Sk8 City happy birthday! don't use your powers ever again!
"Ohhhhh that makes more sense!" Suki replied with a giggle. "Silly me!"

She assumed simmentals were horsies.

"So you get all the outside, huh!"

She was a little jealous, really.
"All day every day," he agreed with an easy smile. "Actually grew up doing the same thing so... Catch me outside, I guess."


She was the sort of girl he didn't really imagine was outside much, actually. But that didn't... uh, put him off, at all.
"But I caught you inside!" She retorted, giggling, and pressing his hand. "I'm inside a lot. I do translation contracts, so I need my computer."

Of course she could do that outside, but, battery life!
Caught him. Yep, she'd definitely done that.

She was, not very surprisingly, the type to be on a computer for means and money. But what she actually did was just about as interesting as she was. "What do you translate?" Admittedly, looking at her he could not have told you where she was from.
"I can sound silly sometimes but I'm very good with languages! I speak English, duh, Japanese, Korean and French, and I translate anything people need!" She declared, very proud.

Hiding in the cotton candy at the inn didn't mean she stopped working, oh no.
Man, that was definitely more than him on that front.

"That's pretty cool. Way different talents." Them, he meant, in comparing them. The acknowledgement of her silliness was endearing, too, but he couldn't tell her that. "And yet here we are, skating!"

It was the sort of thing that could get him inside, to meet other people who also hung out inside sometimes.
"It's good to get out of the house, or station." She added, using the first word he had mentioned.

Then grinned.

"I helped with the skates, you will help with the horsies. We can learn from each other."

Like she was helping Sasaki-san with the English, and he was making her feel safe, smart, useful and appreciated.
"Sounds like one hell of a good trade off to me," he agreed. They were summing up their final lap and he was glad that he had already snagged a second meeting with her or he might have felt disappointed.
"I won't be as good with horsies as you are with skates, though." She mused. "Maybe I'll need to visit you many times."

A smooth break as the last lap concluded.
And to the exit, he rolled. Overly warm but happy.

"I'm not to complain about that. Consider a few riding lessons as your final birthday present?"
"That's a lot of presents! But okay, only if you really really want to."

She didn't want to be greedy, but this looked very fun! And he was fun!
Frankly, horse lessons were about the only ones actually worth anything at all, but... hey.

"I've not got many friends outside the ranch yet, so... you'd be doing me a favor, too."

Just for the matter of transparency. It wasn't like he was here offering without expecting they'd become more than acquaintances about it.
"I can be your friend!" She decided. "I have some, but not many. I work by myself, so sometimes it gets lonely."

And she was a little scared that the names she had in her phone were vampires. Even if they were nice when she met them, it didn't mean... Nononono, don't think about vampires.
"Makes sense." A good reason for him to never sit at a desk all day, on top of... all the others! "Well, we'll get you some outdoor time and some horsemanship skills. Friends."

Even if nothing else came of that, he would like it. She seemed a very genuine person, which was about all he really was after from most people.
"Friends! Now let's get these numbers swapped before we forgot and feel very bad about ourselves!"

It would be a shame to forget this!
Really, truly, very cute.

"You got it, Suki. Come on."

They'd get out of skates, to phones, and make this more than just an idea.
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