Alameda Makin my way down town, walkin fast, I'm a jag


Blair was better; fine and froggy as she slung her worn tote bag over her shoulder. It had been with her through thick and thin and it had seen better days but she was attached to it- the patches and stitch jobs showed it.

She had two cups of to-go coffee's for her and Frank, arriving back at his front door and giving a knock before waiting patiently.

This would be fun, going on her first patrol.


Finally, after talking about it for a while, their schedules aligned and tonight would be all about showing Blair the ropes to at least how he handled patrolling in a way that the cat was happy about, his own anxiety assuaged alongside.

A knock and she wouldn’t be waiting long as he picked up keys, shoes already on before opening the door. Her familiar face greeted him and he smiled, jaguar offering its own roo of one before offering a bullish headbutt, as Frank moved to give a side hug. ”Hey, how’s it going?” And was that coffee? It certainly smelled like it.
Blair was worlds better since last she was here; color to her always pale face as it were. She enjoyed Frank's company very much, his jaguar a comfort to her own who was rooing just as eagerly at seeing familiar face and fur all at once again.

Meeting headbutt with Blair returning the side hug rather carefully so as to not spill.

"Pretty good, don't have many complaints honestly, you? " she told him as she held a coffee his way, "I hope that a caramel macchiato is good? I got it at a lil cafe spot near my place, they make amazing coffee. "
She looked and was doing better, something that was great to see. ”I’m doing good as well, looking forward to tonight.”

Taking the offered coffee, he nodded to the question. ”It’s perfect, thank you.” turning to the door, he closed and locked it while continuing to talk. ”I’ll have to keep an eye open for them next time I’m over there.”

Everything squared away, he smiled. ”Ready? I can drive.”
"I'm glad to hear it, " she said smiling as she let her jaguar chew on the others ear for a moment before letting go.

Taking a drink of her coffee, "It's a nice little shop, small with a little outdoor set up, can't miss it, " she promised him as her head nodded.

"Ready as I'll ever be, and sure, " she walked so she didn't think Frank wanted to be carried around via piggy back. "So patrolling, I'm assuming its how it sounds...checking on things that are around? "
It sounded very cute and an absolute gem of a coffee shop to stop by.

At her confirmation, he started heading to his car, unlocking it upon approach as she asked about patrolling. ”Yep, more or less. I have, um,” he paused with a hand on the driver’s side door to try to figure out how to explain it, ”A sort of sense in my head of where you all are and any other weres in Alameda. I like to start in those areas first, park, walk around, just to make sure there isn’t anything weird happening or vampires hanging out.”

Door opening, he’d move inside and wait for her to join him before continuing. ”And then from there, I’ll generally go around areas I know a lot of locals hang out at, or I hadn’t gone through in a few days.”
"So you can tell where we all are in the territory? Thats awesome and makes sense on how you knew where i was that one time i was shifting by the ice cream shop," Blair mused out.

Settling in the car with him and coffee In hand as she buckled up out of habit.

"So can you tell if there arw vampires or other weres around as well? " she was very curious about King powers.
She was catching on quick and he nodded, glad to see it didn’t exactly throw her for a loop. Frank didn’t exactly understand how it worked either, other than bullshit magic and probably something about the virus being able to signal, a theory far more complex than he exactly wanted to go down today.

Moving the coffee to the cupholder and buckling up, he’d wait for her to get settled, car turning on. ”Weres I can tell for sure, but not to the same clarity as with y’all. It would save me a whole lot of lost sleep if it were possible to do the same with vampires, but they’re something I can’t pick up on. It’s why I do this so much, really.”
"So you would have to sense a vampire how we all do...seems so strange that the leader powers don'tlet you sense vampires, " small joke there.

"So, can sense other weres but can sense who in the prowl better in the territroy...awesome alright, i see the importance of these even more now just to get a feel."
Boy did he agree, nodding along as she mused aloud. With her all buckled up, he began backing up out of the driveway and into the road.

”Yeah, it’s why leaders usually prefer to have everyone in the territory. Easier to help and all.”
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