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Happy holiday season everyone. I hope you find yourselves well and are taking ample opportunity to enjoy these longer nights .
I was hoping we could all take part in a festive celebration soon, perhaps December 2nd? There will be activities, merriment, and the opportunity to do a White Elephant gift exchange.

In which Leaf, will actually have it start Thanksgiving wkend <3 :3c

Splendid! Are you imagining this at the Collection, or shall we rent some banquet hall or other? No matter really, I am quite committed regardless.
William, Billy, or Unknown number as the case may be
How cute! She also had no idea what a white elephant was. On to Google!
It was upon the rare that Simon was currently using his phone when the text appeared.

He had become quite good at navigating it now, he only had to rifle through his seventy two open applications to find the text thread.

How nice of Catrina to invite them! He would have liked a formal invitation in writing, if only to pin upon his bulletin board with pride, but this would do just fine.

Dearest Catrina and co.

I have been doing quite well! Though I am chagrin to admit I have found myself quite listless. Like the leaves and the flowers, winter always tends to lull us into a sleepy hibernation. But I say, we mustn’t let the dreary cold ice out our hearts to one another. The holiday season is upon us, and we must gather!

Catrina, our gracious Domina, you have done such a wonderful job of keeping us hooligans together. In the spirit of giving, I move that we the members of Rhiannon Court make an effort to alleviate the burdens of planning and hosting this year’s festivities.

I would be happy to open my home for hosting this event, so as to take on the burden, and allow Catrina to simply attend and enjoy the gathering. And perhaps one or two companions could join me in bedecking my halls with boughs of holly? Haha!

Understand that my offering this is in no way to be a slight against your capabilities, Catrina dear. If in fact you would prefer to be the host, and gather round the hearth of our home in the Collection, that is alright by me. I only mean to make a show of gratitude, and perhaps recruit a few members that are lesser known to me into a bonding experience.

Whatever we choose to do, I am eager awaiting the chance to exchange gifts and merriment!

With humble adoration, Simon.
Jesus Christ. What an eccentric fellow. Was this how he'd come across in texts previously? Heavens, he must put Grace together a gift basket in thanks for breaking him of the habit.

Should the domina condone, I'd be delighted to come assist in laying the decorations. If nothing else, it should keep me from getting lost on my way to the party proper.

This is William, by the way, in case my number's not been disseminated. Any in the clutch are welcome to it. Thanks very much for your graciousness, Simon.
She was back and these were very big messages! Should she and Tilda have offered something??


we can bring tree decorations!

To wherever!!!!
The messages were quick to roll in and the question as to where to have it was brought up and immediately offered a solution that was not the Collection. By all means, who was she to get in the way of such a surprising change of scenery and opportunity for everyone to pitch in.

If it won’t be entirely too much, then I would be quite alright with it being hosted at your residence, Simon. A group effort sounds like a winning plan and entirely well placed for the season.
Oh! Lots of messages! What was a white elephant gift exchange?! Oh, Dani offered trees! Okay!!! No wait, tree decorations!

Did Simon need a tree?

Yes! We can bring tree decorations! Do you have a tree? I could fetch one if needed!

Too much? Was that rude?! Oh goodness!
A gathering sounded rather fun. They had been having a few of those recently and he felt a bit more comfortable with the idea. Plus it was Christmas, and as much as he missed the food the decorations were still available for them.

I am available to help setup decorations.
Ender smiled as he read through the messages. He did tend to feel a little lonely during the holidays, even with Luka around. Having been constantly surrounded by a large family during the holidays, it felt very quiet these past few years.

Not being particularly phased by the eccentricities of the clutch members and how they went about texts, he responded happily-

This is Ender and I would be happy to bring a tree if Simon does not yet have one.
Oh yeah duh. Tree! She heart reacted everyone's messages.

Little did Dani know plants were kind of Simon's thing.
Simon’s heart soared with the overwhelming reception of his volunteering. Many agreed to help decorate, and two offered a tree!

My friends,

I am deeply touched by everyone’s enthusiasm to help bedeck my home for this wonderful occasion. It is my sincerest hope that we create a gathering so full of joy and love that we will remember it for centuries to come.

On the topic of a tree; I say thank you to Matilda and Ender for the offer. As it stands, I have the means to grow a tree in my garden, but not the tools to fell it once I’ve helped it grow to the size we desire. Perhaps this is something a few of you could assist with? I believe we will need some kind of saw!
Ender was sure he did not have a saw, but it definitely wouldn't be a problem to get one. He wanted to help in anyway he could.

I can help with bringing a saw.
What a lively group. Elena’s dead heart was rather warmed by the display.

Thank you for opening your home, Simon. Are there any limitations for the white elephant gift?

She believed candles would be a humorous but largely inappropriate gift.
I'll be there with bells on, thank you Simon for having us all :) Now to shop for a 'white elephant' gift.

because i thought i replied but i didn't opsie

The flurry of activity had her heart grow three sizes.

The only limitation I would like to uphold on the gift is that it can be no more than $25-30.
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