Round Two Get told to maybe dial it back

criss cross

Riddhi was hungry. The new moon was tomorrow. She should have planned better that week. She knew better, and yet, here she was sitting at the bar, almost a full week since her last feeding. The sounds of the pinball machines grated on her supernatural hearing as she focused on the thrum of voices in the room. The intoxicating sound of too many heartbeats in one room pumping each person's body full of blood. Among the smell of sweat, beer, and cologne, Riddhi could pick out something sweeter. Something far more pleasant. The hunter had a look around as the scent wafted her direction, growing stronger before a man sat down beside her at the bar.

It was him. He looked older than her but that didn't mean anything to Riddhi. Age didn't mean much to a vampire, even to one as young as her.

If he looked her way, she'd smile and sweetly ask, "Buy me a drink?"


An arcade bar was cute. Between the bright neon colors and clicking of coins in the background, there was nostalgia to be found here. He was even partial to trying a few pinball machines out that had caught his eye. Still, he’d found himself at the bar first, taking in the room and the people here, waiting for the bartender’s attention. It was a hub of activity and there were possibilities here. Maybes.

His eyes fell to the lady next to him and her captivating smile. Her dress. She was quick with the draw in a way that had him chuckling with his own grin. ”And what does the lady want?”

Riddhi looked him over blatantly, acting the part of a flirtatious woman at a bar before she looked at the menu next to her.

"A mojito." She'd never had one before. It sounded interesting enough if it meant throwing it up later.

"My name is Gayatri." Riddhi wasn't sure why she used the name of her sire. It felt out of her lips before she could take it back. Wasn't like she was alive to argue it anyway.
He gave her the moment to figure out what she wanted, thumb running over the ring now in his care. It was still hard to ignore the weight of it.

A mojito, how quaint. And an interesting name too, surely putting his own to shame. “Very nice. Lance,” he grinned, gaze moving to the bartender’s as they finally came over. There was something to be said when you had a woman next to you, attention seemed to be quicker.

“Whiskey on the rocks and a mojito.” And there the order went.
Lance. Lance. A name that evoked phallic imagery of men poking other men with sticks on horseback. She wondered if it was short for something.

He got a whisky on the rocks for himself, which sounded so unappealing for a woman who would throw it all up anyway but she forced herself to smile sweetly as she bowed her head in thanks. Then she began her subtle quest to search for eye contact, impatient with the new moon so near.

"What brings you here tonight, Lance?"
With that out of the way and the sound of pouring liquid filling the space, movement had him turning back to his surprising company.

“People watching. There’s always someone interesting that catches my eye.”

It would behoove him to figure a pesky little question out while he was ahead. He’d gotten a reminder, after all. He blinked harshly. ”Ah, sorry.” Rubbing at his eyes as if something had gotten in them, his power reached out, fingers tingling. Something was gripped, but it didn’t hold back, his gift sliding off as if buffeted by the wind. ”It seems an eyelash has taken me literally.” A small laugh.
People watching was a good excuse as any to find oneself in a pub alone. Sometimes people were just lonely. Riddhi certainly understood the feeling well enough. Especially in the last year.

But then he blinked. Apologized. Apparently, an eyelash. How unfortunate it would be to have to find someone else so soon to feed from.

"Are you alright?" She ducked her head a little, still searching for eye contact amidst the eyelash debacle. She played it off as concern, however.
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