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David's an idiot on a frozen pond, then a well meaning Indra tries to save him. It only makes things worse because crippling social anxiety is a bitch like that. An alarmingly large dog goes running through Starling Hills and probably Rice Bluff.
Imogen shifts in the house and Ravi has to take care of a hurt Raccoon.
Max and Katya argue like people do, neither able to see the other's perspective. Katya thinks he was keeping secrets, Max thinks he was keeping his own counsel, and they run into a wall with no solution until Emily steps in to stop it.
Mateo arrives at the theater in search of conversation and understanding with his brother. Iago is none too happy to see him and shuts him out immediately and without give. Mateo is left at a dead end and retreats. Iago remains to chew on his feelings.
Grace demands details from Jimmy on his turning. It end sadly.
Street Scrap gets off to a rocky start when two members don't see eye to eye.
Amira and Indra meet up to go shift together! It goes great and Amira gains a bear brother and is going to now learn some of the bear ways; like scratching an itch!
At the suggestion of Katya, Christmas heads to the Cove to apply for a job. And it goes surprisingly well.
On New Year's Eve, Mathis and Frank celebrate their two year anniversary with a surprise proposal and conversation about the fear involved in love.
After an exact year of not speaking to one another, Mateo reaches out to Iago in an attempt to settle their differences and join the pride.
After believing everything has improved, Dakila is blindsided by Emily and Max's firm decision to leave the pack behind them.
What starts at an opportunity for Gabriel to connect with Ashley, another healer, comes crashing down as Axel happens to run into them too.