Davis Zoo They called us "problem child"

I'm placing a warning in advance so there's no surprises that if you put a character in the enclosure, no matter what their species is, they have a high chance of getting scratched up at the very least and being made a meal attempt in the long run if she survives, Tally is Not a Nice Were.

But she also believes in no discrimination, so everyone is edible. So, you know, jump in if you want a fun time! :D

The scene: Midday. Saturday. The zoo was full of families celebrating probably their last good outing before the holidays took over. Here, we look to the reptile exhibit, to where a trio of snapping turtles had sunned and prepared themselves for battle. It was a good thing there was a thick layer of glass between them and the patrons.


Well, viewer — because there was a wild cougar in their pit! No normal cat that somehow got here by mistake, no, instead she was a healed up supernatural demon in the form of a local impersonation of a screaming, feral terror!

Witness how she makes mockery of their slow speeds, but cannot seem to try to flip them over without the other lunging at her tail and feet! Even her face! And not to mention the ugly hissing sounds they made as the air was forced from within their shells with every withdraw!

What a display of reptilian camaraderie! Be sure to have your phones out, folks, because it was highly illegal for a zoo to pit predators against each other!
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