Rice Bluff Find a place to demonstrate the extent of your destruction, and we will go

Interior of abandoned warehouse, they'd enter through the door in the garage door.

It had taken Phoenix a while to find the space and spruce it up just enough for A New Sun to visit. Well... for George to visit. There were battery-powered lamps in the main space of the warehouse at the front, which is where Phoenix assumed they'd spend their time. It had been a space for lumber and wood at one point before being converted to a furniture store before that store went completely bankrupt. Rather than try and resell the plot, it was abandoned, left to rot and have nature reclaim it on the outskirts of Rice Bluff alongside the river.

That is, until Phoenix Soren found it. It was a beacon; a new hope. She hoped it impressed George most of all, considering its size. It could be turned into anything but for tonight it was their playground.

Phoenix waited just outside the warehouse door, ready to welcome both parties inside when they arrived. It was late but she was a capable woman with very little trust in a seedy part of town. She expected she'd be fine.


Going to the warehouse Phe had picked out with the understanding George would be there left a lot to anticipate. There was the easy stuff, expecting the man to have a comment about the warehouse itself and then everything passed surface level fanfare. Either way, there wasn’t much to be done about it, Lance would just have to see what happened and adapt.

Heading up the overgrown path towards the door, he noticed Phe waiting outside for them and offered a lazy smile upon approach after a glance at the warehouse finally being seen in person. ”Here it is, then. Impressive find.” At least from what Lance could tell from the outside which definitely made him curious as to how the inside looked.
He arrived via a personal driver whom he had hired since settling in Reignhart.

The dark SUV crept close to where the pair stood, rolling to a stop so that the back passenger door was in line with them.

Through the blacked out tinted window, George Wyvern looked upon the unimpressive building and the unimpressive pair before it, and waited for them to make themselves useful.
Phoenix watched as Lance approached first, and she offered a warm smile. She was proud. It wasn't perfect but the building had called to her. It would be a perfect spot for them to practice without any onlookers. With money and time, they could turn it into something greater and the fact that it was in Rice Bluff, meant it would likely go unnoticed for a while. At least by anyone who could shut them down.

"Thank you," She breathed happily before a dark SUV crept closer to the lot. George. Phoenix's nerves were on fire. She moved to greet him, assuming he'd be at the passenger side door in the back. She opened the door to greet their leader with a smile.

"Hello George." Please like it.
The approach of a car had him turning on his heel to acknowledge it, looking over the dark exterior, eyeing the windows. He was in there, it was hardly a question.

Phe took the initiative to go up to a door, opening it. Lance did his part of offering a casual smile at the appearance of the man, moving to offer his hand be it to take something or help him out.

”Glad to have you join us.”
They flocked to him. The door opened, and a slender black cane tipped with silver preceded the man. George ignored the offered hand as he eased out of the seat, slow as he steadied himself on the prosthetic limb beneath his charcoal gray trousers. When he stood to his full height; once towering, now stooped; he gazed beyond his acolytes at the husk of a building. It was a veritable hovel. Befitting of hoodlum teenagers coming to deface its walls.

It was, objectively, what he'd asked for. Somewhere secluded and unoccupied. Still, Phoenix had had the means to do much greater things than this. George supposed it would be, as always, up to him to make the final arrangements.

George took a few shuffling steps away from the car. Once the door was shut; by one of them, not him; the driver pulled away to go wait a few miles off as instructed. Once they were alone, George nodded in Phoenix's direction, "You have a key?" Or did she expect him to climb through a window?
George was unreadable always, which was probably for the best. Phoenix fluttered about behind him to close the door of the SUV before turning back to look at the building. She wondered what he thought. Wondered if he thought it was a building worthy of A New Sun. Suddenly, she was filled with anxiety, until he asked a very simple question. Did she have a key?

"It's open," She replied as she handed him the key anyway from her jeans pocket.

Phoenix wanted to state how she got a good price for such a large building but refrained from idle chatter. Instead, she took a few steps forward, ready to show them both the interior.
Nothing to take, not a hand given, instead, Lance got out of the way more than fine to not do anything. He followed, giving a look Phe’s way before turning forward again. This would be interesting for all intents and purposes if that was hello.

The man wanted a key and Phe provided him one despite the door, yeah, being open.

”It looks like we’re free from prying eyes out here,” he commented after a beat. It was something worth bringing up as if just noticed, to point out to George even though it probably wasn’t needed. Phe had definitely delivered there.
George took the key without further remark, taking ownership with the simple transaction. Phoenix had done the leg work, but he would oversee the operation. No one present was better suited for the task than him.

George made a small sound of acknowledgement as he let them lead him to the door, “I will have surveillance measures implemented.” He established. And once he had gotten the paperwork from Pheonix, he would do his part in making the building disappear on paper.

“And soundproofing.”
George taking the key was enough acceptance for her for the time being. She was used to most of her efforts going unpraised, especially with Linda out of the picture.

Instead, she let George lead them inside the building, so they could all get a better look at it. George knew what to do from here and Phoenix would happily let him take lead, as usual. There wasn't even a question about it.

"It's a fixer-upper, but I think it'll afford us the space we need," She offered instead of praising his good ideas about surveillance and soundproofing.
Surveillance, soundproofing, yeah, all of it needed to be considered, but this was a good first step.

Inside, he followed, stopping around one of the lights and peering through into the darkened corners. There was a lot of space here and if you had an imagination, so much could be done if you didn’t let empty walls constrain you.

”Definitely a fresh start, but it’s a good one.” They had to rebuild what was a given in New York, but it would be worth it. Fireproofing was ticked onto must haves.
Such humble, simple children. They gave him such little to work with. But George had become an expert in making masterpieces out of nothing.

“Tonight we will put it to the test.” He said as he surveyed the main chamber.

“But first, tell me of what you two have been doing to benefit The New Sun since we spoke last.” Linda would start all of their meetings this way, reporting on her moves and those of the other members of The New Sun. She was his secondary pair of eyes and ears. And now, he had two new sets, with much more able bodies to boot.
Phoenix moved some wood out of the way, placing it against the wall before she looked back at George.

"I met a kid. I think he's late teens, early twenties. His twin brother is missing, and he suspects he was turned. I told him we could help him unlock his potential and find his brother to rid him of infection. He was on board."

She paused briefly to dust off her hands.

"His name's Emil. Let me know when you'd like to meet him." If George wanted to meet him sooner rather than later.
What exactly George wanted to test remained to be seen. The weight of the gloves in his pocket was something he was super aware of.

Okay, so their statuses. Wasn’t grieving enough? No, it didn’t feel like it, especially against the backdrop of Phe’s find. She was having some kind of luck with that.

Lance shrugged when attention went his way, leaning on one particular leg, arms folding. ”There’s a guy I’ve been hanging out with. Can’t tell what he is just yet, something though. I’ve been building trust there and hoping he’s gifted.” And it had been a while since they’d seen each other hadn’t it? He needed to check back in.
His silver tipped cane clicked in an off kilter rhythm against the dusty concrete floor as he moved at a glacial pace after his acolytes. He studied the back of Phoenix's head as she cleared the path for him, and offered him her report of a new candidate. It sounded promising enough. A young, desperate man. Though he did not seem to show signs of being gifted already, this was of no concern to George. Everyone had within them the potential to accept the light of the New Sun within them; it was only a matter of if they could withstand it.

Lance's prospect was less promising. A vague guess about the nature of his connection. Well, there were easy ways to discern such things. "Invest in a silver ring." He commanded them both, "Expose everyone you meet to it. A simple handshake will do. If they are burned, then they are infected. If they do not react, they are human." A note taken from the Supernatural Task Force itself. He trusted that they knew well enough how to spot a vampire, but he would enlighten them if they asked. He did hope neither would.

To Phoenix, he said, "Arrange a meeting between myself and Emil. Tell him I am a lawyer interested in missing persons under supernatural circumstances. Assure him there will be no charge to meet with me."
Lance had been hanging out with a guy who was something. That was interesting. Phoenix made a note to check in later about the man.

The advice George gave was good. A silver ring could burn weres? News to Phoenix, honestly. Perhaps she'd get one and paint it gold. If someone opposed a handshake, it was just as much a telling sign, right? Even if not everyone shook hands to begin with. It was something, and she made a mental note to buy one immediately.

As attention turned back to her specifically, she nodded. "Yes, of course." She would get to it promptly after their practice session. Perhaps in the morning. "I'll reach out first thing after tonight."
A silver ring was needed to test people. He took the comment as it was with a small half thought of worry. Vampires were easy. Shifters would be burned like the devil caught in holy rays. Humans and those gifted would not. Which was Newton? Not an unfamiliar question. Gifted surely, had to be.

”I’ll do so this week.” And then the swing of attention would move back to Phe and the man she’d found. They were supposed to have met earlier, but never had and now, George front and center instead. Hopefully, it wouldn’t scare him off.
Obedient creatures. It was better for now that they did as he directed. The time would come for them to be agents upon themselves, but his work here was far from done.

"Let us begin our work for tonight. I wish to reacquaint myself with each of your abilities." He said bruskly. "Pheonix, you will begin. Lance, you and I will work together after her." His eyes cast about the shabby space for a chair. Surely one of them had thought to ensure he would have somewhere to sit.
George would find a decent enough chair Phoenix had brought with her from home for such an occasion. She wouldn't dare forget him, even if she didn't bring them all chairs. Sorry, Lance. Sorry, future Phoenix. They would have to make due with sitting on crates or the ground.

Phoenix nodded, figuring she'd begin with her telekinetic ability. She honed in on a warped two by four piece of wood in the corner as her eyes turned orange. She felt the weight of the wood with her magic and willed the piece of lumber toward the center of the room where it floated inches away from her. It took more out of her than she realized it would but she managed it without breaking a visible sweat. A pain started to creep its way down her fingertips but nothing she couldn't handle. The object was heavier than small objects in her apartment but manageable, for now. If George had any demands of her, she'd hear them, otherwise she'd continue with her plan of action.

roll notes:
floating: 1d20, must hit 10+ (success: rolled 10)

And here was where he’d expected some of today to be focused on, gifts, powers, whatever you wanted to call them. There was much to show between the two of them, but Lance would have to wait for someone to activate their own abilities to use his own, a fact that was at times frustrating. Today though, he had the promise of working with George and a familiar sort of hunger rose to the surface. Feeling flames at his finger trips again was something he eagerly awaited.

”Of course.”

Stepping away from the middle, he’d move to stand somewhere between the two people present, eyes cast towards Phoenix to watch. A piece of wood began to move towards the center, floating. She’d been practicing with him, but also on her own, something easily realized as the object stayed put, waiting. ”Doing good,” he praised before looking to George, wondering what his request would be here if any.
George took his seat, crossing his prosthetic leg over his whole one, and bracing his cane across his lap.

Phoenix's first move was... uninspired, but impressive nevertheless. To move any object with one's mind was a devastatingly powerful gift. If put to the right use, she could fell entire buildings, or send someone tumbling to their death.

Or, it seemed, make a piece of wood float around.

He watched expectantly, eager to see her do what she thought would impress. He had told her that he wished to see the extent of her power, and he would not interfere by requesting something she might not be capable of. Better not to set expectations, if they were not likely to be met.
Phoenix's goal for today was control. To show she could hold that control over not only one but many objects at the same time. She thought about building a pyre in the center of the room so that George could set it aflame but wondered if that would be impressive enough. Instead, she opted to show she could be less demure. She was a threat. A force to be reckoned with when she wanted to be. The encouragement from Lance was appreciated.

While maintaining her hold on the first piece of wood floating in the air, Phoenix half-focused her attention on the next two by four, hoping to bring it up into the air alongside its brethren. The second piece started to float toward her with some success but as she tried to split her attention on both, the first began to fall, dropping toward the ground. It landed with a loud thud as it clattered against the ground, and Phoenix frowned, deeply disappointed and frustrated with herself. What a fucking failure.

She would keep trying though till it broke her. Anything to show her worthiness to George. To A New Sun.

roll notes:
- two pieces floating: must hit 12+ to maintain both at once (failed)

Nothing from the man and so his attention would shift back to Phe, curious as to what else she had in mind.

With the piece still floating, another began to join it and he cheered her on internally. Phe had been practicing this, she could do it. And yet, in the moment, the task fell through. Down went the first one with a bang against the floor. He grimaced, hands moving to pockets. Worth trying again.
She became confident, reaching her mental hand out to add more to the balance. It seemed like an easy task, should she have control over her power. Having practiced with it for so long, should it not be so easy as holding such simple objects with her hands?

The task proved too difficult.

George sighed through his nose. "Can you break just the one?" He questioned, more interested in the subtle uses of the power than the big, flashy displays. If she could manipulate her magic like a pair of powerful, extracorporeal hands, then there was no limit to what she could achieve.
George sighed. Just sighed. Phoenix focused too heavily on it for a second and her control slipped only slightly on the piece of wood she still held up in the air. Saving it before it could join its fallen brethren on the ground. He asked if she could break it and, honestly, Phoenix wasn't sure what he meant?

Her power was not destruction as much as she would have liked it to be.

She took a guess at what he wanted and threw the piece of wood at the wall with all of her strength. It was impressive to throw a piece of wood, but she knew as it bounced safely off the wall and landed on the ground, it would not be enough to impress George.

It remained completely intact.

roll notes:
- break wood against wall: must hit 15+ to break (failed)

Breaking one, a request that proved to be difficult gymnastics as her control wavered and then nothing exactly broke. The wood clattered and Lance kept in his own sigh. It wouldn’t help. His mind raced through possibilities on what she could do though. What were other ways she might break something?
An idiotic attempt.

George shook his head a fraction.

"You focus your power too much on shows of brute force. Lifting heavy objects may look impressive, but you forget how much damage can be done with precision." He instructed her, his words flat and unencouraging. Slowly, he rose from his seat, his cane clicking as he took a few steps toward the girl.

"Anything you can do with your own hands, you must be capable of doing with your magic." He gestured to the chair, motioning for her to take a seat. "Lance, locate something with which to bind Phoenix to the chair." He instructed before addressing Phoenix once more, "You will spend the rest of the night attempting to undo your bindings with your magic."
Phoenix was afraid to look at George after what she did, conditioned to fear him as much as she adored him. As he instructed and rose from his seat, she tried to take away from it what she could despite the hammering of her heart when he brought up the next part of his lesson. They were binding her to a chair, which she didn't care for in the slightest, but she didn't have a choice. If that was George's will, she would bend to it.

Instead, Phoenix shot a glance at Lance and nodded. Ready to be bound. Ready to prove herself worthy as always.
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