General Info
Groups are comprised of at least four (including the leader) vampires or weres. Were groups can only be made up of weres of the same species, such as bears, tigers, alligators, etc. Should your group fall below four total members, your group has a three month long grace period to recruit someone by whatever means necessary, or else lose group magic and their claim on their territory. If the leader leaves the group or falls inactive, this grace period remains the same!

Vampires and weres can each sense when a territory is claimed by their respective races, but they can not sense claims made by other supernatural races. Humans and psychics will have no sense of a territory being claimed. Vampires and weres are also able to sense whether or not another individual of their race is in a group or not. They can only sense the specific group, however, if that group is also their own.


Leading a group is kind of a big deal! While recruits may help put in the legwork, leaders have the final say on territory and hub location and are often responsible for handling mishaps, spats, and keeping their pals in the loop of supernatural goings-on. (Learn more about what in-game powers leaders have here.)

As a player of a leader, you’ve got a little added responsibility, too! Real life comes first, but your leader may have other characters coming to them for help on occasion, so it’s important to keep in mind that you could find yourself in some surprise threads. If a group member needs your character’s assistance, but you’re unable to have an IC interaction about it for any reason, be sure to communicate this and seek a compromise.

A lively leader can really lift the spirit of a group. Consider ways to thread together as a group (full moons, holidays, etc.) and take the time to have your leader get to know their members. Groups formed on strong in-character bonds tend to last the longest and are most likely to appeal to new characters as well!

Ranks and roles (such as seconds/regents and soldiers/venators) can support the needs and duties of leaders and serve as a helping hand to the whole group! The more people your group has, the better it is to fill these supporting slots with folks who fit the bill. It can keep things running more smoothly, or at least dampen the flames in your beloved dumpster fire. (Learn more about ranks and roles here!)

Players can lead a maximum of three groups at once.

Current Groups

The following groups are currently active on Passing Strange: