That Summer
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That Summer is set in a bustling, world renowned ski resort town in Colorado. It is a
relatively small community full of friendly faces, creative things to do year-round,
and they boast a very eco-friendly community and lifestyle. However, this past summer,
a blog dedicated to spilling the town's dark secrets popped up and tried to stir up a
bunch of trouble within the community. Nobody knows the whys or the hows of it, but it
has become a town nuisance. And it is starting to put everyone just a little bit on edge.

To make matters worse, the blog is really digging into the past by bringing the case of
missing Carter Townsend right back to the surface of everyone's minds after 23 years of
it being left dormant and forgotten about by the town's residents. It's making everyone
feel very on edge about everything and maybe Alpine Valley isn't so idyllic after all. [/center]

  • A welcoming, inclusive, and stress-free community
  • No word counts or activity requirements
  • The option to join in on the secret blogger plot as well as subplots
  • An 18+ premium site that understands that life offline takes precedence
  • A dark and light version of the skin
  • A shipper app with a profile freeform section
  • Absolutely no +/- face claim age ratios
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