Ridgefield Rhiannon Court Clutch Information
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Rhiannon Court Clutch

Vampires • The Seanchaí Collection • founded April 2020

Just outside the art district sits a private museum collection in a refurbished mansion dating back to when the first houses were built in Ridgefield. The main hall is filled with select pieces from personal and donated collections and makes for a perfect space for evening parties. Further within, visitors can find a privately owned library with all the comforts needed to study and relax as they make their way through the various collected tomes and stories with particular leanings towards European folklore.

Secret passageways have been fixed and added onto that weave throughout the building. Despite the age of it, the door to the cellar has been outfitted with a keycard lock allowing the entry into the clutch’s private area that is outfitted for all their needs. A common area full of comfortable seating and entertainment is available while further hallways reveal rooms where you can take a rest if need be.

Rhiannon Court was created on the mind that it would be a place to learn and grow safely, to really delve deep into the magics that hold all species together. It is run by the ambitious first time leader, Catrina Stewart, who prefers a hands on approach and a finger on the latest to assure her hold of the city. Keeping up with the conversation between groups that call the same space home, they are currently allied with the local shifter group.

  • Protect your clutch. They are your support and strength.
  • Safety and secrecy is very important, clean up after yourself, wipe minds when you can or reach out for help.
  • Don’t kill unless absolutely necessary.
  • Weres are allowed in Ridgefield, but take care around them. Don’t be immediately hostile and do try for a common ground.
  • Psychics should be treated and approached with care.
  • Steer clear of Alder Heights. If an Eventide vampire crosses territory lines, immediately let Catrina know and proceed with caution.
  • Rogues are allowed in the territory, but do let them know to reach out to Catrina.


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