Yellow Pages Centennial

this is best if viewed in as full of a screen as possible

Aware that he was spending much of his early night with one of his psychics, Raziyya nonetheless had left a gift (just one) on Beauregard's lower office desk, a little holographic gold gift bag overflowing with deep red tissue paper.

Such colors were, of course, nearly as important as the gift itself — which itself was caramel brown leather journal she had had made for the next 365 days, to be started on July 4th and ended on his next birthday. Beauregard was embossed along the spine, with First Century neatly titled on its front. On each page, she wrote a heading in her own practiced handwriting, dictating what he should write about. And, of course, there was a card, decorated only in crushed gold leaf on the front and with only her writing inside.

Dominus —
Happy birthday. I kept it to one gift this year, if split into 365 parts.

These questions and prompts are not for me, even if I speak in them or encourage you towards action with me. They are for you to express thoughts outside of your head and perhaps find some new realizations and ways to grow into your second century. Some are whimsical, some are personal, some have to do with the clutch and some have nothing to do with anything important at all. But I hope you can enjoy (or at least find some enjoyable frustration) in answering them. It is okay to skip days or go back to answer.

Yours always,


July 4, 2024 • Do you tend to have feelings of patriotism?
July 5, 2024 • How did your last hunt go?
July 6, 2024 • Invite someone out for a paired hunt as a surprise now that the new moon has passed.
July 7, 2024 • Recount the last time you encountered a flying animal larger than yours while in flight.
July 8, 2024 • Write down the pettiest suggestions you would like to use on your Regent.
July 9, 2024 • Describe the best outfit you put together in the last week.
July 10, 2024 • How did your hunting partner do?
July 11, 2024 • Provide your favorite three physical traits to judge in someone else.
July 12, 2024 • What's a funny secret you'll never share?
July 13, 2024 • List out some unexplainable personal events in your first century.
July 14, 2024 • What food do you miss? Why?
July 15, 2024 • If you could repaint the walls of your apartment to a different color, what would it be?
July 16, 2024 • Do you prefer blades or bullets? Why?
July 17, 2024 • If you could dress your Regent in a fur coat, what animal would it be?
July 18, 2024 • What happens when you change the side your hair is parted on? Do you hate it?
July 19, 2024 • Buy yourself something nice. Describe it.
July 20, 2024 • Do you prefer mountains or oceans? Why?
July 21, 2024 • What role would you play in a movie genre of your choice?
July 22, 2024 • Do you feel closer to human or vampire today?
July 23, 2024 • If you could be suggested to forget something, what would it be?
July 24, 2024 • Do you have a grave somewhere? Describe it.
July 25, 2024 • Did you enjoy the cooking class you ran a few months ago?
July 26, 2024 • Will you be watching the Olympics this year? What sport?
July 27, 2024 • It's the weekend. Go somewhere you've never been before. How does it go?
July 28, 2024 • Were you ever religious? When did that end, or are you still?
July 29, 2024 • Would you prefer wealth or anonymity, if you could only have one?
July 30, 2024 • What was your favorite toy as a child?
July 31, 2024 • What would you have done differently this month?

August 1, 2024 • Do you prefer feedings in summer or winter, accounting for the balance between clothing layers and sweat?
August 2, 2024 • What gives you a sense of awe?
August 3, 2024 • What was your most recent disappointment?
August 4, 2024 • List three things you will praise about yourself today.
August 5, 2024 • List three things you would like to complain about today.
August 6, 2024 • Are there certain activities when going out that you prefer to do alone?
August 7, 2024 • Do you still keep my strand of pearls? What does it mean to you now?
August 8, 2024 • What were your most recent thoughts of revenge?
August 9, 2024 • Describe yourself at fifteen.
August 10, 2024 • Would you like to hunt together tonight? Text me if the answer is yes. If it's no, why not?
August 11, 2024 • Did you attend your own funeral or were you unable to? Would you have wanted to?
August 12, 2024 • Crochet something you have not made before. How does it go?
August 13, 2024 • Do you prefer flying or driving?
August 14, 2024 • Do you prefer wearing summer or winter clothing?
August 15, 2024 • Does rain make you melancholic or joyful?
August 16, 2024 • Are there any shifters you don't like these days?
August 17, 2024 • Today marks six years since I joined Eventide. Thank you. How would you like to bully me today?
August 18, 2024 • What was your health like before you turned?
August 19, 2024 • How are you feeling today?
August 20, 2024 • Would you prefer to try fencing or archery? Have you done either of these in the past?
August 21, 2024 • What would you have named your first son?
August 22, 2024 • Would you prefer to get a manicure or a haircut tomorrow? Choose one and book it.
August 23, 2024 • How did whatever you chose (manicure or haircut) end up going?
August 24, 2024 • What is a complaint you have about cars these days?
August 25, 2024 • If you could study anything at the college, what would you choose?
August 26, 2024 • How do you feel when you first come back home for the day?
August 27, 2024 • Describe what is happening in your current favorite soap opera.
August 28, 2024 • Have you ever colored your hair? Would you?
August 29, 2024 • Have you ever been courted by a real mockingbird?
August 30, 2024 • Is there anything you still fear?
August 31, 2024 • What was your favorite memory this month?

September 1, 2024 • Were there any teachers you disliked in school?
September 2, 2024 • What was your favorite subject as a child? Did it change over time?
September 3, 2024 • List a creative suggestion you'd use on Safiya for fun today.
September 4, 2024 • What is your favorite part of the planetarium? Why?
September 5, 2024 • Do you prefer Hawknell or Lauderhill?
September 6, 2024 • Where did you last feel a sense of completeness?
September 7, 2024 • Do you prefer ballet or opera?
September 8, 2024 • Did you have any relationship with your grandparents?
September 9, 2024 • What was your favorite rule to break in school?
September 10, 2024 • Would you prefer to be young and single or married and old, given no other option?
September 11, 2024 • If you could change someone in your life, who would it be and how?
September 12, 2024 • Does holding hands with someone make you uncomfortable?
September 13, 2024 • What is the biggest advantage to being undead?
September 14, 2024 • Where is your favorite place to shop for new shirts?
September 15, 2024 • Are you holding on to something that harms you?
September 16, 2024 • What are you going to feed Annabel today?
September 17, 2024 • Have you ever attended a concert?
September 18, 2024 • How would you expect someone you dislike to describe you?
September 19, 2024 • Kill that person from yesterday's entry. State how.
September 20, 2024 • What song is stuck in your head today?
September 21, 2024 • Do you ever get harassed by bugs still?
September 22, 2024 • Do you prefer the look of leaves in the spring or the autumn?
September 23, 2024 • Have you ever written love poems?
September 24, 2024 • Have you been avoiding anyone? Why?
September 25, 2024 • What were your least favorite traits in your parents?
September 26, 2024 • Where do you prefer to take dinner dates these days?
September 27, 2024 • Are you feeling over- or under-stimulated today?
September 28, 2024 • What was your favorite physical activity as a young man? Sex does not count.
September 29, 2024 • Did you prefer red or white wine?
September 30, 2024 • Did you tend to wander more this month or stay in territory?

October 1, 2024 • Do you think the county will remain stable for the next ten years?
October 2, 2024 • Would you have wanted a younger brother or younger sister?
October 3, 2024 • What is the biggest risk you've taken in the past year?
October 4, 2024 • Think of some secret good deeds you can do in the next few weeks.
October 5, 2024 • Would you ever get a second pet for Annabel?
October 6, 2024 • If you knew that you were going to be changed at the end of it, how would you have lived your final human year?
October 7, 2024 • Are you having any repetitive thoughts lately?
October 8, 2024 • When did you last feel guilt?
October 9, 2024 • What is the biggest human tragedy that you lived through before you died?
October 10, 2024 • Did you enjoy horse riding with Safiya and I? Would you like to go again?
October 11, 2024 • Were you more of a reader when you were younger or now?
October 12, 2024 • Who are you most protective over besides yourself?
October 13, 2024 • Was there any movie you saw multiple times in theaters?
October 14, 2024 • If you could sail anywhere, where would you go?
October 15, 2024 • What cuisine or dish looks most appetizing when you are out on dinner dates?
October 16, 2024 • Have you ever driven or ridden a motorcycle?
October 17, 2024 • Who was kindest to you this month? How would you reward them?
October 18, 2024 • Do you believe we as vampires have an afterlife after this second life?
October 19, 2024 • What was your first real hobby that you invested money into?
October 20, 2024 • Do you recall any funny cases you argued as a lawyer?
October 21, 2024 • Has toothpaste become less strong for you at this point?
October 22, 2024 • When was your last bloodlust?
October 23, 2024 • Would it matter to you much if aliens existed?
October 24, 2024 • If you could grow a garden, what would you plant in it?
October 25, 2024 • What is your opinion of women's sports?
October 26, 2024 • Would you ever travel the continent again?
October 27, 2024 • Where in Europe is your family from originally?
October 28, 2024 • What is the longest distance you have ever run?
October 29, 2024 • Would you ever participate in trick or treating in your building?
October 30, 2024 • What is your costume for tomorrow? Are you excited?
October 31, 2024 • How did our Halloween party go this year?

November 1, 2024 • What would you be a patron saint of?
November 2, 2024 • Would you ever grow out a mustache for this month? Apparently it's a thing.
November 3, 2024 • Why did you never like siring vampires?
November 4, 2024 • What is the next theater show you are planning to see?
November 5, 2024 • Are you going to vote in the elections today?
November 6, 2024 • How are you feeling about the results, whether you voted or not?
November 7, 2024 • Were you ever bullied as a child or did you tend to do the bullying?
November 8, 2024 • How many states did you live in before Colorado?
November 9, 2024 • Is there anyone you'd like to encourage today?
November 10, 2024 • Which empire would you have liked to be part of?
November 11, 2024 • Was there ever a time you supported a war? Which?
November 12, 2024 • Would you ever go see a drag show?
November 13, 2024 • Has a woman ever asked you for a dance? Did or would you say yes?
November 14, 2024 • Did you have a sweet tooth as a child?
November 15, 2024 • Do you believe world peace is possible?
November 16, 2024 • Have you ever fed off a mother with a young child nearby?
November 17, 2024 • What are your plans tonight?
November 18, 2024 • In whose home would you like to be a fly on the wall?
November 19, 2024 • When did you last feel grateful?
November 20, 2024 • Who was the worst person you ever worked for?
November 21, 2024 • Is there any clutter in your apartment that you are putting off clearing up?
November 22, 2024 • When was the last time you watched someone you loved die?
November 23, 2024 • Write about your favorite type of person to feed off of these days.
November 24, 2024 • If you could introduce legislation about vampires, what would you push for?
November 25, 2024 • Would you describe yourself as materialistic?
November 26, 2024 • Have you ever been stalked by someone less powerful than you?
November 27, 2024 • Do you ever miss the ability to dream?
November 28, 2024 • Did you have a more meat-heavy diet or more vegetables and grains as a human?
November 29, 2024 • What are you buying on sale today?
November 30, 2024 • Do you prefer red or purple as a tie color?

December 1, 2024 • Do you prefer gifting or receiving gifts? Why?
December 2, 2024 • When was the last time you vomited for the sake of a dinner date?
December 3, 2024 • If you could erase one event from your life, what would it be?
December 4, 2024 • What is the highest you've ever flown? Would you do it again?
December 5, 2024 • What mythological figure do you see yourself closest to?
December 6, 2024 • If you could turn into a different bird, what would it be?
December 7, 2024 • What was your reaction to the attack on Pearl Harbor?
December 8, 2024 • Did you support equality among the sexes during the start of the Feminist movements?
December 9, 2024 • What is your general budget per night? Do you stick to it?
December 10, 2024 • Did you have pets as a child? Any favorites?
December 11, 2024 • Who was your favorite parent?
December 12, 2024 • Who would you like to challenge to an impromptu suggestion match right now?
December 13, 2024 • Do you have any songs from the 1990s that you secretly like?
December 14, 2024 • A magic lamp appears. What are your three wishes?
December 15, 2024 • Do you enjoy househunting shows?
December 16, 2024 • Is there anything you wish to accomplish before your second century?
December 17, 2024 • Were you ever into comic books?
December 18, 2024 • What is your theory on why we cannot enter churches or graveyards?
December 19, 2024 • Can you still read and write in French?
December 20, 2024 • Have you ever taken any sort of physical fitness or self defense classes? When was the last time?
December 21, 2024 • Tonight is the longest night of the year. Would you prefer to spend it alone or with another?
December 22, 2024 • What is your least favorite music genre these days?
December 23, 2024 • Were you ever an ice skater in winter?
December 24, 2024 • What was the worst illness you ever had as a human?
December 25, 2024 • Do you prefer snow on Christmas or balmy weather?
December 26, 2024 • Did you ever experiment with the same sex?
December 27, 2024 • Would you like to spar again some night?
December 28, 2024 • Do spiders or other crawling things scare you?
December 29, 2024 • Do you remember what it's like to feel cold?
December 30, 2024 • Do you like fireworks or do you prefer to block them out?
December 31, 2024 • It's the last day of the year. What are your feelings about it?

January 1, 2025 • Make a resolution. Keep it for a week.
January 2, 2025 • Watch the meteor shower tonight. Did you enjoy it?
January 3, 2025 • Do you still enjoy writing in this journal?
January 4, 2025 • What is your favorite radio station?
January 5, 2025 • Would you ever like to fly to the peak of Mount Belfry with me?
January 6, 2025 • What is your favorite emotion to induce in others?
January 7, 2025 • Have you ever witnessed a medical surgery?
January 8, 2025 • Did you keep that resolution or did something get in the way?
January 9, 2025 • Try to keep a new resolution now.
January 10, 2025 • Would you prefer a crown of gold or silver?
January 11, 2025 • Did you ever attempt whittling again?
January 12, 2025 • Do you prefer headphones or speakers when listening to music at home?
January 13, 2025 • Did you ever want a sibling? Older or younger?
January 14, 2025 • Do you recall any fossils being discovered around where you were from, while you were near there?
January 15, 2025 • Do you think Tikanni would enjoy being hitched up to a sled?
January 16, 2025 • Did you manage the second resolution?
January 17, 2025 • What do you think of spoken word music, or rap?
January 18, 2025 • What is your favorite day of the week?
January 19, 2025 • Do you miss Edvin? Do you ever talk to him?
January 20, 2025 • Do you prefer driving in snow or rain?
January 21, 2025 • Did you ever go camping as a human?
January 22, 2025 • Did you ever try to emulate a fictional character when you were young?
January 23, 2025 • When was the last time you broke a bone?
January 24, 2025 • Have you ever played contact sports?
January 25, 2025 • If you could go back in time with all the knowledge you have now, how far back would you go?
January 26, 2025 • What was your childhood home like, materially? How was it furnished?
January 27, 2025 • Who would you promote to Regent if anything happened to me?
January 28, 2025 • Is there any place in the county that you cannot stand?
January 29, 2025 • Which Greek God do you equate yourself to?
January 30, 2025 • Do you prefer urban, suburban, or rural spaces?
January 31, 2025 • Are you excited for the rest of the year?

February 1, 2025 • Recount your last incident of road rage, if ever.
February 2, 2025 • Do you think reincarnation is real, even for vampires?
February 3, 2025 • Do you prefer bare floors or carpeting?
February 4, 2025 • Is there any instrument you always wanted to know how to play?
February 5, 2025 • What did you think of the works of Picasso when he achieved celebrity status? Do you view them differently now?
February 6, 2025 • Would you ever pick a fight with someone just to impress a date?
February 7, 2025 • Do you believe space travel would ever be possible for vampires?
February 8, 2025 • Did you participate in any hazing rituals when you were in college?
February 9, 2025 • Will you be watching the Super Bowl this year?
February 10, 2025 • Do you participate in barber shop parlor talk?
February 11, 2025 • What was a point where someone changed your mind on a belief you held very strongly?
February 12, 2025 • Do you feel love for anyone currently?
February 13, 2025 • What does it mean for you to love someone else?
February 14, 2025 • What drew you to your first love?
February 15, 2025 • Who was your first real heartbreak?
February 16, 2025 • Did you prefer the romantic company of women or the platonic company of men?
February 17, 2025 • Will you ever let your hair grow a bit longer again?
February 18, 2025 • Are there people who give you energy after being around them?
February 19, 2025 • How involved are you in environmentalism?
February 20, 2025 • Did you ever meet a freed slave during your travels down from Canada? How did that interaction go?
February 21, 2025 • What do you think of reptiles as pets?
February 22, 2025 • Would you ever preside over a sparring tournament for the clutch?
February 23, 2025 • Did you ever wish for another name, especially when you were younger?
February 24, 2025 • Has anyone in your family ever held any noble or aristocratic titles?
February 25, 2025 • What do you think your parents would say if they appeared to you today and could comprehend your change?
February 26, 2025 • When did you last feel lonely?
February 27, 2025 • Do you follow any sports teams?
February 28, 2025 • February is short because it was considered the unluckiest month. How was your luck?

March 1, 2025 • Would it be too strange if we all decided to call you "Dominus Beauregard" in full whenever we address or speak of you?
March 2, 2025 • Have you ever seen what sort of things Arabella crochets? You two could compete.
March 3, 2025 • What upset you most in the past week?
March 4, 2025 • Do you prefer even numbers or multiples of 5?
March 5, 2025 • When was the last time you sat for a portrait?
March 6, 2025 • Do you believe the universe is infinite?
March 7, 2025 • What advice would you give to a proven vampire halfway around the world, assuming you were emailing back and forth?
March 8, 2025 • What was the last wedding you went to?
March 9, 2025 • Who is your all time favorite actress?
March 10, 2025 • Would you ever see yourself visiting the place of your birth again?
March 11, 2025 • What would you do if you had a full day where clutches did not exist?
March 12, 2025 • When did you last admit genuine fault in an argument?
March 13, 2025 • Are you in favor of transitioning to nuclear energy?
March 14, 2025 • Would you ever allow a filmmaking vampire to join our clutch?
March 15, 2025 • Beware the Ides. Who would you help assassinate?
March 16, 2025 • Were you more impressed by movies gaining speech or gaining color?
March 17, 2025 • What has been your luckiest suggestion so far this month?
March 18, 2025 • Would you wear a top hat in the future without it being a costume?
March 19, 2025 • What limb would you be willing to give up if forced to choose?
March 20, 2025 • Did you ever used to have allergies?
March 21, 2025 • Would you ever ride a giant shifter while they were in animal form?
March 22, 2025 • Do ever you find yourself in dead sleep while reading printed materials?
March 23, 2025 • Was today entertaining?
March 24, 2025 • Do you have any positive relationships with neighbors on your floor?
March 25, 2025 • Is there anyone you owe an apology to? Write out what you might say to them.
March 26, 2025 • Do you think Ezra has any close friends in the clutch yet?
March 27, 2025 • Did you ever climb trees as a child?
March 28, 2025 • Is there anyone who owes you an apology? Write out what you'd like them to say.
March 29, 2025 • Have you cried tears of joy any time in the past year?
March 30, 2025 • How many constellations can you identify without looking them up?
March 31, 2025 • Has March been more like a lion or lamb this year?

April 1, 2025 • What are your least favorite kinds of pranks?
April 2, 2025 • Do you believe a certain amount of wealth is unethical?
April 3, 2025 • Do you ever make wishes on dandelions? Make one this month if you see one.
April 4, 2025 • Have you interacted with Alby's animal form yet? What do you think of it?
April 5, 2025 • Did you ever consider becoming a politician in your human life?
April 6, 2025 • Besides food or dreams, what do you miss about being human?
April 7, 2025 • When did you develop your empath abilities?
April 8, 2025 • Who do you foresee becoming our next daywalker?
April 9, 2025 • Have you ever wished for the ability to turn invisible, or do you prefer to be seen at all times?
April 10, 2025 • If you could make someone over in the clutch, who would it be and how?
April 11, 2025 • Did you ever study any sciences? Did you enjoy them?
April 12, 2025 • How is Annabel doing today? Is she still fat?
April 13, 2025 • How do you handle spam texts?
April 14, 2025 • What gives you hope today?
April 15, 2025 • Do you pay much in taxes?
April 16, 2025 • Being that we run a planetarium, do you have a favorite planet? Why?
April 17, 2025 • What is the biggest taboo you have ever indulged in?
April 18, 2025 • Have you ever had a conflict with a stray cat as a bird?
April 19, 2025 • What is your favorite pair of shoes? Are they in need of repair?
April 20, 2025 • Have you ever fed from a person of law enforcement? Was it a thrill?
April 21, 2025 • List three pet peeves about humans.
April 22, 2025 • Are there any animated movies you enjoyed when they began to come out?
April 23, 2025 • What was the age difference between you and your youngest wife?
April 24, 2025 • Do you think it's best if we close our ranks to weaker vampires, or do we encourage new malleable blood?
April 25, 2025 • Have you ever participated in an in-person auction? What were you trying to get?
April 26, 2025 • Did you ever smoke before dying? Tobacco, marijuana, something else?
April 27, 2025 • When was the last time you went to Lotus as a customer?
April 28, 2025 • Has inflation affected you much?
April 29, 2025 • Have you ever worn a dress or makeup?
April 30, 2025 • Do you foresee next month going smoothly?

May 1, 2025 • If you founded a company this month, what service would it provide?
May 2, 2025 • Did you believe in Santa as a child?
May 3, 2025 • What are your favorite nail polish colors on a woman?
May 4, 2025 • Would you like to go hunting for a psychic to share with me after the new moon?
May 5, 2025 • What sort of music did you listen to in the 1980s?
May 6, 2025 • Is Lazarus good enough for Safiya yet?
May 7, 2025 • What are your thoughts on the current state of prisons in the US?
May 8, 2025 • If a sunless room were available, would you like to go train traveling together?
May 9, 2025 • Would you ever attend a derby?
May 10, 2025 • What is your favorite flower, either to gift or keep about the home?
May 11, 2025 • What was your favorite thing about your mother?
May 12, 2025 • What game shows do you like to watch? Do you ever imagine yourself on them?
May 13, 2025 • If you could trade abilities with anyone in the clutch, what would you take and what would you give?
May 14, 2025 • Is there someone you miss who you are sure is still around the county?
May 15, 2025 • Pick a French song to sing and visit me today. What song is it?
May 16, 2025 • How do you feel about Samuel's growth these days?
May 17, 2025 • Do you have any silly phobias?
May 18, 2025 • Did you ever indulge in horror books or movies?
May 19, 2025 • How are you at billiards?
May 20, 2025 • Do you prefer our borders open to the other clutch?
May 21, 2025 • Is there any historical genre you simply have to watch whenever someone makes a film on it?
May 22, 2025 • Is there any current music that you can't get out of your head?
May 23, 2025 • Do you feel the STF has our best interests at heart?
May 24, 2025 • Would you attend a vampire- and refreshments-only night cruise down the Greystone River?
May 25, 2025 • If you could travel across the oceans, which continent would you go to?
May 26, 2025 • Have you ever climbed a lighthouse?
May 27, 2025 • What sort of earrings do you favor on a woman?
May 28, 2025 • Do you have a preferred school of philosophical thought that you follow these days?
May 29, 2025 • Did you prefer another school of philosophical thought as a young adult?
May 30, 2025 • How would you sum up this past May in one word?
May 31, 2025 • Summer is almost here. Do you prefer women in short or long dresses?

June 1, 2025 • Take a walk for an hour outside before sunset. Write down the most interesting thing that happens.
June 2, 2025 • Do you tend to feel envy towards anyone these days?
June 3, 2025 • Do you still fear fire like you did when you were not Dominus?
June 4, 2025 • What is a weakness you refuse to acknowledge in front of anyone else?
June 5, 2025 • What is a strength of yours that you wish someone else would praise?
June 6, 2025 • Take Safiya out for her birthday, one on one, and describe how it goes.
June 7, 2025 • What do you think of hairless cats?
June 8, 2025 • Do you enjoy following global politics or do you prefer to keep your concerns local?
June 9, 2025 • Where is your favorite place to go to in Cheyenne Point?
June 10, 2025 • Do you believe in evolution?
June 11, 2025 • Whose animal form is your favorite in the clutch besides yours or mine?
June 12, 2025 • Is there any language you have an interest in learning?
June 13, 2025 • Would you be inclined to volunteer for a cause in the near future?
June 14, 2025 • Have you practiced your shooting lately?
June 15, 2025 • What was your favorite thing about your father?
June 16, 2025 • Do you enjoy any foreign films?
June 17, 2025 • Are there any TV series you hate-watch?
June 18, 2025 • Are you feeling conflicted or at peace today?
June 19, 2025 • Is investing in stocks something you enjoy overseeing or do you prefer to leave it to a broker?
June 20, 2025 • Who won the summer solstice suggestion competition?
June 21, 2025 • How has your personality differed between vampire and human worlds?
June 22, 2025 • Who are you feeling petty about today?
June 23, 2025 • Did you have a favorite ice cream flavor when you were alive?
June 24, 2025 • Would you ever permit a movie or book to be made about you?
June 25, 2025 • What do you make of the climate crisis?
June 26, 2025 • Take some time to go to a garden or wooded area and watch fireflies dance. Did you enjoy it?
June 27, 2025 • Did you ever have imaginary friends as a boy?
June 28, 2025 • Are there people who make you feel drained around them?
June 29, 2025 • What mischief do you think Edvin is up to these days?
June 30, 2025 • If you could redo any day of this month, which would it be?

July 1, 2025 • Would you ever go swimming with me at the quarry in Hollowstone?
July 2, 2025 • It's almost your birthday. How would you describe your past year in three words?
July 3, 2025 • Happy birthday! What hopes do you have for next year?
The dominus should have known to search his office on his birthday. But as it was, he would arrive a day late to find the gift she'd left for him. (Though it would seem she'd anticipated this.)

And what a gift it was. He stood in his office, admiring the aesthetic of the card she'd absolutely picked with care, to reveal a note she wrote ever so gently. Beauregard was a child before her years, and at times he detected that from her. Here he sensed it only with warmth, in her guidance as he read and she instructed.

What a woman. Taraneh, his praetor, always. There was a bond far beyond official clutch titles, and perhaps even made stronger for the way that it held past those bounds.

He thumbed through the prompts before deciding better of it. Surprise would be his friend here, to limit overthinking. He wandered back to the first page, then realized he would need to find a fine enough pen for the project. Or perhaps whatever was around, the variability part of the experience.

In the end, he would tell her nothing, but he would leave the journal on his desk on full display for the woman he knew held a key. His first answer would be brief, but he was certain the length of each of his responses would vary.

July 4, 2024 • Do you tend to have feelings of patriotism?

If it suits for a hunt, or if I am properly insulted.

What is the value in spitting where I will continue to stand at least another decade?
By the next morning after the night of fireworks, she had expected to hear something from him. But what if he hadn't come by? Should she have taken it to his home instead? That was a place she did not have a key to, and leaving it swinging on his doorknob felt fairly precarious. What if a neighbor took it, read it?

Arriving at the planetarium again, Raziyya snuck in, expecting it to look the same as before, and if so she would need to track him down for the sake of her own protectiveness.

But! That was not the case. There the journal was on the desk. At first, she wondered if his moodiness had returned and he had rejected the gift. That would hurt, but it wasn't —

Oh. No, he answered the first day, she saw accidentally as she opened the book, index finger rested against the cut of the page. And then he'd left it here.

She laughed to herself. It was a game, then. She did not intend to read this when she'd given it to him. But if he was offering, that was another matter completely.

The journal was left on his chair, so he could have his own little moment of confusion when he looked for it. Acknowledged, Beauregard.
It would not be every day that the journal ended up on his desk. At times it would be home, in his car. Away from prying eyes that did not belong to the woman who had gifted him in the first place, but within reach of her, if she sought it.

Lucky for the dominus, his last hunt had been lovely, particularly given the time of the month, though he never risked it the last few days before the new moon.

July 5, 2024 • How did your last hunt go?

Her name was Michelle, and she enjoyed all but the feeding itself. A mature woman, not a mewling twenty-something. I'd caught her at an outing with coworkers looking a smidge lonely. She was happy for my attention, and I was happy to lavish it upon her. I find it is often the older women who can make a man feel younger. Girls can rather highlight the age difference.

I somewhat regret that it was necessary for me to clear her memory of it at the end, but she grew weak at the knees after a fairly paltry feeding. To keep her around would be to kill her, and how dreadfully that would be.

The following day, he began early with rebellion:

July 6, 2024 • Invite someone out for a paired hunt as a surprise now that the new moon has passed.

Paired hunts are for two vampires who both wish to go home hungry. As I do not currently fit this profile, I will consider it another time.
July 7, 2024 • Recount the last time you encountered a flying animal larger than yours while in flight.

It was sometime in November. I saw her, a bright and beautiful owl, sweeping below me to catch something in the grass, and was startled nearly to bloodlust.

I sometimes believe these creatures are the greatest risk to my life. I wouldn't even hear one coming, perhaps one moment of curiosity before the piercing. Terrifying!

The final exclamation point wild and enthusiastic, written flaired of his own sentiment.

July 8, 2024 • Write down the pettiest suggestions you would like to use on your Regent.

I will come back to this when it strikes me. The pettiest thoughts happen in the moment.

July 9, 2024 • Describe the best outfit you put together in the last week.

(in which Beauregard would tastefully describe some kind of nice, moderately dressy outfit, but Drew isn't fashionable enough to do so)

July 10, 2024 • How did your hunting partner do?

I believe you returned to add this page later entirely to comment on my disobedience.
A day when she did not see it anywhere in his office translated to a few more days where she did not look for it, figuring that he would prefer to keep some things to himself. However, it was on the 11th that she came into contact with the book again, while looking about one of his spaces in a moment alone to see if she'd dropped a long lost earring in its space.

And in a moment of privacy again, she could not resist the temptation to see what was in it. It felt like less like a journal and more like letters they were writing each other.

The tale of his hunt on the entry for the 5th set a smile to her face. She had noticed over the years that his tastes ranged wide, sometimes even in direct contradiction to each other. What he loved one month was what he scorned the next. The sort of thing she could appreciate only when she was not part of his pantry.

The 6th was answered with a sparkling petulance, clearly a leftover new moon mood. Raziyya clicked her tongue, seeing very clearly that he had not come back to do it in the time since. Did he not enjoy the times they had hunted together in the past? Nonsense; she would not let her feelings sway on them, and instead would have to be the one to bully him into it some night. They did have forever, or something close to it. And even now he still had a duty to his clutch, to guide and inspire those who could grow under it.

A turn of the page and she found entertainment to soothe, as well as make her wish she was there to soothe him. Owls were very, very stealthy fliers. She could understand the fear, as much as the wonder. She'd known some vampires with the form, something in the structure allowing for such unsettling silence. She ran a finger gently over the impressed ink on the page, as if the act might take her back to the moment he'd written it.

The eighth was yet another unanswered question, but a second read and the answer was just as petty as it had been intended to be, if not actually an answer.

She enjoyed the outfit description. He was a man of crisp taste, and he dressed to his role well. He flipped back to childishness for yesterday's response, and she was tempted here to write him an answer. Instead, she decided to wait another week to ask, which would coincidentally be when she next came into contact with the diary again.
The next question was truly tailored for him. A gift from the woman he still considered praetor in his heart.

July 11, 2024 • Provide your favorite three physical traits to judge in someone else.

The cleanliness and shape of fingernails.
Every quality of a person's gait.
The area around the eyes. Less so the eyes themselves.

The next, a gift for Raziyya, and he found the strength to write it only for the way he imagined her expression upon reading it. Where her face might crinkle, where her teeth might flash.

July 12, 2024 • What's a funny secret you'll never share?

I was told early in my time as a vampire that self-suggestion was possible by using a mirror. This information came to me from a number of trusted clutch members, all quite senior. Many times I was tut-tutted for having not yet mastered the ability. This continued for literal years.

Eventually, horrifically embarrassed that I had not yet managed it, I simply lied and said that I had. How proud I was that everyone seemed to believe me!

It would make a delightful tale these days that I'm certain anyone hearing it would enjoy, but the visceral hideousness of that idiot's pride I felt is enough to make me ill even in describing it here.
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