Any hobby that could be turned into a money-making venture was really cool in his book. Locke looked at her with interest. "You sold your plants? That's awesome Pandora."

The trail narrowed slightly, so Locke let Pandora go ahead first. "Naw, I didn't make it this year. Bummer too since I do love those carnival rides."
Pandora wouldn't go into detail on how weird that whole couple encounter was but it was safe to say, she didn't really attend much of the carnival after that since she was a bit worried that it might happen again or that the girl who talked about bananas might find her again and continue to embarrass her.

She would smile brightly at that, nodding, "I had a great growth year for the mushrooms I have and some of the miniature orchids in my greenhouse so I thought I'd share some of the odd plant love " Pandora told him but the little blush was there from the praise still, she had done it for fun mostly and probably would again next year.

She gave a little nod of her head to him in thanks as she hopped in front, finding some stones to jump from one to another- even though they were just small it was still fun for her, "Aw I'm sorry you didn't get to! If it helps I only was able to do a couple of those rigged games but then I had to get home and prepare for the next day and plant more mushrooms- which I had to remind a person five times that no he could not cook them in a mushroom dish as that wouldn't cook out the poison, " she told him with a small eye roll and laugh as she turned some to face him a little as she skipped ahead a little bit.

"Hows work been? "
Ah yes, Pandora and her mushrooms. She really did love those things it seemed. Locke wasn't the biggest fan of mushrooms, except maybe on pizza. However, Locke would happily be supportive of Pandora's hobby, it was unique after all and she truly did have a green thumb considering having an actual greenhouse and stuff.

"I'll have to check out your greenhouse sometime." He mused with interest. Pandora had already invited Locke to her home the very night they met. It might still be too soon, but a greenhouse seemed like a good compromise.

He waved off her unnecessary apology. "I'll catch the carnival next time." Locke smirked at her eye-roll wondering if the guy had just been messing with her, sometimes animal-brain made riling up a pretty girl the most fun a guy could have.

"Works been so busy. Had an oak wilt scare downtown so it was all hands on deck. This hike is a much-needed break."
When he said that, she smiled, "Anytime! I have a lot of plants and herbs that are now in bloom or going into bloom if you'd like to see, " she told him with a happy smile. She was always happy to share her relaxing space with anther and her plants were a fun relaxing space- if only she could show him what she did with the toxic plants.

Pandora would nod at that, "Im already excited for next year I'm hoping if I wear the right shoes I can actually go on some of the rides, " she told him with a laugh. Her height made most rides a pain because she was always just a bit too short- ok more than a bit but the point was given that she knew she was a tiny thing.

"What's an oak wilt? " she asked him before just smiling and turning to face him while walking backward's, she wasn't too worried since she was pretty sure-footed, "Well I am more than happy to help facilitate a break and get away from work- we all need that so we don't just fry ourselves, " she told him with a smile as she turned and went to hop onto another rock. Pandora was still in a great mood, she was with her new friend and going on a hike, this day was great so far in her book!
Usually, it was Pandora that had a bunch of facts up her sleeve, but trees were Locke's thing and oak wilt was a subject he could do a whole seminar on. With Pandora turned around it made explaining much easier, even if she couldn't use his hands with both occupied with their picnic and supplies.

"Oak Wilt is a nasty fungus that as you might have guessed, affects oak trees. It can spread quickly and cause tons of oaks trees in an area to quickly wilt, start dropping leaves die off. Once we find one tree infected it's basically code-red for my department to keep it from spreading." It had taken a lot of long hours of scoping out the area and finding the original source for his report. Locke knew he face spoke of the long days, but he did his best to put on a grin to reassure Pandora. "We got it under control though, so that's good news."

A sign was coming up and since Pandora was still expertly walking backwards, a feat that amazed Locke, he saw the sign first. "Hey, looks like the swimming hole is up ahead."
Trees were not where she shined really- bonsai sure she could talk about that and how to care for those tiny trees but she'd argue they were closer to flowers with how meticulous they were.

Pandora continued her backwards walk, stepping carefully and catching herself a couple times on rocks but she regained herself easily. Her eyes just went wide though. "How do you get that under control? Fungus can be nasty in the right environment, " she said. Fungus she knew about- she grew a bunch of them in at her greenhouse and had to be seriously careful no spores got into her other plants. Maybe she should look into the wilt fungus just to see what made it up.

When Locke piped up about the swimming hole, she bounced and turned around, "That should mean we're close to the waterfall! Yay! have you ever just jumped off of a waterfall? " Pandora asked him excitedly, trying to not run ahead because that would be rude when he was being so kind as to lug the cooler of goodies- Patience, she had to remind herself but he could probably see her excitement.
Locke whisted a long drawn out note. "It's a real pain in the ass. Oak wilt doesn't play around. There are some treatments, but unfortunately, the infected tree has to be left to heal on its own. The real work is stopping the spread which means digging down to separate roots and dousing surrounding trees with a special fungicide." Nasty, back-breaking work if the oak wilt was caught in a cluster of trees. Locke shuddered to himself. This was the worst time of year for it too as the days kept getting longer and hotter.

Speaking of hotter, a nice dip in cool water sounded like heaven to Locke right now. He picked up the pace, ready to get to that refreshing swimming hole as soon as his legs could carry him there. "A waterfall? My brother and I jumped off a few baby ones back in Washington. I hope this one's impressive"
Pandora was growing more and more curious about this fungus, she shouldn't because she couldn't heal plant's but dang it all if her brain didn't stop at wanting to know how it worked and functioned. "That sounds like a massive pain in the backside but you caught it early so that's good right? For you and the trees, " she said with a smile- positivity right there because that stuff sounded YUCK.

This one is a pretty good size and has a big pool at the bottom thats clear of rocks and has a way up but you'd get soaked so not ideal when bringing the stuff up, she told him with a little laugh as she continued to walk up until they reached the exit to the trail. There would be a rather open view of things, trees off to the side for some shade but the big thing was the fat river that dropped down to a large roaring waterfall. Pandora was almost bouncing with excitement, "I think this is a break we both needed right? " she said with a grin, eager to just get out of her hiking clothes and out in her swimsuit.
It sounds like she scoped out the place already. Locke trusted Pandora's description. However, he'd take a look at the rockless bottom first. Humans (and other supernatural) could still easily be raging assholes and drop rocks at the bottom for unsuspecting divers.

The river and waterfall were truly a sight to behold. Locke stopped and watched in awe for a moment to take everything in. "Damn, it's so nice here." Locke whistled. Once he finally snapped back to reality, the first course of action would be to set down their gear and the cooler under some shade.

"I, uh, didn't think too far ahead and I need to change." He held up his swimsuit having just retrieved it from his backpack. "So, I'll just head over to those trees over there..." He hiked a thumb behind him. Locke had enough shifting experience to be more than comfortable in the buff on his own, but when an exceptionally pretty girl like Pandora was around he would revert back to his awkward, embarrassing ways.

He didn't wait to hear her reply, although he could imagine the look of surprise on her face. Into the trees he went.
Pandora wasn't going to think twice about jumping in, she was excited so once they were up by the river and waterfall, she looked over to him to see his reaction, "It's a gem, isn't it? " she told him with a happy smile as she would head over to a spot by the trees to put down their gear. Once that was done, she was shrugging off her pack and pulling out a large blanket she managed to fold up inside it.

"Sure! I'll get this set up and into my own swimsuit, " she told him easily. She just needed to wriggle into her bottoms but that would take but a minute, so when he dashed off, she would spread out the blanket and lay her bag on it before slipping into the woods herself to pull on the rest of her Swimsuit.. Once she had the bottoms on, she all but skipped out as she pulled out the special swimming-gripper like socks that would match the pastel colors of her mermaid-like attire.

While waiting for him, she opened the cooler and pulled out the chips and then a bottle of water for herself as she needed a drink after that fun little hike. "You didn't get eaten by a bear or stolen by a gang of raccoons now did yah? " Pandora called out to him, her tone obviously joking as she pulled her hair back in a long ponytail while she walked over to the edge of the river and let her feet get wet.
It took Locke only seconds to change into his swim trunks, very mindful that he was out in the open and still very human, which meant societal rules heavily applied.

The towel he brought was dropped over his shoulder and he walked through the brushes to return his shirt and pants to the backpack laying with the rest of their stuff. Pandora had already left for the water. He spotted her ankle-deep, turned away at the moment. It took him a moment to place the theme of her suit. Oh...that's a choice all right. Pandora looked like a cotton candy mermaid.

She called out to Locke then, probably impatient to get into the water without him. Jogging toward the water, Locke did his best to sneak up on her and stomp into the water, splashing water everywhere. "Eaten by a bear? Hah. I'm as strong as any bear." Stronger in fact if it were indeed a regular bear.

"Race ya!" Locke ran deeper into the river, happy to change the subject and boost his ego with an easy win.
Pandora laughed at the water splashing at her, her arms covering her face some, her hands cupping the water to splash him with the cool water in return. "Really now? " she asked him, a playful challenge in her tone as she rubbed some of the water on her arms before watching him race off to the deeper waters.

She splashed after him and then went to where the water fall was, "I'll beat you to the bottom! " she said laughing as she worked to the top of the waterfall and climbed up onto a rock and stood up on her tiptoes- she felt so tall like this!

"Meet you at the bottom slow poke! " since she was pretty sure he meant deeper into the water and not here but she was changing that on him because she couldn't wade through the deeper waters that quickly but getting to this point was easy. She'd wait for him to get closer as she pushed herself off and jumped down the water, a happy shout leaving her as she jumped off of the rock and dove in with her arms pointing down leaving her like a straight arrow as she plunged into the deep water pool.

It took a moment but she then surfaced and would look up at him if he was still up top and wave, showing she was a-ok!
Locke watched incredulously as Pandora bypassed the race completely and made it for the cliff. He stopped his wading, now watching her movements like a hawk as she edged closer to the waterfall. "Be careful!" He called from cupped hands, worry very apparent in his voice. Neither of them had checked for rocks below and Locke couldn't save her from a broken leg or worse, a broken neck.

She leaped fearlessly.

Body stiff as a board, Locke counted the second before Pandora emerged, thankfully safe and unharmed. He took a deep breath and continued to wade in deeper, making his way to her. "Shit, you scared me there. Nice dive."
The 'be careful' was heard but not registered- she really didn't know how to be careful because she was an act first consequence later sometimes kinda gal. Pandora was confident in herself as well should she get hurt since she healed faster than the average human.

Once in the lake and popping up, she smiled and waved him on in and then she felt a little bad, "Didn't mean to sare yah but I stood no chance beating you in the water soooo, " she said with a little laugh.

"Come on! I told you it was safe you'll be fine! " Pandora promised and if he got hurt, hopefully would NOT happen, she could heal him.
Locke crept closer through the water, keeping a very serious face until he was in range. Hands up and slammed down in a practiced stroke sent a huge wall of water toward Pandora. The blank expression gave way to a crackling as Locke continued to slash Pandora.

"I see. So playing fair isn't your style then. Me neither!"

He made it into the deeper part, keeping his toes anchored into the gravel below. Any further and he wouldn't be able to stand. Another wave was launched her way. "Do you yield?"
Pandora suspected nothing with what was coming, at first thinking she upset him but then the water wall came. The look on her face was probably priceless as she suddenly felt herself soaked and sputtering.

Now she was laughing and covering her face from the next onslaught of water and was just diving down into the lake water now. She was swimming around him and popped up behind him to float on her back to kick-spray him with water from her feet, laughing coming from her, "Never!! " She shouted before the kick-spray of water continued!
A worthy opponent! Locke sputtered as water entered his mouth and possibly up his nose. With one hand he valiantly wiped at his face while the other continued the splashing assault. It was the smarter move to retreat out of the water war zone, just enough to regain his bearings, so Locke did so, kicking back his own legs until he escaped.

He made his way quickly to the water's edge and pushed his body out to take the same path Pandora did only minutes before. If he aimed for the same spot, there should be no reason not to land the jump. "Make space or I might land on you!" He called out, a warning as much a threat.
Yes! She made him retreat, she had the middle water now! As he went up to shore, she bobbed up and down, grinning before her eyes went wide, "Oh crap! " she yelled, laughing as she dove out of the way from him so that she wasn't going to be landed on by him.

Pandora dove and swam around, searching for where he might land.

When he did, Pandora would dive down as far as she could underwater, holding her breath now to see what he might do with her just having 'disappeared' after he landed in the water.
Locke lept into the air and for a beautiful moment he wasn't a bear, but a beautiful bird soaring in the clouds. After the second had passed, however, all his internal bear fat became an anchor and forced him to plummet down like the bottom of a black hole.

He landed just outside the center, unaware of Pandora's submergence into the water, and as he kicked out to start his ascent to the surface Locke's leg hit something solid. It was likely a rock, shifted with the current and resting, hidden below the surface. It wasn't a mighty kick nor a harsh strike, but it left Locke's ankle stinging.

"Shit." He gasped out once he hit the air. Leg bending up for inspection, Locke prodded at the tender area. Floating in the water and paying no attention to his surroundings, he made for the perfect target to whatever Pandora had planned.
She waited, pretending to be the water-preditor that she was not but she was going to try at least ok! She waited until he was in the water and the up on the surface which is when she would strike from below!

This strike though was that of a bunch of water being shoved at him as he floated with his hand holding his ankle. That sight made her stop and swim over to him pretty quickly.

It was probably nothing but she still wanted to check on him, "You ok, or are we calling for a momentary cease fire? " she asked him as she wanted to make sure he didn't break anything or do something of that nature to his ankle or foot- the leggy part!
The water attack had Locke sputtering and wiping his free hand over closed eyes. The other kept a locked hold on his leg which resulted in some ridiculous bunny hopping like Locke was drunk on a pogo stick.

Pandora appeared out of nowhere, full of concern. Locke played the injury down. "Don't worry just a minor sprain." And it was or was going to be. On a normal human, it might have been a more serious sprain, the type that needed ice and immediate elevation. Locke could probably walk this one off in a short while, but geez did it sting like a mother right now.
The hopping was a little funny, the water bouncing around him as he held his ankle. Her brows were furrowed at him as he held and bounced in the water and she was not going to have it.

"Let me at least look at it ok? I don't want you to break it if you jump off there again and I'm sure you don't want that either and I can look it over and help, " she told him. She could and knew that much, it was an easy fix and they would be back at their own mischief and trying to win at this game- whatever this game was but she was loving it and didn't want him in pain.

"And if I can't help or do anything I'll swear off chocolate for a week but if I can help you you have to give me a piggyback ride, " she would challenge him. She knew she would win it but felt that this might be the best course of action to get him to let her hopefully.
His eyes narrowed into slits. How had she learned his weakness so soon? Locke would do a lot of stupid, reckless things in the name of a good competition. Pandora already having this much power over him spelled disaster in the future.

"Alright," He relented, still holding his leg. "Let's go to the shore. I need a better look at the damage." By the time he hopped-stepped his way to the bank his leg should start feeling much better. Pandora was going to miss that chocolate, or even better – give it to him.
Pandora gave him a playful grin at that when his eyes narrowed. She was baking on him liking to take dares- since that was how they met, so she hoped he'd ake her little wager. It seemed harmless enough and he probably thought he was going to win easy peasy.

Once they got to the shore, she would hop up and sit on the bank and would sit there and then as carefully as she could- since he did make it seem like it wasn't horrible, she would reach for his leg and then would give a grimace at his reaction to her touch of it, "Sorry- sorry! Need a minute? I need to touch your ankle to do this, " Pandora explained to him, feeling bad for causing him pain.
It wasn't her fault per se, but her cold hands had Locke jolt and further aggravate whatever he had pulled. "Ahhh ah." He let out embarrassing little yelps of pain.

She still had his foot and Locke was no sissy. His teeth clenched for a moment before he powered through. "Carefully. I'm tender."
Pandora made a pained/sorry face at him, "Sorry, now you'll be fine in just a moment and then I'm getting that piggy back ride up the cliff, " she told him, her tone playful as she took a breath. He could probably feel her hands shaking a bit but after a moment, he would feel a warmth coming from her touch.

Slowly and carefully, she would begin to heal his ankle. Aiding in the repair of the twisted tendon and muscle and easing the sudden tension that came from it being twisted. She bit her lip some, her eyes looking up at him and they were this soft yet bright pink color instead of their vibrant green that they normally were. With something this easy to fix, it only took a couple of minutes of holding onto him and then just focusing on it but when she finished it was like a held breath was let go from her.

Letting go, she would support herself with the palm of her hand, shaking her head a little bit, "Walk around, " she suggested with a little smile as she blinked and looked up at him with now green eyes again. Please, please don't hate me, please was a silent mantra she was mentally chanting because she was a little scared that he might be upset with her.
Oh hey, her cold fingers were suddenly very warm. Very warm indeed. Locke's face scrunched in confusion as his attention moved from her weird temperature change to the tingling in his foot. There was the feeling of shifting, the pain at the forefront of his mind and then like a phantom it vanished. Poof. Gone.

"What–" He started, gaze drawing up to look into Pandora's open face. She kept no secrets, the truth written across those startling pink eyes.

His breath caught and Locke knew his mouth hung open. Pandora was... one of those magical types. Locke swallowed hard but kept eye contact, he couldn't find it in himself to look away. "You healed me." Dumbly, he stated the obvious. Like she literally healed him. With her mind! His foot fell to the earth as she moved away.
Pandora was a bit quiet as she focused on healing him, not minding how light her head got and how dizzy she felt. She wanted to help him since he got hurt while hanging out with her. It was still scary to just out and heal someone but she did trust him and it was enough for her to share her deepest secret with him. She only hoped it wouldn't drive a wedge between them.

The confused tone had her just staring up at him, her teeth tugging at her lip as she offered the slightest smile to show it was ok. That this wasn't some weird fluke or that he wasn't imagining it.

Slowly she would nod, "Yes I may have rigged that bet a little bit with that but I felt bad that you got hurt and I didn't want you in pain all day, " she told him in a bit of a rush. She would sit up a little, wobble, and then lean back on her hand again- nope just stay like this for a minute, "Are...uhm...are you upset about it? What I did? " she asked him, nervousness in her tone as her other hand found a rock and played with the stone as she let her feet dangle into the water.
He didn't know what to feel. All his thoughts had shot into the sky the second he saw bright, brilliant pink and he was still trying to pull them back to staple to his brain.

But the way she looked and her voice, shuddering as if she could cry made Locke try to escape the fog faster. "No." He said it quietly, voice nearly croaking before it came out stronger. "No. Pandora. I'm not upset." He really couldn't be after all. She had healed him. With her crazy powers, but that was more cool than horrifying.

"I-I get you couldn't just tell me. Really."

There were still too many thoughts flying around. Should he tell her about his experiences with others like her? Should he ask her questions? Maybe pretend this didn't happen? He had no idea, but what did she want? That was the better question.
Pandora could only wait now, he seemed more surprised than anything about what she did and the joking part of her wanted to see if he'd still hold up the little be she made so that she could heal him like she just did.

The no had her let out a sigh of relief, she had been a bit scared of actually telling or showing him but him getting hurt made it easy for her to be able to do so, "That's good really, " she told him with a little smile. He could probably see how relieved she was to just hear that.

A small nod left her at that, "It's not something that is...well that a lot of people take well and I understand if you have questions because I know it's kind of a weird thing so you can ask it's fine, " she told him in a rush. Ok maybe she was still a little nervous about it all but she was willing and open to talking if he wanted to know more.
Locke hated the tension now thrumming between them with a passion. He was mostly to blame, reaction to her power being less than ideal, but Pandora didn't look any second away from fleeing anymore. He'd take that as a win.

Didn't mean he didn't feel guilt. Embracing her ability would have to be a slow, gradual thing, a short hurdle for them. Pandora was too kind for him to distrust. The core of the issue was Locke was very much holding his own secret, a bigger one in comparison, and he could not tell her. No matter what. Unfair as it may be, Locke owed Pandora his friendship if he couldn't share his secrets.

He hoped it would be enough.

"I do have questions, but those can come later. You're still my friend Pandora. Nothing changes that, even if you can fix injuries with your mind."
Pandora was now just a little nervous, even though he was ok with it would he be ok in the long haul with it? She just wanted him to know that there was more than just the chill person who didn't mind helping strangers though she was very much that for sure.

That actually made her laugh and smile hearing that, "Yea it's a strange thing to be able to do but I mean it's helpful with friends who might need it or myself, " she told him with a little chuckle. Doing things with her mind, yea it was a strange thing but he actually was taking it well and that was a great start for this.

"I had debated on how to tell you but you twisting your ankle kind of made that a little easier honestly and I felt I could trust you with it, " she would go on to tell him. Concerning any secret he might have, she was oblivious and wouldn't even pressure for something from him because that wasn't what friends did.
There was the Pandora he knew. She bounced right back, still a little unsure as she kept to the sidelines, but the smile reached her yes again and Locke felt his own body let go of its previous tension.

He wiggled his toes, a look of awe as he realized that yes, his foot was back to normal. Her power and his were ability combining to work overtime. "You got it as good as new."

Locke brought his legs up to his chest, hugging them. "So, uh, what else can you do?"
It always took a moment to relax after that surprise but as he relaxed, she did too and it was easy to go back to normal with him. She was smiling with him again and really just felt good not keeping that away from him.

"Good- do I still get that piggy back ride? " she asked, a bit of mischief back in her tone as she giggled a little bit from her question.

" can make things no longer toxic or make them toxic but I prefer removing toxins- it's why I was in the swamp I was working on pulling and removing some toxins from the mushrooms I was growing there, " she told him with a little smile, "But that's it, healing and toxins- heck that saved me from getting rabies from a crazy fox a few weeks ago that bit me on the face! Little bugger tried to make off with my mushroom samples, " Pandora said laughing. It didn't bother her in the slightest nor did she know it was more than a fox.
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