Harvest Village Church Hoot hoot! Hoo's there?
When one lived in an isolated farmhouse, handing out candy to trick-or-treaters on Halloween wasn't exactly a common occurrence. Rarely did the costumed kids of Ridgefield bother to ring the doorbell there, if ever at all. But even still, Silas wanted to be ready for any of those who might show up.

So on the night before, he went to the closest convenience store to buy a reasonably sized bag of candy. He made sure to get the best, most chocolatey kind so anybody who did approach his residence would find the trek there to be absolutely worth it.

He was heading home now, probably seeming very much like he was made up for the holiday himself what with his dark, scraggly hair and gaunt, sallow face. The great, big packet of treats he was lugging around would only further sell such a look.

His route would take him just past the church and towards a bus stop. Onwards he walked, not pausing once until he heard the cry of what sounded to be a nearby owl. Silas looked to the sky, searching for the bird that had let its presence be known. But he did not see it.

Yearning for it not to be shy, the pale man turned toward the opposite direction and called out to it softly. Risking making himself appear a bit more bizarre.

"Hoo, hoo..!"
Suki wanted to experience some frights for Halloween, so what best than visiting a cemetary on the spookiest of nights? It was a way off her usual routes, but at least buses ran there.

While she did visit the resting place of so many souls, so didn't exactly get the thrill she was looking for. On the opposite: it just made her sad to see so many lives that were ended.

Chiding herself for not thinking something through, again, she was patiently waiting for the bus... and hoping it would pass soon. She didn't dare to look up the schedules online just yet.

At least it was a fine evening, and she could add this to the list of 'false bad ideas'. It was getting a bit on the long side.

But then a weird sound caught her attention. Was that... hooting?

"Hoooooooooooooo!" She replied with very loud enthusiasm.
Was that a response?

Silas truly hadn't anticipated one in the slightest. Especially not one so particularly loud and sounding a bit off!

He jumped a little, nearly dropping his bag of candy in the process, then turned his head toward the bus stop once he'd gotten past the surprise. Not an owl in sight! Just a very lonely looking person.

A bit concerned about frightening the stranger just as he was afraid of potentially being ridiculed, he approached the area in which she sat with great caution. Although, as he had suspected the unseen bird had flown her way, he did risk gaining some attention by calling out to it.

"Hoo, hoo...! Is that you, my feathered little friend? You don't sound very well..." His voice had softened a decibel. As if doing that was going to be good enough to avert anybody's attention!
Suki tried to contain her enthusiastic giggles and managed, somewhat. She didn't want to insult the mister! She never wanted to insult anyone, but people gave her hard looks so often... so she had learned to choke down her laughter.

"Excuse me, mister?" She called to the strange but very nice looking person. "I hoo'd!"

She would demonstrate another hoot. And then have a sad expression. Hopefully she didn't scare a real owl!
His question was followed by what sounded quite like muffled laughter. And then an actual answer! But it wasn't from an owl. No, indeed! For owls could not speak in a human language! Not the ordinary ones, at least.

Silas slowly, reluctantly moved his gaze onto the one with the bubblegum pink hair. His face was turning a similar shade as he felt a touch embarrassed now. And really self-conscious. She likely thought him a fool for mistaking her calls for a real owl's!

Or maybe not. Her call had been, well, mostly convincing. And she looked like a rather nice person, not like somebody who could ever truly mean harm.

"O-oh...it was you!" he said shyly, moving in closer. "Your imitation is really quite excellent..."

The big bag of candy shifted in his pale hands. It was hard not to notice that there was an empty space on the young lady's bench. He felt unsure if he should take it, though.
Suki giggled and clapped her hands. It was rare that people called anything she did EXCELLENT!

"I prepare for the day when I'll be able to turn into an owl!" She declared with enthusiasm. "What about you, mister? What are your dreams?"

She'd grin at him, not at all suspicious of him in any shape or form. Whether he wanted to sit or just continue on his path, it had been such a nice little adventure!
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