Six Degrees of Rhys
Please contact me via Discord as I'm making these adoptables very fluid but would like to discuss with you before anything is set in stone.

His Fun-Loving Sibling - 40-53

This younger sibling is loyal to family and friends but... quite the wild card. Whenever Rhys got in trouble growing up it was because of something the sibling talked him into. This includes two joy-riding arrests as a teen. Would be fun if they were some sort of musician or some such, but your call!

Species: If they were turned etc it would have been in the last ten years or so because they recently spent time together while their father battled cancer in Seattle.

His Embarrassing Ex - Female 35-60

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, unless it happens in a chapel with an Elvis impersonator.

I've left the age range wide open because this could be such a fun backstory to build.

Who was she? How drunk were they? How long did it take to realize it was a mistake?

His Helpful TA - 19-25 (no vamps, daylight hours needed)

Just a little buddy to dump grading papers on! Hopefully, it will develop into a friendship etc, but we'll see!
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