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Umbral Archives Clutch

Vampires • Nomadic Group • founded October 2022

I mak sikkar
Umbral Archives, as created by a former spy, was created in secret to aid mistreated rogue vampires of Ridgefield. Lacking territory so far, the group uses Samiel's detective agency to gather intel about various happenings around the county. Despite being weak so far, the young leader is still driven by ambition and need to eventually claim a territory.

  • Keep the group secret
  • Aid rogues you encounter within limits of your safety and in compliance with rule
  • You're allowed to out yourself as a vampire to trusted people as long as it doesn't break rule 1
  • Do not feed in claimed vampire territories


Domina: Kesi Farouk

Ranks & Roles

Praetor: Monty Stormr


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