Tiger's Eye Café stripes, darling
He was there before the sun had fully set. His silver jeep pulled into the closest parking spot and amidst the bits of old chunks of dirt, a few rocks and a spare tire sat a bag that had a change of clothes, a few bottles of water and some pre-packaged food because the last full moon he woke up feeling far too hungry and the tiger was already huffing about for food, which hadn't helped his mood any.

He had texted Amira to let her know he had been on his way and just as he got out and closed the door, he felt that familiar pull of pent up energy and a big cat wanting out. Hold out just a little bit longer, big guy!

"Yooooo, Amira!" He'd call out towards the cafe happily, raising his arm in a wave to get her attention (if she was even inside).
Amira was in just casual clothes; nothing special, it was probably going to get filthy so she just wore simple baggy clothes. With her backpack with blankets, spare clothes, and snacks, she was making a pair of fruit bubble teas for her and Cody to drink on their way out. Fruit was tasty and extra bouncy energy on this full moon too.

His voice hit her fast as she came out with two orange and white striped drinks (hehe), "Hey Cody, one sec, let me lock up! " she told him as she locked and set the alarm for the cafe before tucking her keys away.

Grabbing the drink, she walked over to hand it to him, "How are you? "
Pleased to see her on both fronts. Both man and tiger made a happy noise, even if only one could be heard out loud. She looked to be in good spirits which was great because HE WAS TOO!

The chance to share a full moon with another tiger had him excited every since their lucky meeting at the bowling alley. Imagine the chances of a full moon happening Friday and he showing up to see about starting a job there the following morning.

Mayyybe, the timing was a bit off. But he felt pretty sure that she wouldn't mind him not staggering in and around until maybe noon. Considering he'd likely be crashing somewhere around here for the remainder of the night.

Though she came out with drinks and he perked up even more. "What'cha got?!" He questioned as he padded over, amusement on his face at the color of the drinks she held. One was offered and he took it without a second thought, lifting it up to acknowledge the fact she made it tiger striped.

"Good! Excited to let the big guy out for a while. We haven't had the chance since I left Denver." And he had some pent up energy to let loose.
"These are essentially the orange dreamsicle pops i found out were so good here! " she told him as she offered him the boba drink.

That earned him a shocked look, "Well, lets walk and talk, yea? I'll lead us to a good spot where both of them will have a good time, " she told him as she encouraged him to follow.

"You finding things well so far? "
Orange dreamsicle was, as a fact, the best flavor out there. So having it in the form of a drink had him eagerly accepting the drink, only to slurp at it through the straw like a caveman. The sudden cold chilling his tongue as a few of the boba balls completed the masterpiece of flavor. The promise of having a good time was all his tiger could think about, the large cat pacing back and forth inside his head.

"This is delicious!" He said quickly after swallowing, bobbing his head into a nod as he turned to walk alongside her.

"I am! I went down to that butcher shop and spent quite a bit but I should be stocked up for a while." Initial costs were everything. "Haven't gotten out much beyond that because I've been trying to get my place finally set up. I actually bought some chairs and a couch. Which is something I never thought I'd spend money on." Not when both he and his cat could lounge anywhere and be happy.
A rather proud smile on her face from that one.

"I'll put it on the menu then; we were the test tigers, " she said with a cheeky grin on that. It was silly, sure, but she had to get an outside opinion on the drink to make sure they were as good as she hoped they'd be.

Amira happily listened to him, drinking and walking as she led him to a bridge that crossed over the rivers in small spots so they could get to a nice spot for the cats to lounge, swim, fish, and play to their heart's content.

"Feels nice, doesn't it? I just got a new place here in Opal near the cafe. All on my own, my dad- he's also a tiger, he bought a house out in the fringes but it just...I needed something closer to here but it just felt good buying things. So I understand, " she told him with a smile.
Yessss, this had to be sold! Tiger cafe. Tiger striped drink. Tiger staff. Everything about it thrilled him to the core. The walk was nice and the bridge offered him a view of where they'd likely be once the moon began to rise. her dad was a tiger too? AND SHE BOUGHT HER OWN HOUSE!?


Felt nice to see people able to afford housing. He figured he'd likely rent for the rest of his life. "That's cool that your dad's a tiger, too. Did he sire you?" Horrifying but not the weirdest? Probably one of the better scenarios considering all things.

The scent of fresh water filled his nose as well as birdsongs in his ears above. "And if you need anything like, fixed. I'm pretty good with tools. As long as it's not overly complicated."
Taking a drink before her head shook at the question, "No not technically. I was born a tiger actually, " she said rather causally, "My brother is as well but he lives in Alaska right now with my dad, " she told him as she took another drink from it. It was great and then he offered to help with maintenance things was so sweet!

"Really? I am not that handy...but if you wouldn't mind helping with a cabinet, I can't make it hang straight, " she admitted with a little groan as she hopped and kept walking so that they'd go deeper into the safer areas without people around.
Cody stopped. His tiger stopped. A born Were? Even still pretty new to the scene, Cody knew that was sort of a big deal. Not many of them around. He squinted at her slightly. "Okay so first off, that's super cool! Because I didn't know that was a thing. I mean I sort of did but I never.. Expected to meet a naturally born Were." A sudden and intense need to know more filled him.

But they had time, right? The sun was growing dimmer and his tiger was already itching to break free. "Oh for sure I can help! I've hung up pictures before." Couldn't be much different, could it?

He did notice and felt thankful that he was being lead away from where humans tended to roam.
Amira blushed a bit, smiling some, "Oh, yea it is pretty different and cool as you say. Though I have no human experience? The other tigers I've met, they have helped me fill in those gaps since I can't exactly relate to being turned like everyone else...it's kind of weird. We've just had each other since my first memories, " she told him with a small smile, "I'm glad I get to be the first born you're meeting though, if you want to know anything I'm an open book on the topic, " she said with a big smile.

"I'd appreciate it very much and I've tried...I erm...embarrassingly I use a lot of those sticky tack dot things and just sort of hope they stay up, " she admitted sheepishly.

They were almost there!
She had no human experiences. That baffled him to the point that he almost stopped walking. His tiger had other plans and pushed forward, causing him to stumble against the dirt, rocks and grass.

Imagine just.. Always having his tiger. Not that he hated the big guy but he could clearly remember how things were before his stint backpacking across the world in an attempt to 'find himself'. What he had found was a near 800 pound tiger in the the form of a travel guide that he had shared food and drink with because hey! Eating was it's own way of communicating!

"I'm sure I'll have a lot of questions when we're not full moon eager." Which was the honest truth. It felt suddenly harder to focus with it being under an hour or so away as well as knowing he wouldn't have to go it alone? Big guy was e x c i t e d. And pushy. Yet he still managed to laugh, awash with a soft horror because he knew what she had tried to use!

"Oh Amira, nooo. Those command strips are like the worst things to use. They say they work but I've never seen them hold anything but like, small paintings." And even then he wouldn't trust them!

"I got'cha. I can get that up I bet. No prob!"
"After, we're almost there, " she said in agreement understanding how the full moon was making them both chomp at the bit a little bit. She was ready to just let the tigers be and have fun.

Laughing at that, a sheepish look crossing her face as she looked away, "They work if you use a lot of them...like all over, " she admitted with a small laugh before giving a nod of her head at that, "Thanks, Cody and here. There are some spots if you want some erm privacy stripping but like, " Amira really didn't have a changing filter as she wen to go and drop her beg down off near a patch of trees.

She was already eager for the tigers so, she at least went to a spot to get ready to shift and let Butterscotch meet his tiger.


He brought a hand up and ran it back through his hair, laughter on his face and in his eyes. "..I can't believe you." He'd mutter, though hoping that she knew he meant it as a tease instead of being serious.

Trees were around and Cody felt his tiger push him towards a group of trees that had some scrub brush around. His own bag dropped, the tiger pushed again and he dropped. The shift was painful but.. He vaguely remembered it feeling worse? His bones snapped under the sudden weight of a body that was hundreds of pounds bigger than his fur-less self was and some minutes later, out padded a large orange and black stripped boy, sniffing the air before chuffing.

He could smell the other! His tail swayed behind as he stepped towards where the scent was the strongest.

Hey! Hello! Come say hi!
"I promise, I'm being serious, " she told him honestly.

If a couple tabs were good, surely a bunch was even better! At least that was her logic with hanging things on her walls.

Her own shift was fast, like cliff jumping; few moments of hesitation and then sudden FUR. They stretched and chuffed, yawning with her tongue curling around a bit before she trotted on out to see the other tiger.

Soft chuffs left Butterscotch seeing the new tiger, her tail lashing as she leaned forward and sniffed and got closer so he too could sniff her as she chuffed out her happy hello's!
Her being serious was lost on him as cat-brain took over. That big nose pushed to fur, tail wildly flicking back and forth as he huffed against fur, getting a good whiff of her scent before that big pink tongue came out and liiiiicked the fur just by her ear before sniffing again.

A rumble before he leaned back and raised a paw, licking his own fur.

What a big lazy boy.
Butterscotch took in the big ol lazy boy and didn't care at all.

She lumbered over and just headbutted him right in the shoulder, chuffing and gruphing as her tail flicked around excitedly.
The headbutt nudged the large boy and he paused mid lick, tongue halfway out with a very specific look on that striped face.

His own tail flicked and his tongue retracted before he rumbled, stood up and then promptly pushed his entire weight against her before batting at those paws.

Oh, the play was ON!

Dramatically, she flopped back and onto the ground, chuffing and flailing her massive bapper paws at him while trying to eat his face.

Or lick it.
Oh, she flopped! He rumbled and headbutted against her attempted licks! Though that sandpaper tongue felt soothing, his tail lashed back and forth before he attempted to bite at the paws with a wide, open mouth. Not intending to hurt but he did look silly wiggling his large head back and forth.
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