Draw the Character Above You 2: Drawer and Drawer
The basic idea is to draw the character of the poster above you. If you’re already closing the tab because you’re not an artist, don’t fret! This is about fun, not skill.

As long as you spend a good few minutes putting in your best effort and including special flourishes to make your drawing uniquely the character you’re illustrating, you’re totally good. (Even if the art is just a soulful stick figure.) Check out the last thread for examples!

The game has a few simple rules:
  1. Claim a character to draw by posting "I claim [character name]!" Share what character of yours you'd like drawn by saying "Please draw [your preferred character!]" An example post might look like: "I claim Bob Smith! Please draw Abraham Barlet!"
  2. You can only claim the character of the most recent person to say “I claim [character name]!” If someone just comments with something like "Whoa, Drew's the best artist on the planet!" that person can be skipped over because they're not claiming a character to draw.
  3. You can only claim ONE character at a time. Art for your last claim must be done before doing the next.
  4. Drawings can be done on any medium, digital or traditional and feature human forms, animal forms, bloodlust forms, or even animal interpretations of hooman characters. Way cool calligraphy/word art also welcome! (Please no photo manips or doll makers.)
  5. Share your drawing by editing it into the post where you made your initial claim for that character! (And feel free to drop into Discord, too.)

Ready? Set? DRAW.

(P.S. First poster doesn’t have to claim anyone and just gets free art. ;D)
Please draw Kara.

[Image: rfxMKN6.png]

i will make an attempt!

either of mine! :)

[Image: IadNyKg.png]
i took joaquin because he's my problematic fav heart
I'll snag cody :3

[Image: aY0ehEV.png]

someone gimme eli

Drawwwww Seven

[Image: fyT45gl.png]

Draw liv
I'll draw Liv!!!

Y'all can draw Foxlin!
gimme dat fox

[Image: ib8Zqjm.png]

Takes surprise

Someone draw me Emmett
Emmett snatch!
[Image: IMG-0833.png]
Surprise me~
WATCH OUT, i gotchu

[Image: JTOt965.png]

someone gimme alby
Happy Birthday, Fao! Here's my attempt at Alby:

[Image: ASUuBq4.png]

Holly or Catriona please <3
I will draw Holly or Cat >:3

I'll surprise kiew

Draw philip or something that feels philip-ish
I'll be brave and take philip!!!

for my bravery i request iago, ty
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