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It was a delightful surprise to have such a planned conversation with a vampire she’d hoped would eventually reach out again. Decisions took time and Catrina could not fault her for it. Time bore fruit though and here she was waiting for the harvest.

At the agreed upon location, Catrina waited patiently for her company this night, already tracking her movement as she walked upon territory. She looked forward to that feeling of strangeness to be smudged out and replaced with something far kinder depending on a conversation that would no doubt go well.

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It had been a short bus ride before the feeling of territory had her shiver. Last time she had crossed borders, she had been welcomed by the strangest of phenomenon, a voice in her head. Perhaps she would mention this to Catrina tonight.

Her steps led her towards her destination, each one adding just a little more nervousness to her usually serene interior landscape. Deep breaths might not be needed, but they certainly gave her something to focus on while she walked.

A vaguely familiar silhouette was just ahead. She gave a hesitant wave as she got closer.

"Good evening?"

It shouldn't have been a question though.
There she was, looking mighty colorful amongst the night scene. She offered her own wave in return and soon a greeting was had, though the end to it was odd.

”I do hope so,” she teased. ”It is wonderful to see you again. You will have to update me on how you’ve been.”
That got a chuckle out of her, some of the tension melting away.

"I've been... well." Mostly. "Navigating this new life of mine. New chapter, I should say."

A smile.

"Tilda taught me about suggestion." She added.
All was well. She even had a positive spin upon her life which was a good sign of easing in and embracing the experience for what it was — opportunity. A new chapter and goodness, Matilda had even offered a hand in mentoring. What a dear. Catrina was oh so curious as to how Arianell had managed to hunt all this time without it. With a lot of effort, no doubt, or was she privy to her own collection of blood bags? ”Oh good.”

”How sweet of her. May I ask how it went?” Catrina would begin to walk assuming the woman would stay in step beside her.
Indeed Arianell would match her possible future leader's steps.

"This is not an exact science, now, is it?" She commented with a little smile. "But it worked, somehow. On my first try."

And she felt guilty everytime she used it, but it was a necessary evil, even if it chafed at her morals.
Unfortunately, it wasn’t. Suggestion was fickle magic, but when it was on your side there was seemingly unlimited potential to tap into.

”Perhaps, you are a natural then,” she said cheerfully. ”It’s not every day the magic flows so well on someone’s first try.”
Or maybe the magic had been gathering in her all this time and had to get out.

"Perhaps. I admit I don't like using this much, but it's necessary to this life."
Ah, a familiar thought. ”Aye, it is.” She offered a small smile. It was a sentiment Catrina could not fully understand, not at this point in her life, but there were others in the clutch that fully could.

”There are several members of the clutch who are working through the same as well.”
That was a comforting thought. The others still learning... of course, it made sense, really, but Arianell's view of the groups was of a flawless powerful unit. Which was unlikely. There were all individuals resembling humans, after all.

In time, she would get to help the least confident ones as well.

"I used to be... hidden away." She started. "Which makes me, at times, helpless."

She didn't like mentioning her old life very much, but if Catrina was to be her leader, she needed to know her past.
Now that was a bit of background she had been missing and suddenly answers to questions surrounding this vampire before her started clicking into place.

”Goodness, to deprive the world of your presence is a sin. I can assure you, you will never encounter that here.”
Arianell had a shy chuckle at this phrasing.

"Admittedly my family put me to good use." She said, and while this was a weird way to put it, she stood by it. "I was wanting for nothing, except agency. Which is everything, in the end. Which was why I was hesitant at the idea of having another... structure over me."
Catrina very much did not like the wording there. Arianell was not some beastly ox meant to sow fields to earn her keep. She was a being, a vampire at that, that deserved dignity and to be seen more than whatever use a human could dream for her.

Agency was everything in this life. To be hesitant of walking into another pair of shackles that deceived its viewers by appearing to be milk and honey at first was understandable.

”A valid fear to have. Is there anything I can answer for you to assuage any remnants of trepidation about Rhiannon or me?”
She had a very good opinion of Catrina, and all her fears were not directed at her specifically, but she was grateful for the opportunity to address them.

"Well, alright. How do you deal with unfortunate accidents?"

She had been lucky to avoid them so far, but she knew that she was walking a fine line sometimes when the moon was unfavorable.
What a good question to start with.

”Unfortunate they may be, it depends on a variety of factors.” She had seen many things as her time as domina, but also, in general. It was hard to know exactly what one would do, when life had a way of keeping you on your toes at all hours.

”But, I generally prefer to understand the whys and come from a place of guidance and protection for yourself, the clutch, and our kind as a whole. We are all trying our best, learning as we go and as such, I will help how I can.” And she was kind in the amount of grace extended.
She nodded.

"Accidents are not always avoidable, but I do want to lower the odds of a tragic end for everyone involved."

That was probably her main motivation for reaching out, after all.
That they did and Arianell was already making lovely strides to improve such odds. ”Of course, it is something we should all aspire to. I do not much care for tragedy no matter who the other party is.” And there was much to be done through one's journey.

”Growing into your abilities and walking with a clutch will aid you significantly as we are a built in safety net.”
So far, so good. She nodded with a smile.

"I imagine there would be things you would expect me to do to honor this safety net." She replied.
Arianell was not unaware of how the world worked even if there were somethings with vampire society that were left needing a light shined on.

”Of course, we have our rules, but besides that, I simply want you to be yourself and open to spending time with others.”

She looked at her with questioning. ”I can go through them now if you’d like. I imagine you may have questions about a few.”
A chuckle.

"What you said is basically the premise of a friend group, which I am glad it is part of this whole dynamic." She commented before nodding. "I would like to know the rules, yes."

In case some of them clashed with her beliefs, which she doubted, but better be informed.
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