Cat's the Only Cat Who Knows How to Swing
This time, Gokiburi did as needed, allowing Catrina to know that they were underway. Nobody would be caught under-dressed or indecent this time. Gokiburi wasn't necessarily silent on the way but he saw no full need to begin briefing Tati on the whole affair. Still, she would likely sense when they entered the clutch's territory - Goki was beginning to relish the sensation, like soda water under the skin. Or maybe something like sunlight, but he couldn't even remember what that felt like.

He would help Tati from the car and lead the way inside the grand building, a deep sense of pride in the whole thing - while he would never claim credit, he was very happy to lend his strength to its future.

"The clutch here is called Rhiannon Court." He told his fledgling as he led her on a meandering way through the collection. "You'll be meeting with Catrina. She is the Queen."


During the ride there Tatiana was pretty calm, she made sure her hair was perfectly smooth in its ponytail and her makeup wasn't smudged or too dark. She was a little nervous because she didn't know these people and honestly it was strange to know that vampires welcomed others like this. Even as she mentally fretted, her gaze would move to look at Goki for a moment before giving a little smile and settling into her seat again until they pulled up to the location.

She felt that odd sensation again, as she had at the planetarium that she had visited a short time ago. Taking his hand as he helped her from the car, she would take her purse and rest it on her shoulder as she stuck close by to him as they entered together.

"Qveen? Do I have to call her majesty or somezhing?" she asked him, honestly perplexed at such an old title. It wasn't common to her, it was empress or czar but queen was strange to her. She would though give a nod while shifting some so that her arm was against his.


She’d been waiting for this night, to finally meet the fledgling under Gokiburi’s tutelage. The presence of her was a main reason for the later to have joined, two for the price of one in some ways. As soon as a text had been given, she had eagerly waited through finishing up paperwork and seeing to helping staff close up for the night as closing hours had hit.

Soon enough, the presence of two vampires was felt just outside the door of the Collection. Leaving her office, Catrina began to head on over towards where steps and words could be heard seemingly heading, perhaps, in the direction of the clutch area. A turn of a corner and there they were.

”Only if you want to,” she answered for Gokiburi, a teasing smile dancing upon her face. ”It’s good to meet you.”
"Catrina." Gokiburi said warmly, pleased at her entrance. It was just the sort of theatrical that he liked. And he would return it with a little flourish of a bow, a little teasing smile of his own. "Your Majesty."

Then he would stand back, opening his arm for his fledgling. "Catrina, this is Tatiana. Tati, Catrina." He gestured between the two of them, and then would allow them to make their introductions properly. He didn't have qualms about Tati being found wanting—she'd thus far been a good vampire—although he was certain there was more she could learn from the clutch than from himself.
Tatiana's head lifted and looked towards where the woman came from, the young woman feeling a little unsure at first but the slight teasing that happened between her and Goki did have her smiling a little bit.

"It is a pleasure to meet you, Catrina," she told her in her rather obviously thick Russian accent. Tati would step from Goki then and hold her hand out to her to shake, "I'm Tatiana Morozov vut please, call me Tati," she told her pleasantly, trying to make a better first impression here than with Goki's own sire- she wasn't letting him live that one down.
A bow was given and she met Gokiburi’s gaze with a dip of her head and a laugh all, but pouring from her expression at the addition of the title. She couldn’t help appreciating his commitment to playing along.

To introductions, Tatiana was presented and she looked over the scarlet fabric adorning her, reminding herself that any message perceived by it was probably not intended by this party considering time periods, before words brought a gaze back to the young face. An accent pulled at those words in a familiar way, the name confirming as much that the girl was Russian. Taking the hand offered, she gave it a pleasant, but firm shake. ”Tati, I’m glad you could finally visit. I’ve been looking forward to it.” Letting go, Catrina pulled the keycard from a pocket of her dress. ”Let’s continue this in the common area if you don’t mind? It’s more comfortable than the halls.”
Gokiburi would trail after the two, content with his place in the background, although moved to hold himself equidistant between the queen and his fledgling. Two very important women to him, the man's naturally protective nature was a bit torn. He didn't expect things to go poorly, but it occurred to him then that... well, if they did, he would then need to choose. Thank God Rushi wasn't here as well.
"Same, Gokiburri has told me about zhis and I've been curious vut excited as vell," she told her as she shook her hand in return before resting her hands back down on her sides as she would nod. She was eager to not just talk in a hall since she imagined that was probably an odd thing to do.

Her gaze though, would wander around the place, "Vhat is zhis place?" Tatiana would ask curiously as she followed her, her gaze then looking at Goki for a moment before back at Catrina.
It was good to know that she’d been told of it and seemed to be eager, her own excitement giving a jump at that.

All agreed, Catrina would begin finishing the last leg of the journey. Their steps would echo against the hallway and the question had her humming. ”It’s a private collection, full of tomes and pieces I’ve managed to hold onto for years as well as loaned items.” It was also the very heart of their clutch.

Opening a door to a room would reveal storage as well as a cellar door. Stepping in, she’d head on over to the apparent old wooden door and insert the keycard into the handle. Clicking, it would unlock and Catrina opened it, waving the two inside. ”After you both.”
Her eyes would look around curiously, it was a rather grand collection and one she was a bit curious about herself. Maybe after she would explore the tomes that were here. "It is very grand," Tatiana told her with a small nod.

As she opened the door, she would walk in with Gokie, "Spasibo," Tatiana told her, her slight nerves cropping up as she didn't wholly pay attention to what language she spoke in. In her head, she said it in English.

Once inside, her eyes would continue to look about to study the new place she was in. It felt so strange, the bit of magic that said this was someone else's home or territory- just like at the planetarium.

Spasibo: Gratitude

Tatiana offered what she assumed were thanks and Catrina inclined her head in a nod. As all three entered, she shut the door behind and walked the stairs down.

Passing them to a couch, she sat down, looking to both with an expectant gaze. It seemed the girl was looking around and it brought with it a smile, happy to see the interest. ”Go ahead and make yourself at home. We have much to discuss.”
As they entered the closed-off area, her eyes would keep looking about. It felt a bit strange to her to be in here but yet she felt safe as well, it was an odd feeling- probably had something to do with being right by Goki.

As a seat was offered, she would nod and then sit down, smoothing out her skirt as she sat with her ankles crossed and her hands on her lap. Tati's body moved easily as a dancer into this potion, "Da, vut I do not know vhere to start. Gokiburri told me it is like family, " she told her, her eyes looking up and into her's calmly.
They made themselves comfortable and Catrina nodded in reassurance. To start somewhere was better than not at all. The point of a family though had her eyes glittering to the idea. It was, wasn’t it ,if you looked through a flowery lens.

”That’s one description for it. A clutch offers companionship, safety, and a place to learn about yourself in this life alongside others.”
Tatiana listened to her for a moment, "Vould I be allowed to still hunt for ze vone who killed me? " she asked her. That was on her mind more, after speaking to that older man in the observatory. She wanted to find this 'Ruth' more than ever to either talk to him or hit him- maybe both.

"I vant to learn, about zhis new life I have vut I vasn't villing going into it. Da I chose to not die ze following moon and had fed since vut I vas not ready for zomezhing like zhis Miz Catrina " Tatiana explained to her. She wanted her to know and to be honest with the woman just as she hoped that she would be honest with her.
The girl was right off the bat a vampire that was wanting find their sire in some sort of revenge for a life snuffed and another begun or maybe in just the need to ask questions, a why that might sate reasons left unknown.

A polite smile took to her face as Tatiana explained and she waited a beat before answering, shifting forward. ”Only a few of us go into this kind of life readily,” Catrina said plainly, teeth showing before quieting as she smoothed out a wrinkle on her outfit. The thing about death was it usually wasn’t wanted.

”In full transparency, it depends on certain factors—what you exactly mean by hunting them and if this vampire turns out to be from another clutch.”
Gokiburi’s expression tensed as Tati brought up Ruth again. Truthfully, he’d forgotten, between simply preparing her for vampiric life and then helping her maintain her undead existence.

At this, he cut in, a warning to Tati and perhaps an assurance to his Queen. "It will be some time for you yet, before you are able to do anything." he noted quietly. "You need to focus on becoming stronger right now."

And perhaps, in time, she may forget? Doubtful. Perhaps it would become less important. He wasn’t certain what he hoped for save her continued survival.
Tatiana would nod at that, her fingers holding onto each other as she listened. "I don't vant to kill him...just understand maybe...ok maybe I vant to hit him a few times vut I only know zhat he vas a golden dog and he possibly gave me a fake name, " Tati explained before looking at Goki.

He too had a point, she looked down but nodded at what he said, "I know...I just vant to know who zhey vere vut I can vait. I don't like it vut I can, " she told them both. She still had a bit of trouble dealing with her own death, the human part of her brain still didn't like to think about it and had a rather harsh wall up against it.

She would look at her again then, "I do like vhat a clutch means vut are ze rules or are zhere tasks? " Tati asked as she was trying to not just gain a better understanding about this place and what her part might be here.
No killing. The girl only wanted answers, some enlightenment as to why she had been killed, a scenario she had guessed. Catrina did wonder if such a mission wouldn’t be anticlimactic for her when she did learn of the reasoning. It was common for vampires to use fake names, but the tidbit about him turning into a golden dog was captured. She didn’t know any that lived here like that, but it was an interesting fact to keep alight of.

Gokiburi spoke then, points to get stronger were something that easily had her giving a nod. Agreed. You had to know how to take care of yourself before putting yourself in danger. It seemed that had gotten through to Tatiana for now they were moving onto the clutch itself.

”Rhiannon Court is a place of safety and learning and I can promise you you will grow stronger within our halls,” Catrina began with reassurance. Once that happened, they would come back to the quest the girl wanted to undertake. ”We only have a few rules that you’d be expected to follow if you join. How familiar are you with shifters?”
Gokiburi did... not fully understand that. If it were him, he would want to drive his sword directly through the man's skull. Just slap him around? Just ask questions? Wild. He doubted that would be at all satisfying, but it was her own personal quest. He would sink back into silence, knowing that if it came up again they had time to go over it. They truly had all the time to figure it out.
In truth, Tatiana had no idea what would happen if she saw that man again. The rational side of her brain told her that she just wanted to talk to him but would seeing him just make her angry? It was something she wasn't wanting to think too hard on right now and that answer would do for now.

Listening to Catrina, she would give a nod and smile to that, she wanted to do that, to learn and grow more than what she was. She still held the dream of opening a dance studio and maybe, just maybe it would be possible with their help.

The question of shifters though had hee shrugging very slightly, "Only ze little Gokiburri haz told me. People zhat can shift into animals of different kinds, I have yet to meet vone myself- at least as far as I know. Vhat ozher zhen zhat, " Tatiana told her. She hadn't overly looked into the were situation here, vampire sure, psychic sure but weres? Not so much.
Only a little bit, but she was already further along than Catrina had been a year or so ago on that knowledge. She’d come to Ridgefield in the understanding there were wolves and tigers, but that was it. Now though, there were so many different forms, she could only wonder what else there was out there yet to be met.

”The clutch shares territory with a local group of jaguars so I’m sure you’ll run into one soon enough,” she explained. ”We help them and they help us, so its very important we stay on good terms with each other.”
Hearing that was a surprise but she nodded. She didn't think about the possible issues that vampires and weres had with each other so it was already alright with her. "Zhat iz fine with me. I vouldn't vant to do somezhing to hurt zhat. Vould...I be able to meet zhem? So I know who zhey are and vhere zhey stay? " she asked her curiously.

So far, this wasn't sounding bad to her in the slightest and all things were things she could easily agree to.
So far all was agreeable, which was making this a lot easier than she could’ve hoped. The question was an understandable one, but regrettable there wasn’t to be any social event where all would come together, at least not yet. Perhaps, in the future they could work something out though even the thought brought with it the air of caution. It’d be too easy for one small action to trigger any number of bad outcomes.

”They are based at The Cove, but we’ve been asked to stay away. I can give you names, however, and who knows, you might meet one soon. I've run into a few here and there.” No pictures yet, but maybe she would ask, especially if they were to keep growing. ”Asha leads them and her second is Nika. There’s April,” she briefly looked to Gokiburi at that, wondering if he’d met up with her yet. ”Esfir and Axel.”
That wasn't a hard request to honor, "Da, I can stay avay from zhere, " she told her easily.

As Tati listened though, a look of surprise rose on her face at two names; Asha and Axel. She had to keep herself from laughing as she had no clue previously what they were before but she smiled, "I have met at least vone of zhem. Axel, he vas taking dance lessons from me vut got hurt and had miss Asha pick him up from my old apartment. I've been meaning to message him again to check on him, " she told her with a little smile but just to clear things up, "It vas during my turning veek- not my best idea to teach somevon vut he hurt himself not me, " Tatiana would explain.
A laugh accented her words and Catrina watched with a lifting of a brow. There was a story here, something to trigger such a response. And it seemed, Tatianna had met an Axel. While there were probably many a person in this city that might have that name, him being joined by an Asha all but confirmed their status as the shifters being spoken of.

”What a small world,” Catrina breathed, smiling, surprisingly pleased. That the two knew each other enough for her to check in on him was a good step. But that did remind her, she needed to catch this vampire up on the additional guidelines that had been sent out recently.

”Before I forget, Asha's sister happens to live here as well,” she explained. Opening her phone, a finger tapped to a saved gallery. ”I’ve told the rest of the clutch, but it would be good to not consider this young woman a meal.” Turning the phone around, she’d offer it over so that the young lady could see. ”Her name is Indira.”
Tatiana smiled and nodded, "Da, vould explain why he tried to leave vhile hurt zhen and vouldn't let me call for a doctor for him, " she told her. After this, she was messaging him and making sure he would get the gift box she had put together for him as a get well but rather hard to deliver when you felt like biting everything.

She leaned in and looked at the phone, quietly memorizing the face and then nodding, "Da, can be done. Is zhere anyzhing else? " she asked her. Wanting to know if there was more or if what she had agreed to was enough or if she had to talk about herself further- honestly, she had no clue still how all this magic worked yet.
What an amusing run in that had to be when thinking back on it.

As she took in the face and Catrina was satisfied with the answer, the phone was pulled back, a smile firmly in place. ”Yes, just a few.” Where had she left off? Oh!

”I want you to be comfortable in reaching out for help if you need it, even with wiping minds as that is a must so everyone stays safe. You also must not share any vampire secrets with psychics, shifters, or humans, this is very important.” She took a breath to let that sink in, really making sure the girl was absorbing it before continuing on. If a leak came from the pretty mouth, Catrina would have no qualms in using a suggestion to keep it closed from rattling off too much.
Tatiana listened to her explain the importance of not going around and telling others- she really had no plans on doing such, she barely was ok with herself being a psychic and now she was a vampire, it was all sorts of weird. "I vill...I know if I run into trouble I vould call Gokiburri vut if he couldn't help Ivould call you zhen. I know I am still learning how to vipe minds so I am not afraid to ask for help if I can not make it vork, " she told her.

So far, she had been lucky and doing decently well but she knew with her luck, that it would faulter right when she needed it so she was more than willing to be able to call for help should she run into trouble.
It seemed she understood and there might be little if any hesitation in calling for help. That couldn’t be said for all new vampires or even older ones and Catrina found herself grateful and a tad surprised. Tatiana would be a good match for them. ”I’m very pleased to hear that,” Catrina admitted warmly.

”Your first few months are going to be difficult, and even after, I ask that you try not to kill anyone unless its deemed necessary which may be harder than you think. You might find psychics to be exceedingly harder to stay away from, even harder to not feed to your heart’s content. Be cautious around them because of their powers and that point.”
Tatiana listened and then nodded some, "I funny enough, figured out zhat vampires liked psychics because of Gokiburri. I do hope to avoid zhem until I have better control so zhat zhis vouldn't happen to zhem if zhey didn't vant it. " she told her, her gaze then looking to her sire as she gave him a little smile.

"I vill do my best and reach out if I need it and I von't say no to help, it vas hard enough trying to control my psychic ability before vut now it feel vorse and harder to control now. " Tatiana would explain to her. She knew to learn that she had to be willing to be taught and she was that, it wasn't going to be easy, she knew that and knew she was stubborn as hell but she was going to make the effort to not be a pain in her ass over learning- she'd reserve being a pain for Goki.
She had met a psychic and thankfully it had been under the supervision of Gokiburi. Catrina sent him a pleased look before back to Tatiana, finding everything being said better than she could’ve hoped. The girl would wait until she was in a better place, avoiding putting herself and them at risk.

As for controlling her psychic ability, the faintest of head tilts took hold. What sort of magic was on the fritz? ”What is it that you can do?”
"Telekinesis. I to zhat before I for turned. I vasn't excited about it since ze first time I realized, zhings just moved vithout me touching zhem." Tatiana explained to her. She was a bit embarrassed by it.

"During transition time...most zhings got broken in my home and sometimes vhen emotions are high vell...zhings move or get broke, " she told her, her fingers playing with each other. She hadn't asked to be able to do this but now she had that on top of learning to control her blood-drinking urges and attacking people's desires.
Brows lifted at the mention of the name especially minding the fact that Tatianna had been new to the power before turning. She’d been a new psychic then. Thankfully, it was this and not fire for that would just end in tragedy too quickly.

”Unfortunately, a lot of magic is tied to emotions, even simply existing as a vampire,” she smiled in understanding. ”But, it is a gift. I’m sure anyone here would be more than happy to help you learn to control it better if you’d like.”
"I still find it a bit...hard to handle. I'm trying to be more ok vith it, its just...hard vith so much changed so quickly, "Tatiana told her with a bit of a shy smile before nodding.

"I wouldn't mind ze help- I'd like to not break my babushkas nesting dolls I have...zhey are an antique, " she said with a little smile. "I do hope...vone day, to still be able to teach dance and to dance as I did before, it's my passion and vone of my goals as I get used to zhis new vay of living. " thank goodness she was mostly optimistic, Goki helped a bit with that though in giving her something to drive towards as well.
She was trying to get better and open for help, all important and a good sign. With those two qualities, Catrina had zero doubt that the woman before her would get stronger in both her power and being a vampire.

A passion for dance was an exciting tidbit and she had to wonder which were the girl’s favorite types. ”I’m quite positive that you’ll be able to dance the night away soon enough,” she reassured. ”And when you do, you’ll have to show me a routine sometime.”
Knowing that dance, her passion and hobby basically, was not forever gone had her smiling. She loved the rhythm and movement, the emotions and feeling of dance one could bring about had always kept her in a good mood- even if it destroyed her feet at times.

"Zhat is good and da I vould love to- perhaps even I can teach any in ze clutch to dance? I know several styles, " she offered to her. If these people were to be like family, then family should be able to dance in her book- she was even going to teach Goki when they had the time.

"Iz zhere anyzhing else I should know or need to do? "
”I think that would be simply fantastic,” Catrina agreed with enthusiasm popping into tone. Imagining the faces in the clutch learning to dance around seemed like a very fun night indeed.

As for the moment, it was time to finish up on this. ”Just one more thing. Other vampires are allowed to be in Ridgefield, but that stops if they are from the clutch in Alder Heights.” She shifted in her seat. ”I don’t know if Gokiburi has brought it up, but we aren’t on the best of terms with them. They are not allowed to be in our territory and we aren’t allowed in theirs. If you run into them, please let me know and be very careful.”
Tatiana smiled brightly at that, "Vell I look forward to it, I can make a list and zhey can pick and ve can see ze favorites and go from zhere, " she told her with a smile. It was a simple system thankfully and it made her excited to teach them something that could be really fun.

Her eyes would look up and listen to her and then her eyes slowly went wide and she looked away for the first time before giving a little glare at Goki for not telling her that one, "He did not tell me...I did not know and I vas zhere...just a couple of nights past. An older man, silver-grey hair, polite approached me. I did not know vhat it vas I felt vhen I got zhere. He vas nice to me and asked a few questions vut zhen I left vhen it got crowded, " she explained. If her heart could beat it would be pounding because now she was worried she did something wrong.

"I vas just...out, trying to get used to it vut it is still hard, " she told them both, her fingers playing together a bit more out of nerves.
The look wasn’t missed and she kept from making any of her own that would do no good in adding to the commentary between the sire and his fledgling. The girl had been safe at that point, but going forward, that simply wouldn’t be the case. It would’ve been one of the first instructions given if she had been her sire, but to each their own. Perhaps, it had kept Tatianna safe to be without the knowledge considering she’d run into a clutch vampire in their own territory. The description did little to narrow down who it could be, but at least they had been polite and she was safe.

”That’s understandable, you had no idea at the time. But, going forward is what matters.”
A small sigh of relief left her, she thought she was going to be in trouble but thankfully she wasn't. No, who was in trouble was her sire- first showing up with his sire while she was practically naked and then another clutch she had no clue about, she'd hit him if she knew it would work but it probably wouldn't. She'll get back at him in her own way for it- even though everything was fine.

"Da I vill avoid from now, " Tatiana would promise her. She was not looking to start issues between clutches, so avoiding that rather beautiful place was going to have to do. She'd live- well unlive? That worked for her.
”Perfect,” she smiled radiantly in reply, clasping her hands together. With everything down, there was nothing to keep the girl waiting.

Leaning forward, she’d address the girl with exuberance popping in. ”Well with all that done, I’m pleased to welcome you officially into Rhiannon Court. May you grow well here,” Catrina wished well as an underlying current living throughout the territory took that as a go ahead, immediately wrapping the young girl before her into their clutch’s magic, a ribbon of familiarity tied handsomely.
Tatiana watched the woman, who seemed happy- that was a good thing to her at least and then she was welcoming her here. Even though she made the error of going to another clutches territory she was welcomed and that made her smile before a surprised look crossed her face. It felt welcoming, like she just came back from a trip and was being welcomed warmly by family in a way and she just smiled.

In her happiness, she slipped easily into her mother tongue, "Spasibo, chto privetstvovali menya! " She told her warmly, a bit smile on her face before clearing her throat and giving a little laugh, "Zhank you, very much zhank you. If zhis is like family, zhen it vill be very important to me so again, Zhank you Miz Catrina " she told her with a smile.

Her gaze would then look to Goki to see his reaction now, she was more safe being apart of the clutch now and had more people to lean on but she hoped he knew that she would always lean on him the most.

Translation; Thank you for welcoming me

Words coming back to her were foreign completely, though their origin wasn’t lost on her. Catrina waited with a polite smile, getting the idea that it must be good at least. Body language and tone were as good indication as any. But, she wouldn’t have to wait long for Tatiana to catch on.

With english being used once more, Catrina was now able to follow along again and all of it was a grateful response as to be expected. The small clutch was growing and with it, her pride in what had been made.

”Of course,” she nodded.
He'd been well satisfied with the exchange between Catrina and Tatiana right up until the mention of Alder Heights. As Tatiana looked at him, spoke tantamount to laying the blame at his feet while simultaneously revealing to him all that had actually happened, the lines of his face tightened and darkened. He was grateful that Catrina had no inclination to interject, that the meeting went well, but the intent look on his face made it clear that he meant to speak this fledgling afterwards. A smile was given to his queen and then he would stand and wait until Tatiana was free to come with him.
Tatiana smiled, "I look forward to meeting everyone, zhank you again, " she told her. It felt good, it felt welcoming and nice and man she wished she could drink to celebrate but that was rather hard. She would give Goki a bit of a smile now, happy that it turned out well enough and they were both here and safely in the fold.
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