Akelarre Apothecary planting some roots
She hid a chuckle behind her hand.

"Um. My first instinct is to say, I'd like to be invisible sometimes. But, uh, if I really listen to myself... I'd like to fly."

She pictured herself on a broom, because of the witch talk. Wind in her air under the full moon... that would be fun.
"Oooh, I've never met someone who could fly before." What he was not saying was that he had met someone who could go invisible, though! "I think it suits you perfectly. Just... whoosh right in and out of groups of people as you please, nothing to be afraid of when you have a perfect exit strategy."

Oh, he would have loved to gossip about his own actual capabilities, but he didn't really want to distract from the task at hand. Or confuse her. She was a precious thing and not at all ready for him to tell her about a world she likely barely grasped the existence of.

You never knew, though. These days... the news said plenty, and there were plenty of of oddities in their community. Himself included, of course.
Evie wondered if that was a quirk of language or if he meant... that he knew magic people. And she didn't dare to ask. Maybe that would be super rude.

She didn't know if she wanted to know. But there was no harm in asking for a hypothetical?

"What magic would you want?" She asked, returning the question.
Truth be told, teleporting was pretty great. At least once he had a leash on it. Not quite as great when it was unpredictable!

That said, he took the moment to muse, finger to his lips. Tap tap tap, look roughly at the ceiling as if his answers were up there somewhere. Really he was considering all the powers and people he'd met, wondering if there were any he would have liked to lay claim for himself if it were a matter of choice.

"I think it would be rather fun to be able to control metal. A bit like Magneto, if you know him."

Really, he was thinking of Minerva. She had such a skill about her, and so much space to experiment.
She did, so she nodded.

"That must be useful."

Could metal users pull gold from the ground and make themselves rich?
"I think it would be interesting, at the very least. Unusual but with practical applications... I suppose a bit like myself." Heh.

He spun his terrarium around in a slow circle. "I think perhaps just one more rock. Pick one for me, Evangeline?"
And just like that, he was putting a responsability on her, a small one, but a whole one.

She looked at the materials for a while, then picked an orange stone. Why this one? Because that would have been the one she would have tried to steal if this was a shoplifting situation. Giving it to Richard felt like a bigger move than it would seem.

She smiled at herself for this.

"This one. Bright as the sun."

Bright as him. Maybe she could shine like this one day?
It was sweeter than he'd expected, but now he knew better than to underestimate her. She might have been a wallflower, but there was an emphasis to be put on flower.

So he took it from her, and put it in a spot of perfectly visible honor.

"Beautiful, complete, and very flattered, thank you."

He would not force his opinions of hers and what she should add unless she asked, but this would serve as his reminder of her and this lovely evening they'd come to know each other. And that was all he'd really wanted.
She was satisfied with her choice, and decided hers was good as well.

"I like mine too." She said. "Thank you for... uncle-ing tonight."

With a little smile.
It left him chuckling.

"Of course. Do you want my number? Not to be presumptuous, but if you wanted to stay in contact. I offer very good tips and tricks for getting around town, making friends, et cetera, et cetera."
She nodded and took out her phone, already entering King Richard as contact. Her contact list was short otherwise, her mom, her boss and a DO NOT ANSWER which was her dad.

"I will surely ask for your wisdom, then." She replied.
"Happy to dispense, my love. Alright, here," and he'd give her his number, make sure it was accurate... and leave future interaction to her hands. His own phone was brimming with contacts--he had no reason to go chasing after young women's attention.

Even if he'd love to see her again, sometime. He really did feel he had plenty to offer. And this had been a lovely time, drawing her out of her soft anxieties.
Ohh, 'my love' was a nice nickname. Maybe she would hear it one day with another sort of tone.

It was a good idea to get out of her apartment after all! She had to do it more often.

She sent a little waving emoji back to share her own number.

People's lives were like this terrarium. It was up to her to decorate it as she pleased.
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