April Le New Were Jaguar
Basic Information
Name April Le
Pronouns She/Her/Hers
Age 31
Birthday July 4
Height 5'2
Eyes Brown
Face Claim Kelly Marie Tran
Residence Location Hawknell
Occupation Location Ridgefield
Occupation Med Student
Vehicle Bike!
Group Cloud Cove Prowl
Vampire Stats
Age turned 29
Supernatural Eye Color Gold
Power/Animal Description
Psychic Stats
Age turned 29
Supernatural Eye Color Gold
First Ability
Power Description
Were Stats
Age turned 29
Supernatural Eye Color Gold
Animal Appearance
April maintains a diminuitive, yet healthy physique. Standing at just over five feet tall, the med student's round face and bright, warm eyes are usually fixed in an inviting smile that speaks to her developing bedside manner. She tends to wear minimal makeup, and can often look a little frazzled and less-than-put-together when she's out and about between lectures, rotations and study sessions.

When she isn't wearing scrubs, April dresses in comfy, breathable clothes that don't bunch up or cling too tightly. Comfort and ease of motion are the name of the game for the easygoing woman, though she does enjoy dressing up and going out on the town every once in a blue moon. Fashion staples tend to include turtlenecks, cardigans and corduroy pants in the winter, and knee-length sundresses and floppy hats with large, round glasses in the summer. She is very much more a suit person than a dress person when it comes to evening attire.

Though not particularly athletic in the traditional sense, April prides herself on her core strength and her flexibility. Her physique reflects this, with a somewhat stocky, curvy figure that suggests at least some degree of a strength training background.
April is a kind, dorky introvert who tends to take things a little bit too seriously. Easily capable of entertaining herself on her own for hours on end with a book or a movie marathon, April is nevertheless equally capable of engaging in long-winded coffee house diatribes with interesting strangers. Careful, though -- she has a habit of delving into medical rabbit holes from which some may never return.

April values empathy and emotional strength above most other things. Though she has not taken her oath as a medical professional, she nevertheless takes its tenets to heart. When in doubt, she will default to the option that gets the fewest people hurt and preserves the most well-being -- be it physical or emotional.

April dreams of becoming an oncologist, and is willing to let a number of other things in her life go by the wayside to achieve that goal. Though her family is important to her, it is also small and rather self-sufficient -- as such, she is largely independent and willing to pursue her personal goals to the detriment of the comfort zones of home and family.
April was born in Portland, Oregon two a pair of second-generation Vietnamese-American business owners. They had modest means and a very healthy household, though health troubles on her father's part meant that April often had to go without in terms of youthful luxuries like school trips and family vacations. At the age of 15, April's father passed away due to complications stemming from his bout with lung cancer. April, whose aspirations had been rather ephemeral up to that point, resolved herself to pursue a career in medicine.

April attended Oregon State University on a public aid scholarship, where she graduated with honors with a bachelor of sciences in biology. From there, she spent two years doing medical research for a local lab while she accrued the funds necessary to begin considering applying to medical school. After receiving a research grant from the University of Colorado School of Medicine in Aurora, April moved to the nearby city of Ridgefield, where she took classes at the University's medical satellite campus.

April has thus far achieved moderate success with her studies, and she enjoys the experience despite the stressors of her workload. Nevertheless, a telltale cold followed by a very stormy revelation has called the future of her medical career into question.
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