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Seven had seen an Instagram post from Scott's Wonderland. One of those cheesy ass Tiktok-esque videos that corporations were obsessed with doing. But they'd showed a video of one of the game booths, and the wall of prizes available. And Seven, ever a simple creature, had fallen in love. She'd seen what she wanted, and simply had to have it.

Did that mean she was going to spend a ridiculous amount of money on a ticket and an even more ridiculous amount of money on the rigged game to win the prize? Like Hell.

So, she snuck into the parking lot while people still populated the later hours. Then waited for the park to close, loitered around for even longer to track the pattern of the two security vehicles that milled about. She wasn't very worried. If she was caught, she could run faster than anyone could hope to catch her. And if she couldn't run, she could suggest her way out of it. And, if all else failed... well, she wasn't looking for a mess to clean up tonight.

Around to the back of the park she crept, keeping to the shadows, following the smell of day-old garbage to lead her to the dumpsters. There, an employees only entrance through a chain link fence. Naturally, it was locked, but it wasn't like there was barbed wire. She'd climbed plenty of fences.

Just... not many while wearing tights. Seven got as far as getting one leg over the chain link before she heard the tell-tale sound of the feeble material splitting.

"Shit." She cursed loudly, forgetting stealth. A little overconfident with her outfit planning.


Hands stuffed in her pockets, she milled about the parking lot, following along the gate and ducking into shadows whenever the wheels of a patrol car sounded a little too close. She honestly wasn't sure why she was here, or what she would be doing, but her legs had sorta brought her here on their own and she had no better ideas so she was content in just allowing them to lead the way.

Had just made her way to the other side of the fence when a curse filled the otherwise quite park, brow quirking, and interested smile tugging at her lips, Devin's pace quickened as she made her closer. The smile would turn into an all-out grin as she discovered the source of the sound, a small woman perched atop the fence that she'd just hopped.

"Don't tell me you're scared to jump down." She called, mistaking the woman's plight.
She'd thought the likelihood of some human security guard or janitor hearing her was slim. But someone with supernatural hearing? Likely. And of course, she was lucky.

Seven glanced down, spotting the vampire below. Well, well. Wasn't she something.

"Only waiting for my knight in shining armor." The flirt came easily through grinning teeth, disregarding the awkward fact that she was more or less stuck. Subtly, she twisted her leg, trying to tug free of the snag.
"Well consider her arrived." She answered, holding her arms open like the holy hero that she was emulating. "Now are there any fearsome dragons or ogres I need to fight to get you down? Or will a hand be fine?"

A few steps closer towards the fence, but still keeping about a foot of distance in case the beauty decided she'd rather jump on her own.
Lucky her.

Seven smirked at the smooth transition to a genuine offer of help. There wasn’t much she could do about the tights. They were a lost cause.

“A valiant hand.” Seven accepted, and leaned half way down to reach for the stranger. In the back of her mind, she acknowledged her disadvantage here. If this stranger turned out to have ill intentions - not an unlikely thing for a vampire to have- then she’d be vulnerable.

But how vulnerable could she be, when she could so easily send a vampire up in flames?

Seven erred on the side of trust, hoping she wouldn’t regret it. If a hand was offered, she’d take it, and use it to help leverage herself off the fence, ripping the back of her tights as far down as her knee in the process.
No further hesitation as Devin closed the remaining distance between herself and the fence, hand raised to grab the other's offering a "Down we go," before the sound of ripping tights filled the air.


Pulling the other down in front of her safely, Devin's free hand would move to help steady the woman by pressing against her side, politely retreating once she was sure the other wouldn't go falling.

It went relatively smoothly, both of them creatures of natural dexterity, a gift from their vampirism. Like Death herself had left a mark on their bodies in the few moments they'd been in her embrace. Grace, strength, and agility. All of the tools they needed for killing.

Seven steadied, and smirked to herself at the forced proximity, but stepped away when the stranger did.

"Bad, hm?" She prompted, turning to show off the damage. She could take them off, but it would ruin the aesthetic of the outfit. Did the distressing of the material help or hinder it?
Devin pursed her lips thoughtful as she bent at the waste and took in the full view of the rip.

"Sucks that they ripped," she mused before straightening up. "But I think I much prefer this new look." She finished, truly she thought it would be better to just take them off entirely, but that was just her wolfishly wanting to see them legs.

God something was wrong with her.
Seven’s hand drifted to feel at the rip as the stranger inspected. Unsalvageable, but at least she was getting flirted with about it.

“Well, if that’s the case, I’ll leave them be.” Seven concluded, arms crossing as she turned around to fully inspect her new companion.

Tall, dark, and tatted. A flavor she liked but didn’t get to sample often.

“And here I thought I had an original idea. What brings you out past curfew?”
Good question.

"Actually have zero plans tonight, just been a bit since I'd been this side of town." She answered, "what about you? Didn't look like fence hopping was an everyday sort of thing for you."
Seven could respect getting up to mischief on a whim. But could also acknowledge that sometimes mischief could be defined by violence. You could never know a vampire’s intentions.

“I’m out to find a prize.” Seven said, considering the other vampire. Who was she, really? What made her tick? What could Seven get away with making her do? Each new person was a new toy to play with. Some were just more dangerous than others.
Well color her intrigued, brows raising in interest, Devin's arms would cross along her chest.

"Well now you've got my interest." She grinned, "what's the prize, and mind letting me join in?" It wasn't like she had anything better to do tonight, and hanging with a pretty redhead was loads better than just walking around by herself for the rest of the night.
Nosy, nosy. But Seven had wanted her to ask. Grinny toothily, she cocked her head, "Well, you'll have to earn it somehow."
She already loved this chick.

"And how exactly would I do that?"

She had a feeling that her night was going to get a lot less boring.
Well, that was a good damn question, wasn't it?

Seven hummed contemplatively, then cast her eyes out upon what she could see of the amusement park before them. There was plenty to do. As long as they got creative.

"Three challenges, best two out of three." She adlibbed as she stepped past the taller vampire and slunk out of the shadows of the employee area. What first? "First, a scavenger hunt." She decided, and turned on her heel to grin at the vampire.

"Sound agreeable?"
Eyes tracking the vampire's movements as she awaited the grand reveal, Devin couldn't hold back the huff of laughter that escaped her lungs.

Of all the things that could have been said, Devin had not expected this one at all, nodding her head. "Damn right it does." She answered, feet shifting as her eyes moved to check out the bits of park that currently lay in sight.

"What are we searching for?" And how did she dominate this challenge.
Well, wasn't she agreeable? Seven grinned, reveling in how eagerly this stranger was playing to her whims.

"Hmmm." Seven considered, tapping her chin as she racked her brain for things that could be relatively easy to find in the park.

"A hat. Any kind. First one to bring it to the bottom of the ferris wheel wins." A central location, and could reveal a new challenge along the way.

"Let's say... ten minutes?" To account for sneaking around.
A hat seemed easy enough, she could recall as a kid that there had been displays littered around the park that held brightly colored hats with feathers and lights that flickered, but who even knew if that was still the trend of kids toys. Things changed too quickly for her to keep up with entirely, and amusement parks weren't really on the agenda when your were stuck to the night.

Not unless you were sneaking into one as she was doing now.

Still she felt confident that she could find something, regardless if it was in a booth or under some nearby rollercoaster.

"Deal." She answered, eyes already searching out for her next destination. "See you there then." And with that, she would be off to search, and hopefully get a few seconds of a head start.
Speedy. Seven smirked after the vampire, hesitating only a moment. Chaos told her to scale the fence and leave the vampire, if only to cause a disruption. But what she had planned was much more entertaining. So she slunk off, headed in a different direction than her new play pal.

She’d thought it would be a little harder, honestly. But people that went to theme parks loved consumerism, so of course she found a gift stall not far from where they started.

The problem was that the carousel of hats that usually hung out on the promenade had been dragged back into the kiosk for the night. Behind a rolling metal gate.

The solution was that Seven was supernaturally strong. It only took a few sharp tugs on the gate for the padlock to snap. Then it was just a matter of lifting the gate and hoisting herself up and over the counter, to pluck a pink cowboy hat from the display tower.

Pleased with herself, Seven made the leap once more, and waltzed off in the direction of the ferris wheel. Wearing the hat, of course.

It was as she turned the corner around a large park map that she spotted the other vampire coming from the other way. They were more or less equidistant from the base of the wheel.

An all out race, then. Grinning, Seven tipped her hat in her competitor’s direction, and took off in a supernatural sprint toward the wheel.
There had been a bit of back and forth between a kiosk and a rollercoaster, but given she would be relying totally on luck for the rollercoaster she opted for the kiosk instead.

Similar to Sevens problem, Devin would find her item tucked away into a restaurant for the night. Unlike Seven however, Devin relyed on her detonation rather than her strength.

A second of focus and she had the handle of the door falling off with a not so soft 'KRTHC'.

Ducking in, Devin would grab a lime green cowgirl hat with a feather rim before slapping it on her head and making her way off towards the ferris wheel.

It would be as she dipped around a corner that she would catch a glimpse of the redhead, her eyes widening as she realized just how close this whole thing would be.

Picking up speed, her eyes would focus on the prize, one hand keeping the hat in place as the other reached for the pole that signaled the start of the line for the wheel.

As her hand slapped against the metal, Devin would turn to find the other there as well but was not shy in declaring herself the winner in a terrible texas accent.

"That's a win for me, little lady."
Impossible to keep track of her opponent as she ran, with the distance blurring by as she ran. In a matter of seconds, though, they were both staggering to a halt. Seven even had to draw up short as to not collide with her, and stuck her hand out to tap the pole just below.

Still, the cheater wanted to declare a loss for Seven!

Scoffing, Seven flicked the rim of her hat to straighten it on her head, and declared, "A draw. We'll have to duel." She didn't even try the accent, knowing her German tongue would not allow for it.
Should have seen it coming, no Vampire she'd met so far played fair, only made sense that this one wouldn't either.

She'd totally beat her by at least seven seconds.

But fine, she'd bite. "Don't cry when you lose again." Was all she'd offer as she waited for the other to clarify on the duel.
Honestly, she'd been expecting her to call bullshit and refuse. But she was playing along splendidly. How far could she push her? What else could she convince her to with her charm alone?

Time to find out.

"Another race. To the top of the wheel."
To. The. Top.

Devin's gaze would travel upwards, blinking as the request settled into her skull.

It was dangerous, even for a Vampire, and from the feel of it this Vampire didn't have the weird animal powers that others she'd met had so far to help her up...

But Kaida could fly...

Could she???

Didn't fucking matter, Devin was no bitch and even if she could fly, Devin would just grab her ankles and make her way up too.

"Alright, she scoffed. "But keep in mind this shits a lot higher than the fence you couldn't hop."

An incredulous laugh burst from her chest as she took a step back, grinning up at the vampire whom she was coming to understand must be actually insane.

"Really? Are you that sure you'd make it to the top?"
Honestly, no.

But she wasn't gonna admit that shit allowed.

"You mean you suggested this duel with such little confidence?" Devin returned with a laugh, "if you're too scared we can just declare me winner now."
Oh, now that her bluff was being called, she was trying to goad Seven into committing to it. Tricky, but she had a sense of self preservation.

"I just wanted to see how many things I could get you to do." She admitted sweetly. "You were being such a good little puppy, following all my rules." Saccharine and sly, she tilted her head and batted her eyes. Don't be mad, look how innocent she was!
If it had been anyone other than a smoking hot redhead in front of her, Devin might have found herself pissed at the implication that she was a dog of any sort.

Kaidas bitch mom instantly coming to mind, but quickly getting drowned out by the sweetest fucking face.


"I much prefer being your knight in shining armor," she lamented, taking a step closer as she bent to look the girl more in the eye. "But keep looking at me like that and I'll gladly be your dog, babe." Said with a smirk and a wink.
Seven grinned at the thrill that whipped up her spine. She'd expected offense, maybe even to lose her plaything, but so compliant was this vampire that she was all but rolling over and asking for belly rubs.

"For that, I think I'll let you have this win." Tempted to reach up and pat her head, but even Seven knew that would be pushing it. Still, she wiggled her fingers, toying with the imaginary strings of this vampire's will. "We'll skip the tiebreaker, I'd prefer we both keep our bones intact tonight."

Really, she'd had enough climbing. "One win for you. What shall the next challenge be?"
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