Rice Bluff This is fine
"Yeah! I knew. He told me on our second date. We, uh. Neither of us knew about like... saliva being a way to change someone though?" Gross, saliva.

"We're good, though."
Eek. But that was good. Trust and all. Even though it was a mistake.

"I'm glad for you guys," she decided, sincere. Thought about asking about him, but then wasn't sure she wanted to talk about Tilda without her consent?

So instead she just let it hang comfortably there, focused on getting Holly back to her place safe.
Yeah, Holly was too, in the end. It worked out. Even if they still had to sort through some things.

"Thanks," Holly replied with a smile. It wouldn't be long before they got to the front gate of her house.

"This is me."

Holly released Jimmy then, giving each of them back their space. She could breathe a little easier too without vampire stink so close to her nostrils. No offence, Jimmy.
"Oh, good," she stopped with Holly, looking the house exterior up and down. It was cute. A red door was distinctive.

"I'll see you around some time. Feel better!"

Yup. That seemed about that.

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