Gus Barnes Common Were Jaguar
Basic Information
Name Angus (Gus) Barnes
Pronouns He/Him
Age 35
Birthday August 16
Height 6 ft
Eyes Blue
Face Claim Charlie Hunnam (2008)
Residence Location Hawknell
Occupation Location Ridgefield
Occupation Maintenance
Vehicle 1990 Jeep Grand Cherokee (rusty black)
Group Rose View Prowl
Vampire Stats
Age turned 34
Supernatural Eye Color Red
First Ability None
Second Ability None
Power/Animal Description
Psychic Stats
Age turned 34
Supernatural Eye Color Red
First Ability None
Second Ability None
Third Ability None
Power Description
Were Stats
Age turned 34
Supernatural Eye Color Red
Animal Appearance
» The chunky boy reference
» Grumbly cat
» Typical Size

» Crinkly-eye'd, photogenic smile
» Dirty blonde hair
» Scraggly facial hair
» Faintly freckled
» Childishly vacant blue eyes
» Trained pensive expressions

» Deceivingly kind-natured
» Apologetic
» Inclined to musically-driven conversation
» Prefers to fix people, but will break accordingly
» Jack of all trades, master of none
» Designated mom friend
Tw for mentioning of drug-abuse/parent abuse

»Born with neonatal abstinence syndrome in a single-parent household, Angus Marie Barnes is welcomed into the world. Due to genetic factors and improper infancy care, Gus is born hard of hearing but is only worsened due to in-direct childhood neglect.

»His mother, struggling with drug abuse and working two jobs, misses important developmental cues from her son, leaving him falling behind on important communication milestones. Thankfully for Gus, proper corrections are made after starting school. However, he would continue to struggle with basic communication skills later in his life. With an occasional stutter, easily managed by thinking through his words, Gus is set on a better track after receiving his first pair of hearing aids.

»Although life at home is rocky, Gus finds happiness in music. After a local field trip, he becomes obsessed with sound.

»In high school, with more resources available, Gus discovers deaf culture. An important boost to his morale and a solace to his home life, his interest in music swells into a passion and he saves up for his first guitar.

» Discovered he was bisexual in high school after dropping acid with his bandmates, and still keeps up with all of them despite splitting up in college. Gus slowly loses the rest of his hearing before graduating high school but had a lot of moral support from his other deaf peers and shifted to using sign language.

Gus flourishes with communication using ASL and only has problems when he is forced to use his ‘other’ voice. Heads off to college to study music therapy, but ends up switching his major around. Being profoundly deaf in a musical world is not easy, but he continues to navigate his life.
After an incident with his younger brother, Gus drops out of school to work construction, providing once again for his family.

» During a traumatic work-related accident, Gus and some coworkers were involved in a worksite crash which resulted in Gus and two other men being crushed. While being pulled from the vehicle, a badly hurt Gus was accidentally scratched by a coworker, infecting him with the were virus. Although his lower limbs had been mangled from the crash, he walked away completely unscathed. Gus' deafness is also magically healed and he slowly spirals, unable to cope with this sudden new sense.

» Following the incident, tension builds in the Barnes family as his little brother is arrested for peddling drugs. Newly infected Gus, fearing he was only enabling his family, decides to skip town to start a new life in Colorado.

» Resides peacefully in Colorado now, working towards a music career and better-controlling his were.

» Plays a wide range of instruments: guitar, fiddle, piano, and drums.
» Believes in mindful meditation.
» Loves the little things in life.
» Works as a bartender and sticks to a pretty nocturnal lifestyle.
» Still deeply proud of deaf culture.
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