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Sunset Point Pride

Lions • Summit Theater • founded May 2020

Amidst the modern hustle and bustle of Cheyenne Point sits Summit Theater, a theater that is over one hundred years old and has been painstakingly maintained. The seating area is a vast spread of red folding chairs on the main floor, with more of the same on the balconies above. The stage boasts solid wood floors and a majestic crimson curtain, with gold and white crown molding that works itself into the meticulous patterns on vaulted ceilings. Behind the scenes, a rehearsal room has been fashioned into a space that is meant for pride members and their permitted guests only: a modernized lounge area, complete with fashionable, comfortable seating, and a kitchen!

No family is stronger than found family. And though on the surface, this collection of lions from all over the world have little to bind them together, shared experiences and more than a little collective trauma have forged a group whose members can trust and rely on one another - and keep each other’s secrets.

Sokol just couldn’t wait to be King. When he moved to Ridgefield County in 2018, he had dreams of forming his own Pride, but he had absolutely no idea of the twists and turns life would take for him to get there. He takes his role seriously, preferring to be involved in the lives of all his lions, and works to make the Pride an asset for its members and an upstanding example of Were community.

  • Don’t shift in public!
  • Don’t out yourself or your fellow pride members!
  • If you get in trouble, contact a lion immediately!


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