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Apartment, on the third floor of a quaint little building

Phoenix had cleared the coffee table out of the living room to give them more room to work. She'd placed various objects in the space they could work with moving around — some heavier than others. She had boiled a pot of tea to be served, should Lance want any and had only just slipped a flower from one of her many flower pots behind her ear.

The sun bathed the living room space in its light, casting shadows along the walls, and Phoenix took some of the couch cushions off the couch and placed them on the rug in the center of the room. It was a perfect space to practice. She smiled at it and would buzz Lance in via her phone whenever he arrived.
The building was, admittedly, nice from the outside as Lance walked up to the door. He had no doubt inside would be reminiscent of Pheonix as had her old one been. Of course, it was hard not to compare their actual home states over. Hopefully, this’d be a one and done thing and eventually they could head on back as if it was just a small vacation.

Bottle of some sparkling grape juice in hand where the label had been especially colorful, he buzzed the booth, the front door unlocking within a few seconds. Letting himself in, he made his way towards the elevator and eventually was outside the door, giving it a rap.

Just a tshirt and jeans


cw: mention of addiction

Phoenix smoothed out the fabric of her dress before answering the door, wanting to look at least a little presentable to her dear friend. Her mentor's son, too. She opened the door with a warm, close-lipped smile on her face and wrapped her arms around him in a hug.

"Hi Lance!" It felt like it had been ages in the move, even if it'd likely only been a week or so.

"Come in, come in." She let go and ushered him inside, eyeing the bottle he brought. Phoenix wasn't a drinker anymore. Tried to avoid it when she could. It risked her falling off the wagon but she wouldn't say no outright to her dear friend. Phee liked to think she was beyond her past addictions. She was a child of the Sun.

Oh! But maybe it was just juice! She probably didn't have to worry. Stop fretting!
The door was opened and he was immediately greeted warmly, smiles and a hug. Lance returned genuinely, feeling less like he was somewhere new, but rather familiar. ”Phe.”

As she let go, he did as well, walking inside at the usher and already sweeping his gaze to and fro. It was nice, cozy. ”So, this is your new castle,” he whistled with appreciation, setting the bottle down onto the nearby coffee table. ”Want show me around?”
Phoenix smiled at his choice of words. Her new castle. It did feel a lot like that sometimes. Living in the nice places Linda helped set-up for her in exchange for her work and support. It was a good life. Better than anything teenage Phoenix could have imagined for herself.

"Well, this is the living room, obviously. It's not usually so spacious. I just cleared out some room for our practice," She chuckled. "That door leads to my bedroom," Phee pointed at a door off of the living room. "Follow me to the kitchen!"

She'd lead them over the threshold into the hallway, turning right to head down to the dark, renovated kitchen. It was her second favourite spot in the apartment.

"There's an enclosed balcony over there that I absolutely adore." It was just off the kitchen next to the back entrance to the apartment building.
His eyes roved over the emptied living room, understanding now with the explanation why it was how it was. The more room the better, especially if they’d be moving things around with their powers. ”Ah.”

His gaze moved to the door in question before following to point, he nodded, and then walked to the kitchen. It was dark paneled, absorbing the light coming in from the windows. A nice contrast from the rest of the house. ”This is different. Chic.”

And then there was a balcony. He walked towards it, looking at the set up, the trees, even the passing traffic just beyond. ”I can see why. It’s got your name written all over it.”
Phoenix smiled wide at the compliment and nodded her head, a proud renter of a fantastic place.

"Thank you," She smiled. "Would you like to sit out here and have a drink first?" Of whatever it was he brought with him. He knew she didn't drink anymore, so it had to be non-alcoholic whatever it was.
He shrugged. ”Up to you how you’re feeling.” Regardless, he’d be here for a while so whatever plan Phe wanted to do while in her place was fine by him.

Lance moved towards the living room again, prepared to grab the bottle for her if needed.

”It’s a sparkling grape juice. Figured it’d be fun.” To be honest, he’d prefer something with more bite, but this worked fine.
Phoenix smiled, warmed by the idea of two old friends having a drink in her new place.

"Yeah. Let's have a drink first. Sparking grape juice sounds great." She chuckled and would fetch two wine glasses out of the cupboards that she mostly kept for show. Or times like this!
Smiling at her words, he continued on, picking up the bottle and moving back towards the kitchen where glasses could be heard tinking together.

”So, what have you been up to these last few days before I got here?”

Was it all just settling in or had there been any excitement he’d missed.

He set down the bottle, cracking open the top for her.
"Just settling in mostly. I've met a few people who seemed, hm, interesting, I suppose?" Phoenix looked back at him and shrugged her shoulders.

"There's one psychic I met who seems promising. I might bring his name up to your mother."
Offering the bottle to her to pour out, it was her gift afterall, he listened.

Interesting people could lead to things or not, hard to say. ”What stood out to you about them?”
"He's very strange. A bit lonely perhaps?" Phoenix shrugged her shoulders as she got to pouring their drinks. Handing one to Lance, she smiled.

"But he has an affinity with animals."
He took the offered glass, listening attentively. Loneliness was a highlighted trait for good reason, but the point on animals had him slightly furrowing his brow.

”As in being nice to animals is his power?”
Phoenix laughed, unable to stop herself.

"No, I think it means he can control them? Maybe?" The kids had been cruel to him when he was younger about it. Made him use it. "I'll have to find out more."
The laugh had him at a loss, not sure what he was missing here until Phoenix revealed just what the power did. Well, at least possibly.

”Now that’s different. You’ll have to let me know what you find out there.” Just what did that power feel like being used? How would it feel for him? Imagining controlling an animal was something that had the skin under his nails itch.
"You know I will," Phoenix reminded him with a smile before nodding to head out onto the balcony.

Taking a seat outside, she would get comfortable first. A beat, as she looked onto the street and took a sip of grape juice before setting her glass back down to look at her dear friend.

"Do you think we'll find him?"
He’d hold her to that.

Following her to the balcony, he’d sit himself too, more than happy to take up space in his own chair.

The question had him meeting her gaze, a soft amused smile there. ”Of course we will.” There was no hesitation, no doubt in his tone. Why should there be? Lance wasn’t about to let such a crime go unpunished. ”I doubt we’ll be waiting long till he grows sloppy again.”
Phoenix nodded slowly, perhaps a bit worriedly. What would they do when they found him? Bring him back into the fold? Hopefully.

What if he didn't want to come back?

Phoenix didn't like to dwell on the negative though, so she pushed the thoughts and concerns from her mind.

"Good." And in the meantime, they could bring others into the fold! Others like Silas maybe.

"Have you read up on this place yet?" She gestured around them. There was a lot about the vile in this town. Shifter attacks mainly though Phee wouldn't be surprised if there were vampires too. Perhaps they were just better at covering their tracks.
The slow nod felt a tad weird to be honest. Maybe, it was just digesting it in acceptance. Surely, there wasn’t doubt in their abilities. Things would go as they were meant to. They were on the right path.

He gave her a reassuring smile at the confirmation from her. It’d all work out.

Lance took a sip of the bubbling juice, the question proposed moving his gaze out the balcony. ”Some. There’s some concerning trends through all the chatter.” Shifters. Various crime rates. Bigfoot is real. Lockdowns. Technology hubs. A confusing event in a bar. Tourists. Weather anomalies. A sport’s team win. Large dogs spotted. Not all was well in Ridgefield.

”How’re you feeling about it?”
Concerning trends. Yes. Phoenix thought the same thing really. She considered every news story that had crossed her path so far.

"Hm. Concerned but not without hope." She nodded again, this time adding a small smile before she took a sip of her drink.

"I think we'll handle whatever comes our way."
Hope was definitely still and play and he was glad to hear it.

”I have no doubt we will. Any order we can bring in the process will just be a bonus.”
Phoenix nodded happily, eager to bring peace to the residents of Ridgefield in whatever way they could manage it. The Sun wouldn't steer them wrong.


She smiled, content.

"Shall we practice?"
He grinned at the question, finishing the drink in a swallow. ”You don’t even need to ask.”

Moving to stand, he offered a hand out for her own glass or hand, depending.

”Have any new tricks up your sleeve since last time?”
Phoenix took his hand to be helped up and then let go, giving him a smile. Gosh, he was so tall!

"No, not that I'm aware of but I'm sure we can discover something new together." She grinned and led the way back to the living room, setting her glass and the the bottle back in the kitchen for now.
Up Phe came and Lance smiled, letting go when he was sure she had her balance.

Nothing new, but finding something out was always fun.

Following, he’d drop his glass off too, talking in-step. ”We just have to think outside the box I guess.”
Hmm, yes. Thinking outside the box was a good idea.

She settled herself on the cushions on the living room floor in front of the various objects collected for them to try and move with their powers.

"Maybe we could make a game out of it?"
He watched her for a moment, taking in the sight of their ammo, before moving to join her on the cushion left for him, exhaling with the motion needed. Moving his legs under him, Lance pointed towards the objects in question.

”Like what? Stack them like jenga or did you have a different kind of competition in mind?”
Stacking them like jenga actually sounded pretty good.

"Y'know. I brought all these out but I do have a Jenga tower somewhere... If you prefer that?"

Phee grinned and looked at Lance beside her.
The statement had a laugh escape and he shook his head, looking over to her.

”After all the effort you put in to get all this out here,” he questioned, hand out waving to the grouping of items. ”No way, we use what we got.”
"Okay," Phoenix laughed too, but she would remember the Jenga tower idea for another time. Perhaps even later that visit.

"Maybe we should try and move them across the room one at a time and see how long it takes each of us." One of them could use the timer on their phone.
Settling in for whatever exercise Phe whipped up, he stayed at the ready, hoping to latch onto that spark of hers quickly whenever it shone.

”Sounds good. Does the host want to go first?”
Phoenix smiled happily at Lance and sat cross-legged so she was more comfortable. She focused on a ceramic mug first, intending to bring it to her from across the room.

"Ready when you are." He had to time her, after all.
Letting his weight lean into comfort, he pulled out his phone. A tap to the clock app with the timer pulled up in question, he looked up towards the various objects at her ready.

”Three, two, oneeee, and she’s off,” Lance grinned, finger tapping to start the timer.
Phoenix had this. She wasn't really that worried about being competitive and she'd rather not break the object in her attempt. Her eyes lit up orange as she stared at the cat-decorated ceramic mug across the room. She lifted it with ease and brought it toward her raised hand in the air, avoiding other obstacles in the process.

The whole thing took her about nine seconds to complete before she was holding the mug in her hand, victorious and calm.
The clock started its whirring as Lance watched Pheonix herself, a greedy sort of hunger under his skin, itching, waiting. Her eyes lit up a bright orange and it was like a string of chords were sounded within him, a surge of magic weaving through his own veins which desperately wished to copy the tune. Familiar patterns were rehearsed and waited to be played should he say the word.

Focus shifted to a mug that seemed to be the target. It was an easy warm up, no doubt, and with ease Phe had it moving. The thing made its way dutifully over as if beckoned with a treat and warm kind hands that eventually held it. His finger tapped the timer and he lifted it to show with a grin.

”Nine seconds. Not a bad first start at all. You sure you didn’t warm up before I came over?”
"No, I’m just a professional!" Phee grinned back at Lance and wiggled her eyebrows. She set the mug down beside her on the ground and looked over to him, pulling out her phone to get ready to time him in return.

The wiggling of brows and highlight had him letting out a breathed laugh.

Repositioning himself so he was slightly leaning forward, Lance grasped for that spark just waiting to burst free as Phe got ready to time him.

”Ready, Dr. Soren.”

Focus was directed at a bowl, its floral edge catching his eye.
Dr. Soren!!!!

Phoenix positively beamed at the silly idea of ever being a doctor!

She hit the timer with her thumb and waited for Lance.

He could feel her goofy smile even while looking towards the various objects. A bowl with floral edges would be his target.

At the go, eyes threaded to gold as magic splintered and frayed on the way to grip the ceramic. In his grasp, the bowl rotated, wobbled some, but was carefully corrected every few inches. Finally, it was left to plop into an open hand at sixteen seconds.

An expectant look was given Phe’s way.
Phoenix watched with wonder as he managed to use her power to move the floral ceramic bowl toward him. It took sixteen seconds, but she lingered a little longer on his face, offering a grin before she stopped.

"Oh, oops!" Stopping the timer at eighteen seconds. "Uhhh. I think you were at fifteen or sixteen seconds."
A huff of a laugh escaped him at the mix up before letting out a sigh.

”I guess I’m just warming up. I bet I can get it lower or, hear me out,” he leaned back, a teasing glint in his eye, ”You can stop being so good at this.”
Phoenix naturally leaned in, wondering if he had an idea, when he teased her instead. Her cheeks flushed and she laughed, sheepish.

"I’m not that good." Was she? Maybe. It was her power he was borrowing.

She cleared her throat. "But, um, okay. Yeah. Let’s try it again." She felt a little starry-eyed and bashful at the compliment.
He laughed at her response, not buying it. Phoenix had tons of practice so was that good. Sure, there was probably more to learn and yada yada, but here she was anyways focusing on the next hurdle.


Attention to his phone, he set it up, looking towards her when ready.

”Which one this time?”
Phoenix hummed and stared at the collection of items across the room.

"The horse statue." It was heavy. Not huge but definitely heavier than her first object.
Horse statue it was. ”Hey-ho Silver, away.”

And with that, he’d start the timer.
Phoenix chuckled beneath her breath and aimed her magic at the horse. It was heavier, certainly. And she almost dropped it a few times along the way as she pulled it through the air toward her oustretched hands.

All in all, it'd take about twenty-three seconds.

Once she made contact with the horse, Phee looked at Lance expectantly.
Attention moving to the horse in question, he watched as she tried to compensate for its weight. Still, pretty straight forward and with a look at the timer, it had hardly cost her much.

”Twenty-three and well on her way to a world record.”
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