Dainty Bird Diner Blue Yeen Special

backdated to the evening of the full moon

Lucine had had the decency to shift about a mile out from any visible buildings.

The hyena did not give a fuck. After crudely tearing apart a rabbit and finding it was not at all filling, she went off to find other grub. A trail of rabbit and mice bones later and she was squared off with a backlit building. Stocky body lowered into a thick patch of unmowed summer grass. She watched. Eyes luminesced when the occasional pair of headlights swiped past her hiding spot.

It didn’t seem to be a bustling place, especially in the very late evening. So the hyena began to scoot closer, led by her nose towards a bag of trash by the dumpster at the edge of the back lot.
You know, Gabe had enjoyed coming out here that day with Axel, even if he hadn't eaten anything. But he was back in town and on location to try out this space as a hunting place. Only it was pretty empty tonight, and a look to the sky revealed why.

Full mooooon. And people smart enough not to get stuck out here on it.

He kicked a rock sulkily and found that it hit a bone in return. Actually there was a whole trail of entrails and things ™ he was seeing. He followed it, before long, he was making eye contact with a creature right out of a Lion King movie.

Gabe paused some couple of yards away, and squinted in curiosity.
The dog-ish creature's sickly yellow eyes flashed in the dark and parking lot lights. Upon sight of the two-legged stranger, she stopped in her tracks with one paw lifted. Her lips drew back in a terrible grin that physically could not reach her eyes. Like she saw someone she knew but spilled a drink on them last time they met.

Except this was a hyena. She didn't have thumbs to do those kinds of things.

The two-legged animal didn't smell all the different from the trash. Maybe meatier. The dumpster of a butcher shop. An uncertain little chuckle wiggled her throat and she set her paw down to continue her (slower) creep towards the trash while still keeping an eye on him.
There was no cool edgy way to encounter a freaking giant ass hyena. The closer it got, the scareder and wider-eyed he got about it. He took steps back, trying to keep space. It had, like... feelings? That was a stupid thought. It was more like it gave off a feeling.

He'd realize what it meant later.

"Nnn... hey! Back!" he lifted his arms up above his head. Because you could scare off an animal if you made yourself look bigger, right?
The meaty smelling man really wanted her attention. Yelling and waving his arms around brought the hyena to a stop again. She breathed audibly, first through her nose in great long huffs and then began to pant.

Was he defending the trash?

"Heeee-huh-heheheh." was her response and, with her brushy tail flagged, she started to move towards him instead. The hyena was not picky about her food, nor where it came from.
Oh man. Oh no. That sound was UNSETTLING. Gabe felt the danger, felt unsure of himself. Didn't fulllyyyyy understand how he could have used him magic power for evil since he'd rarely been able to do so. But he did have one safeguard — and it was a bad one.

As he started to try to turn and flee, instead he tripped on his own feet in the process, and as he fell, that half second sprouted a gauntifying of his face and fingers as elongated tusk fangs and pointy stiletto claws creaked into form. It was a fast transformation into bloodlust, beat only by the fact that he'd definitely hit the ground face first.
She charged at him the second he turned to run. Her dainty feet tittering across the asphalt in a scattering of dusty pebbles.

But the hyena did not expect him to trip as she leapt at him with more vertical reach than length.


He was pushing himself up only to see her landing so close in front of him.

A hiss as he slashed back at her nearest of legs, high pitched a whine like gas escaping a cannister.


Take a hit next turn

Claws! Her nose wrinkled to show gnarly teeth and she shirked back before his claws were away from her. The hyena bounced forward to bite his leg. She didn't hold on, wary of the nails he clearly had now, but struck nonetheless with a huffy cackle betraying her anxieties.


She was fast. Around him to his legs unwelcome, and savaging one. He hissed forward in an instinctive lurch as she bounced back, and thank goodness he too was fast, attempting to leave something on her side as she retreated.

The space between allowed him a precious second to attempt to get back to his feet, mauled as one was.


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