Gabriel the Ex
Looking for some drama? Love being the new character who appears as if from a dusky sunset to make things crazy? (Have I seen to many cowboy scenes recent?)

Name: Gabriel (Last name UTP)
Gender: He/Him
Age: 22
Sexuality: This will be UTP but he has dated men in the past
Species: Up to player

Gabriel is one of Axel's Ex boyfriends. Yes my boy gets around a lot its a problem. Him and Gabriel began their first blush of romance in high school and dated until Senior year where in a twist of fate (or is it?) they broke up. Perhaps they were simply not meant to be, perhaps a certain jag isn't so great a being a devoted boyfriend, who knows? Either way Gabriel was free to hook up with another cute boy (who just happened to have some history with Axel because I wrote them when I was going through that angsty phase and thought it would be cool).

Since Axel and Gabriel worked out great as friends they with the new boyfriend went out on spring break together to one of Gabriel's many houses. Did I mention he's wealthy? Things went sideways (Do alcohol and cheating mix?) and at the end of one night Axel crashes a car rather spectacularly and paralyzes himself. Effectively ruining any form of relationship, or was it the cheating?

Things happen life moves on and then Axel goes missing gone in the night like a bad horror show. Is he dead, has he been abducted, questions that our dear Gabriel might have thought.

His reasons for coming to the Ridgefield area are up to you. Did he see a picture of Axel somewhere on the webs? Or has he discovered a new side to himself, a thirst for blood? A little beast in his mind? Or maybe he just wants a change of scenery? Either way this is a character who is bound to bring some drama onboard when they come into play.

Possible Face Claim is Lucky Blue Smith

(hit me up here or through discord if you are interested.)

P.S. Gabriel is not intended as a love interest of Axel
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