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looks, afternoon or evening

Everyone was telling her to wait, to think, to not do it. Offers of being more than human, pleas to maintain her current status. It really shouldn't take that much space in her mind, but it did. And speaking of space...

The planeterium was another one of these places in Alder Heights she had eyed without ever going inside. She would have bet that a majority of people noticed things on their commute but never actually made the move to explore.

Blissfullly unaware of the other purpose of this building. here she was, staring at planets. They were pretty. She wasn't much more poetic than that.

"Makes us look small in comparison, huh?" She said out loud, mostly for herself, but including the nearest person in this philosophical statement.

Maybe there was some poetry in her after all.
Things had been quiet since Evelina had left again. He’d stuck to routine to the point Tikanni was getting straight up bored. Moving through the Planetarium on a night off though in the hopes of stumbling across another clutch member was great though. He always loved the exhibits and the planetarium itself with its winding stars and planets as it slowly shifted on its axis to reveal the night sky from all types of views.

Walking through the planet exhibit tonight though, his hands fit into the pockets of his jeans as he studied the subtly spinning forms as facts about each were plastered on the walls around.

A sudden comment to his right had him look over to a human girl seeming just as interested in the display. He grinned. ”Suuuper small. Smaller than ants.”
Pascale smiled at the planets while giving the newcomer a sidelook.

"We're hotter than ants though." She commented. "So that gives us an advantage."
Oh yeah, they probably had some temperature- wait, hotter than ants? She’d lost him.

Tikanni blinked at her curiously and a bit confused at the jump. ”How does that help us against planets?” They were huge in comparison with their own environments. ”I think some of them are in the negatives temperature wise.”
Pascale laughed at his expression.

"I doubt Saturn will come here and personally deal with us." She replied. "But I wasn't talking about temperature."

She had a playful smirk at this.

"If you were a giant sentient planet, would you rather squish ants or that face?" She asked, pointing at herself.
A laugh filled the space as if he’d told a joke, but Tikanni wasn’t in on it. She followed up with more of an impossibility that now he was following better, a brow quirking up at her revealing it wasn’t ever about temperature at all. It was about! Planets, no. Oh!

It was his turn to laugh, catching on now.

”If planet me did that then you’d be squirshhhh, boom, vaporized.” There were hands flying around to each noise because it was super important. ”We don’t want that.”
"Good thing you're not a planet then." She smirked. "Seriously though, ants do have more structure than humans."

She liked making people laugh, as a life spent in all seriousness was a wasted one in her opinion.
He nodded, smiled.

”Is it your first time at the Planetarium,” he asked with curiosity. Tikanni hadn’t exactly seen her before, but that wasn’t weird or anything, there were loads of people he hadn’t met yet that were probably regulars too.
"It is, yeah." She replied. "I work at the IKEA and I kept seeing this place from a distance. Finally got inside."

A playful smirk.

"Is everybody friendly here, or is it just you?"
IKEA, he hadn’t exactly been in there himself, but it looked massive from the outside. Maybe, in the winter when hours aligned to night again, he’d take a gander.

He laughed, shaking his head. ”I’d hope it's both.” The staff were nice and his clutch, even nicer. ”I come here a lot, you’ve got to see the actual planetarium part, its whoopee dope.”
If he let her, she'd hook her arm with his with a continued smirk.

"Does that mean I have a personal guide?" She asked.
Suddenly, she was very close and he blinked at her a bit owlishly, doubly more so as an arm was moved to take his. She was super forward in a way he wasn’t used to. It wasn’t bad, he was just trying to catch up.

”Uh, sure? Ifya want?” He loved the nightsky and was more than open to sharing everything. ”I might bore you something fierce though.”
The blinking was cute, she decided.

"Oh, don't worry, I'll tell you with words and not yawns." She replied. "What's the best part?"

The company might be, but that had yet to be proven. Great start though!
Well, that was reassuring in its own way. He patted her arm.

Spurred on by her eagerness, he chuckled, starting to take them in the direction of his favorite part of the whole place. ”The stars. You can see every single constellation sparkling above you.” Like the milkway.
"I love the stars but never learned the constellations." She admitted.

A thoughtful hum.

"Maybe I'll get eternal time to study them all." She added.

Because mentioning her musings to a total stranger was par for th course at this point.
That was super cool to hear back! She loved the stars too and he bet in no time constellations would be logged in her memory. It just took practice.

And, yeah a lot of time. Eternal time?

”Whaddya mean?”
Pascale wished there was a way to instantly know what the people around her were. There were no clues to guess what the Ambassadors to the Stars was, outside of a charming someone.

"Maybe I'll quit my day job and take on star study as the project of the next century." She replied easily.

She assumed it could pass as innocent if needed. Really, she liked poking at people for reactions.
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