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They had tried to bond as tigers. Maybe Jade and Amira enjoyed their time, but he and Ruth did not seem to have cats that particularly enjoyed the company of others. Forcing the issue felt wrong.

Certainly the cats didn't need to love each other for the humans to form a group. Especially if the people were friendly with one another. As long as no one wanted to kill each other, he didn't see why they couldn't all still coexist and reap the benefits.

Which was why he'd invited everyone here to the river today. It helped that the float started in Opal Wash.

Charlie made sure to arrive well ahead of time to grab them a place to sit by the Tigers Eye booth and already have fair food at the table so they could get in the river without too much wasted time.

Arriving early and knowing Amira was busy with the booth gave him time to pull himself together again. It was nightmarish. He wished he at least had the courtesy of not remembering his shifts. But it was horrific coming home every evening to stare at his half-empty living room, knowing that he had had a heavy hand in the death of this woman. The excuse that she knew the risks was disgusting. He had put her in a horrible situation. He had taken responsibility for her. Was ready to dedicate time, and energy, and a whole lot of blood.

And he'd killed her. And eaten her.

Charlie felt ill. The tiger felt nothing. And that feeling was beginning to eek into him. It was what is was. Right? So all he had now was to make sure no one ever found out.

He sipped on a large lemonade, not finding the energy to eat, while he waited.

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So meeting up with everyone today! That was cool. Cool, cool, cool. So up rolled Cody, with a comically large drink, that he was sipping from. He had to admit that he was looking forward to it, so up he strolled, a brush of white and feline pulled him towards a table already loaded up with various things and there sat an older man who had that big cat energy about him.

So Cody raised his hand, giving it a wave as he approached. "Hey! Charlie, yeah?" He would switch his drink from his right hand to his left and offer out his right for a shake.

"Nice to finally meet you!" He gave a smile before sitting down opposite of him, rocking the wooden bench some as it didn't seem to be on perfectly stable ground.

vaguely NSFW maybe because swimsuit looks also that jacket is zipped for now thanks

Jade could have found the other tigers blindfolded, which was a good thing considering she only knew what Amira looked like, and had only seen the others in their fur suit, or not at all for Happy New Guy.

Foxy was already chuffing in her head, eager to see the tigers again, and another one too! But the human part wanted to be a little sneaky perhaps, trying to get a look before she got noticed. Two men were by the stand, and she was trying to see which one was Amira's "just a friend" and which was "status unknown".

There had been zero gossip in her old group but she was certainly not above it in general >:]

Now, now, could they notice her? (She wasn't being as subtle as she thought.)


Amira was happily working the booth, waiting for her tiger pals. She was excited to go out and explore with them, see how they all worked together and just see what may come from today.

Mostly, she hoped it was for fun.

When she saw Charlie, followed by Cody, she tugged off her apron from around her neck and hung it up to leave the booth in the capable hands of her staff here as she popped out, "Hi Charlie! Cody you made it! " she said happy to see the other new tiger before looking around until she spotted Jade.

Smiling and waving in her direction, "Hi! Wow its such a great day and good to see you all again, " Amira said as she freed her hair from the hairnet and stuffed it into her pocket.
The energy in the air shifted relatively quickly. Another man approached and the tiger's tail gave an annoyed flick in response. Charlie smiled.

"Charlie, yeah. Cody? Great to meet you." Their fourth since Ruth had decided against joining them. He gestured at the table for the younger man to sit.

Amira joined them next, just a hop away at the booth. And caught Jade out lurking (?) nearby. Weird. The tiger rumbled. "I'm glad we could all make it. Help yourself. I tried to get a little bit of everything? Fries, funnel cake, turkey legs." The funnel cake was very small in the sea of fried potatoes and massive turkey drumsticks. He grabbed a turkey leg himself, feeling the need to make the first move to avoid any unpleasant feelings.
She was spotted alright. Maybe she should leave the stalking to Foxy next time. No problem though, as she walked toward the group who might be an actual group soon.

"Helloooo!" She greeted as she approached.

They weren't that hungry until they noticed the food, really. And then, whoops, priority number one.

"This all smells amazing." She commented.
Ahhh! He made it! "Hey Amira! I did make it! Thanks for putting all this together. Both of you!" He gave another big sluuuurp of his drink, his tiger's nose up in the air and sniffing at everything. Twin stomachs rumbled at the food offered and he immediately reached out for some fries and a turkey leg. He had been aware of another but until she came out and introduced herself, both man and animal didn't seem bothered by it.

"Likewise, man. Thanks for grabbing all this!" As he took a bite of the turkey leg, eyelids fluttering some. God, so unhealthy and so perfect.

Finally the one lurking came out and Cody lifted the leg in greeting. "Mmnnloo" Mouthful of food. Rude. :c
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