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After an exact year of not speaking to one another, Mateo reaches out to Iago in an attempt to settle their differences and join the pride.
Mateo runs wild after an incident at Modoc and Hei finds him. They shift together and then talk about silver and brothers.
After trapping Iago for... advice? Just a sympathetic ear? Something. Jimmy gets handed some decent insight. And hey, no lion secrets in the way of this friendship now! And probably no light Stockholm syndrome in Jimmy, probably.
Jimmy invites Ingrid over for dinner, and reveals to her his plan to become a vigilante with the aide of his superpower. Ingrid, who obviously knows what is best for every person in the world, bites Jimmy to keep him safe from himself.
For their one-year bangaversary, Sokol gives Iago the gift of 48 hours of nonstop meltdown. Then they hold hands for a while!
After all but begging his friends to speak to each other, Iago waits in the car while Sokol and Ingrid both voice their truths and come to an understanding. Ingrid comes back to the Pride on one condition: Co-leaders.
The lions manage twenty whole minutes of camaraderie over their forming before Ingrid and Sokol explode at each other.